31 Gorgeously Yellow Bathroom Ideas


Love the color yellow but not sure how to incorporate it into your home décor? It’s a hard color to decorate with but it doesn’t have to be! Check out how these gorgeous yellow bathrooms not only look stylish and modern, but they are so cheery – your mood will automatically brighten as well!

Yellow Bathroom Ideas

1. Yellow Walls, White Accents

Eclectic Bathroom Design

The best way to showcase a soft yellow wall is to surround it with stark white accents for simple, clean lines. Add in touches of brighter yellows combined with red and orange for the best look.

2. Moroccan Tiles

The bathroom in this Moroccan home is covered in warm yellow Popham Design tiles
Image Source: elledecor.com

For a funkier, artistic look – create a yellow tile bathroom on the walls and flooring of your bathroom. Bring this look into the shower enclosure and contrast with deep blue accents.

3. Yellow Paneling

Mock up posters in bathroom in vintage style

Dress up older wooden paneling in your bathroom by painting it a cheery yellow. Hang mirrors or wall art over your free-standing tub for an expensive look that doesn’t break the bank.

4. Yellow Tiles, Natural Wood

Yellow Tiles, Natural Wood bathroom
Image Source: flickr.com

Natural and stained wood is a great way to draw the eye to the details of your bathroom and this stands true regardless if you are working with a small or large space.

5. Polka Dot Walls

Polka Dot Walls bathroom

Showcase your creative and fun personality by creating a wall that features yellow and grey polka dots! It’s easy to create yourself with the help of a stencil but the key is to only use this look on one wall as an accent.

6. Yellow Archway

Interior of modern bathroom with white and yellow walls, tiled floor, white bathtub

If you have a bathroom that features a ton of natural light and two rooms separated by an archway, use this space to play up different colors. Have the room that houses your tub a bright yellow so that the natural light can play off the walls.

7. Deep Yellow

Example of an arts and crafts bathroom design in San Francisco
Image Source: houzz.com

Yellow doesn’t always have to be sunshine bright to be beautiful! You can easily have a gorgeous yellow bathroom using darker shades when paired with a geometric pattern.

8. Mirror On A Yellow Wall

Bright Sunny Hue bathroom
Image Source: homedecorbliss.com

Capture natural light and visuals when you place long mirrors on a bright yellow wall. These mirrors will capture the colors and bring them to a new level.

9. Patterned Tiles 

Bathroom - mid-sized southwestern 3/4 blue tile, white tile, yellow tile and ceramic tile brick floor
Learn more at: houzz.com

Dress up beige tiles in your shower with patterns that feature yellow florals combined with complementary colors. Bring these colors down to solid alternating patterns for a polished look.

10. Yellow Tub

Contemporary bathroom with yellow bathtub

Yellow isn’t just for walls and accents as evidenced here! It can also be a great pop of color when one of your plumbing appliances in the bathroom, such as the tub, is this great shade.

11. Yellow Flooring

Yellow Flooring bathroom

As previously mentioned, yellow can be used in any area of your bathroom when paired correctly with a contrast color! For example, this stellar yellow floor!

12. Yellow Mix Shower Tiles

Example of a large trendy 3/4 gray tile and stone tile slate floor alcove shower design in Philadelphia
Learn more at: houzz.com

Yellow is considered a neutral color because it pairs so well with both light and dark shades of other colors. Check out this medium yellow wall, yellow mixed tiles in the shower, and dark wood accents!

13.  Checkered Yellow Walls

Eclectic Bathroom Design

Make your solid yellow walls a tad less boring when you use a checkered pattern on the top half only. Pair this pattern with a solid color on the bottom half of your walls.

14.  Yellow And Grey Tiles

Yellow and Grey Tiles bathroom
Learn more at: shelterness.com

Simple, clean, and modern is what you will get when you pair yellow and grey together in your bathroom. Use the same tiles that are in your shower enclosure on the wall surrounding the sink and vanity!

15. Yellow Kid’s Bathroom

Friendly bathroom for children with orange tiles and flower decors,

Bring smiles to your kids’ faces when they wake up each morning to start their day in this bright and spacious yellow bathroom with yellow décor to match!

16.  Striped Walls

Striped Walls bathroom
Find out more at: diynetwork.com

Ready to spruce up the walls of your bathroom while having a bit of fun with color? Then check out these striped walls that feature alternating white and yellow stripes for a punch of color that isn’t overwhelming on the eyes.

17. Orangey-Yellow

Bohemian Bathroom Design

Another great thing about yellow is the variety and range of shades that are available. For example, this great orangey-yellow color is the perfect blend of the two shades for stunning results.

18. Yellow And White

Yellow old bathroom interior with white plank paneled wall trim and antique vanity and bath tub

Yellow has never looked so clean AND fresh when you pair it with stark white furnishings and finishes. Use sheer curtains on each window to let as much natural light in as possible.

19. Yellow And Grey Combo

Interior of modern bathroom with yellow walls

Grey is a great neutral color because it pairs extremely well with all different shades of the rainbow but it also has both light and dark shades itself.

20. Split Textured Walls

Split Textured Walls bathroom

A surefire way to dress your combination yellow and white walls is to use a textured material on the bottom half where the yellow is located to add depth and character.

21. Striped Backsplash

Eclectic Bathroom Design

Protect your walls and the drywall underneath the paint against mold and water damage by installing a striped yellow backsplash behind your sink!

22. Accent Wall In Yellow

Interior of bright bathroom with white and yellow walls

A great way to incorporate bright and brilliant yellow into your bathroom is to use it as an accent color on a single wall. For the best results, make it the wall in which your white freestanding tub is located.

23. Natural Pine Yellow

Natural Pine Yellow bathroom
Find out more at: homedecorbliss.com

Turn your textured bathroom walls into the look of wooden paneling by using a light swirled yellow paint that has the slightest hints of other colors that mimic wood grain.

24. Kid’s Bathroom

Children friendly orange bathroom with lots of toys

Make the bathtub fun and exciting when you bring your kids into their newly yellow bathroom with a floral border above the tub. Use fun bath toys and animals to keep their attention and protect your décor!

Yellow Bathroom Accessories

25. Yellow Vanity And Mirror

Example of a mid-sized minimalist gray tile and porcelain tile porcelain tile bathroom
Find out more at: houzz.com

Yellow isn’t just for the walls, ceiling, or floor of your bathroom. It is also a great accent color to use as your décor! Not sure about that? Then check out this yellow vanity with a matching mirror to change your mind.

26. Yellow Bathroom Set

Durable Bathroom Accessories Set 5pcs Soap Dispenser Toothbrush Holder (Yellow)

No bathroom is complete without a bathroom accessory set that features a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and two storage containers. So what makes this one so great? The bright yellow color, of course!

27. Floral Shower Curtain With Matching Wall Art

Floral Shower Curtain With Matching Wall Art

When it comes to your bathroom, you definitely want a shower curtain that captures the colors of your décor! Why not use a yellow and grey floral curtain with matching hung wall art as one of your yellow and grey bathroom decorating ideas?

28. Yellow Shower Curtain

Yellow Shower Curtain bathroom

Your shower curtain is the piece of equipment that prevents water from leaking all over your floor while taking a shower and it can protect your flooring from mold. So make sure your shower curtain is also mold-resistant.

29. Yellow Bath Mat

Keep your floors clean and toes dry with a funky yellow bath mat that features an artistic chevron pattern. Choose one that has anti-slip properties for safety.

30. Night Light

LED Night Light Plug in 4 Pack, Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor

Make those unexpected late-night trips to the bathroom a little safer by installing a plug-in nightlife into the plugin but keep to the theme of your décor by choosing a yellow glow.

31. Wall Art

Bring your sunny and cheery springtime theme home with framed wall art that has a bathroom element as well! For example, this print has flowers exploding out of the bathtub!


Bathrooms don’t have to be dull or dreary! It doesn’t matter if you are working with a large space or a small space – your bathroom can be bright, open, and be in spring mode all year round to bring that positive cheeriness to your day (and night). Yellow is the ideal color as well to look equal parts simple and luxurious, eye-catching and subtle.

Have you redesigned your bathroom (or another room in the home) using shades of yellow as the accent or main color? Let us know what you did or didn’t do to make it work in the comments below. And as always, please feel free to share this post throughout your social circle.

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