31 Different Types of Sofas and Couches


The time has come. You are finally renovating your living room but you are not sure what type of furniture you want to put into the revamped space. Well, you’re not sure on a particular type of furniture – the sofa or the couch. Do you put in an oversized, overstuffed couch that can fit multiple people? Do you have an assortment of loveseats and easy chairs? Vintage or modern? Do you go with a sofa that can be transformed into a bed in the event of overnight guests or spontaneous family campouts?

Some people aren’t even aware of the multiple types of sofas and couches that are available in the market sector today so that is why we are going to take an in-depth look at 31 different types of couches and sofas.

Identifying Thru Arm

1. Square Armed Sofa

Yellow Square Armed Sofa

There is something vintage, classic, and elegant about a low-slung sofa that features squared arms. This sofa has a nicely padded back so your body can sink down into comfort but still be supported in terms of muscles and joints. The round and slightly off-center wooden legs add to the overall visual look and the nylon-blend fabric makes spot cleaning a breeze.

2. Fancy English Roll Arm

English Roll Arm
Image Source : houzz.com

Round wooden legs, stylish English roll arms, soft and velvety fabric, and a high back makes this couch a definite must-see when it comes to looking for a new one. The high back ensures support and comfort whether you are in a seated or lying down position while the soft fabric eliminates the need for covers or cushions.

3. Sloped Arm

Sloped Arm

Classic clean lines and a sloped arm style indicates that this sofa means serious business for those looking to sit or lay down while reading and/or watching television. Chenille upholstery gives a cushiony softness to the entire sofa and each cushion has individually wrapped springs to avoid pesky noises while shifting position.

Identifying Thru Back Part

4. Tuxedo Sofa

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Sometimes you want not only a comfortable and supportive sofa but you also want a stylish pattern with a high back for visual appeal. A tuxedo sofa gives you exactly that, as evidenced by this example, with high backs that support the tall individuals in your social circle and an attractive square pattern that covers the entire sofa.

5. Winged Back

Winged Back

When you want luxurious, antique, and vintage-inspired, then you want a high winged back when it comes to your sofa. Think scrolled arms, an intricate back in terms of wooden carved designs, and a wooden base with the same carved pattern. Pick one in a soft and luxurious fabric such as velvet for the best finished look.

6. Camelback

Image Source : houzz.com

A gently sloped and curved back (which is called a camelback in sofa terminology) brings a modern end to this traditional design. The arms are lower and curved for comfort while the cushions sit upon springs for maximum suspension which in turn provides maximum support. The rich velvet upholstery brings the style while also being inviting to anyone for a little rest.

7. Lawson


The wooden frame of this sofa ensures that it can take normal wear and tear in stride and even prevent damage when it comes to little ones using it as a launchpad or fort. The curved arms are designed so that you can lean against them without being rigid while the microfiber fabric keeps things cozy while being easy to clean.

8. Contemporary


A modern and contemporary design when it comes to your sofa is a surefire way to spruce up your living room and get people asking where you made your purchase. A buttoned-styled back and silver nail heads brings the style and offsets the deep gray of this choice. The throw pillows are also included!

9. Chaise

Classic chaise longue isolated on white background. Gilded woodcarving ,beige velvet,silk pillows. Digital illustration. 3d rendering

Like something out of a golden-era Hollywood movie, this long seat chaise lounge is ideal for spending a rainy or cold afternoon curled up with a good book and hot coffee. The high back supports the body and the curved armrest on one side keeps you tucked in, in the utmost comfort. The luxe gold trim offers a stunning visual.

10. Duchesse Brisee

Duchesse Brisee
Learn more : wikimedia.org

There is always someone looking for a classic and vintage design, whether it’s for clothing or furniture, so a sofa is not an exception to the rule. Think classic design from mid-century – a high back with a lower back on the end, floral patterns offset with a rich gold color, and ornate wooden carvings on the legs and arms. It’s like being wrapped in a cocoon.

11. Recamiere


Get artsy and funky with a sofa in a classic Recamiere design – this means that it has a cutout in the center of the back and a gradual decline of the back on either side that is then outlined in wood. A geometric pattern brings the décor in the form of your sofa while the four wooden legs are splayed to offer stability and security.

12. Settee


This settee sofa looks like it was plucked out of an art studio where artists and their muses would hang out to create masterpieces. The high wooden legs bring the height of this sofa up past normal limits but not to the point of hanging off the edge. Button-tufts on the back of the sofa offers a simplistic style and décor without overwhelming the overall design of this piece.

13. Recliner


While a typical recliner is just a single chair and offers seating for one person, a recliner sofa offers triple seating for people. This sofa has built-in recliners on either end and allows the seated to go from sitting to a reclining position in about two seconds or as long as it takes to pull the lever. To close up the recliner, simply apply pressure to the footrest and bring back towards the sofa.

14. Loveseat

Large luxury interior home with gray loveseat

When you are working with a smaller space, then you want to avoid cluttering it up with oversized furniture. For a smaller living/family room? You might want to consider a loveseat over a full-sized couch. A loveseat, such as this classic neutral-colored one here, offers seating for two people while still providing comfort and support because of its sofa-shaped design. It features curved arms, wooden support legs, and a wooden frame for stability.

15. Knole Sofa

Knole Sofa
More photos at houzz.com

The 19th Century definitely has some good designs and constructions in the form of a Knole sofa. These little sofas had not only a high back to support and hide the seated but also arms that were the same height so you would be able to cuddle down in privacy. A to-the-floor bottom rounds out the look and the rich fabric brings style.

16. Cabriole


Looking like it just stepped off the pages of a history novel set in a time of grand castles and balls; the cabriole sofa has rich gold trimmings, carved wooden backings, and scrolled feet instead of the traditional wooden legs. This sofa is luxurious, vintage, classic, elegant, and the rich fabric is actually made from foam to cradle and support the body.

17. Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

Low to the ground, linear design, and generous wooden legs makes this mid-century modern sofa one to consider in your own living room. It’s roomy, it’s cushiony, and it’s available in multiple colors. The polyester fabric that covers the entire sofa (except the legs) including the cushions allows for easy cleaning and natural stain repellent.

18. Low Seated Sofa

Low Seated Sofa
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This low seated sofa has not four but five legs to support the frame while people are using this sofa. It’s overstuffed cushions bring comfort, the linen fabric that covers the sofa brings the simplistic but impactful style, and the thick throw pillows bring your power nap game to strong levels.

19. Rattan

Relaxing Rattan Sofa in living room

Looking for a sofa that has more air circulation and less bulky feel for your living room or screened-in back porch? Then why not look into rattan as the material for your sofa? Rattan is an open and woven material that has the finished look of wicker with more stability and support. Rounded arms bring comfort.


20. U-Shape Sectional

U Shape

Sectionals are a great way to increase the amount of seating in your living room without having to invest in more sofas and loveseats, along with chairs. U shaped sectionals work best in an open concept room and work as a semi-boundary between the dining room and living room. Open, inviting, and comfortable; you can even lay out flat on either end where the lounger part juts out from the main sofa.

21. Modern Sectional

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A modern spin on a traditional sectional, this larger sofa has wide arms that can be used as a table or laptop desk, asymmetrical seat backs, and even cup holders built-in the middle of the seating area. The chaise lounge is wider and larger than most sectionals, opening up even more seating space.

22. Scandinavian Sectional

modern living room with white sofa and lamp. scandinavian interior design furniture. 3d render illustration

A Scandinavian take on a sectional means that it has two oversized cushions, padded large arms, and four wooden legs that support the 100% wooden frame. It is also a cross between a sectional and a couch, combining the best features of both to make a wonderful addition to any living room or rec room.

23. Leather Sectional


There is a reason that leather has always been and continues to be, a major bestseller when it comes to furniture coverings and a sectional is no different. These leather sectionals look awesome against any color scheme in your living room, they can be dressed up or down to suit your personal style, and the cleaning is non-existent as leather doesn’t absorb spills or messes.

24. Fabric Sectional

L shape fabric sofa, purple and white colored for dining room corner furniture, with storage space, isolated on white background, include clipping path.

On the other hand, a fabric sectional is also a major bestseller in the sofa market and that is because it’s cozier than leather, it’s more forgiving than leather when you have small children or pets, and it doesn’t have to heat up or cool down depending on the temperature in the home. You can get fabric in multiple colors, even bright colors such as purple, and in multiple textures.

25. Fabric L Shape

Fabric L Shape

This sectional features firmer cushions than most would have but they are still comfortable enough to cradle the body in a cushiony softness. The smaller style makes it a space-saving sofa that doesn’t clutter up the living room and is ideal for a small apartment whose renter still wants ample seating for social guests. It can be reversed in the way it’s placed, thanks to the L shape.

26. Sectional Couch with Recliner

Full Size of Chair, stunning Sectional Couches With Recliners Sofa Recliner And Chaise Lounge Compelling, Full Size of Chair, stunning Sectional Couches With Recliners Sofa Recliner And Chaise Lounge Compelling

A full-size sectional is made even more amazing when you add in a recliner lounging area on the end. This area offers the person using the sectional the option to sit or lay down to watch the newest release on television and the durable fabric keeps everything held together even with normal wear and tear.

27. Modular

Image Source : houzz.com

This modular sofa is filled with the softest down you can imagine that makes sitting or lying on this couch the same as you would imagine sitting on a cloud would feel. The down allows the body to relax fully into the sofa without sinking and the cream color matches in with any current color scheme.

28. Leather L Shape Sectional

Leather L Shape
Find out more : flickr.com

This leather L shape sectional is so great, you want to crawl into the picture and curl up against the sleek softness. Featuring an attractive blocked pattern with tufted buttons separating each section of leather, this sectional can be reversed in terms of the position it’s placed because it’s an L shape.

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Types of Sleeper

29. Daybed

Find tutorial here : instructables.com

Paging all carpenters and woodworkers – here is a project for you! This complete daybed sleeps one and would also look right at home on the back deck or front porch of your home. It’s completely DIY and uses wood to construct the frame. You will need to purchase a mattress but the best thing about that is you get to choose how firm, how thick, and how cushiony you want it.

30. Bunk Bed Couch

Bunk Bed Couch

Putting a twist on traditional bunk beds, this style instead combines both bunk beds and a futon into a hybrid bunk bed couch. The top is still a traditional bunk bed with a ladder on the side to get there but the bottom bunk? Is instead a futon that becomes a seating couch when it’s in an upright position and a bed when laid flat.

31. Pull Out Couch

Full-size pull-out sofa sleeper light brown fabric and warehouses, isolated on white background, saved path selection.

A pull-out couch doesn’t sound that comfortable for sleeping right? What about the fact that it’s designed as a bed first and a couch second? That means this pullout couch has a queen-sized mattress hidden underneath the seating area and is supported by a wooden/metal frame. You can change the mattress if desired over time or add cushion to it through mattress toppers.


You don’t need to stick to the same generic sofa and couch for your living room, rec room, or family room as discovered here today. Whether it’s a style with or without a back, or leather over fabric materials, finding something to suit your style should be easy with these ideas. There are so many types and styles of sofas and couches, all with their own special features, fabric, and more! Take your time, shop around, look for the deal you can find on a high-quality sofa or couch, and enjoy the luxurious feeling of new cushions against your back.

If you liked this article or you know of someone that could benefit from knowing the different types of sofas and couches available today, then please feel free to share. Did you recently renovate a room and purchase a new sofa or couch? Then tell us about the experience and what motivated you to make the final decision in the comments below!

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