23 Types Of Showers For Your Bathroom


A shower is a place that you dream about a lot of times during the day. That’s because it does more than just clean your body: it helps you relax. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom or you’re moving to a new house and thinking about how you want your showering space to look like, we have a few suggestions that will show you just how many types of showers you have to create this perfect getaway where you get to clean your body and your mind.

Custom Or Pre-Fabricated

1. Pre-Fabricated Shower

E.L. Mustee 80 32X32 Durastall Shower, White, 33.5 x 74.0 x 4.7

A pre-fabricated shower can help get rid of headaches since it’s super easy to install and comes with all the products needed to set it up. In this particular product example, you get the three walls and curtain needed for the shower, alongside a slip-resistant floor, a drain, a shower valve and a head, safety railing, and a bunch of other things that can provide you with a full and pleasant showering experience.

2. Custom Shower

renovation and construction of Drywall-Plasterboard in a bathroom

A custom-shower is one of the more personalized options at your disposal. Made to fit your own master bathroom configuration, this shower covers just as much space as you need it to, saving you a lot of bathroom space and making it easy to take pleasant showers while still having loads of space to move around in the bathroom.

Shower Type

3. Manual Mixer Shower       

F902X-A Shower Mixer with Cross Handles

Sometimes, all you really need for an amazing shower experience is the right showerhead. This shower mixer is made from quality stainless steel and sturdy brass fittings, and it’s designed to offer you three functions to benefit from. With a single purchase, you can get the showerhead, the deck plate, the handle, the rough-in valve, and everything needed to clean your body in a pleasant experience every time.

4. Electric Shower

Triton Aspirante electric shower finished in brushed steel
Image Source: instagram.com

An electric shower uses the power of electricity to deliver hot water every time you need it to. The beauty of this isn’t just the fact that you can benefit from water at optimal temperatures whenever you want to take a shower, but it’s also a compact solution that’s suited for small bathrooms.

5. Thermostatic Shower

Bathroom thermostatic mixer shower

If you’re looking for a complete showering solution with both a fixed and a handheld showerhead (which translates into better water flow and easier body cleaning), then you have plenty of efficient solutions at your disposal. With a thermostatic shower, it’s easier to reach that optimal washing temperature with minimum effort and while cutting down waiting times.

Shower Style And Shape

6. Curved Enclosure

Shower in modern bathroom with beige marble and sculpture on wall

Curved enclosures are a comfortable design when it comes to practice showers, especially since they help safe space and have a more elegant design overall. They also reduce the risk of injuries because they lack one sharp edge, and they’re also easier to clean both inside and out.

7. Rectangular Enclosure

SHEN-1434580-01 Quatra Plus 58.38" x 72" Rectangle Shower Enclosure

Showers with a rectangular enclosure offer the benefit of having plenty of space to move around. While this also translates into a larger space that you’re going to have to clean, rectangular showers allow you to move around freely without having to worry about hitting your elbow against the walls the entire time.

8. Tub/Shower Combo

love ceiling rain-heads and this cool tub/shower combo
Image Source: flickr.com

The tub and shower combo does take up more bathroom space compared to a traditional shower cabin, but it opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to cleaning and relaxation. You can choose between quick showers and long calming baths without having to choose one over the other.

9. Corner Enclosure

Art Leon 39.37"W x 76.77"H Neo Angle Shower Enclosure in Rose Gold

Corner enclosure showers will never go out of style, especially when you choose a model made with strong tempered glass walls. You can opt for different kinds of finishes, depending on the rest of the bathroom hardware you already have. Just make sure the shower comes with a waterproof seal to prevent getting the entire bathroom floor wet.

10. Neo-Angle Enclosure

VG6061CHCL42 Verona 40" W x 73.75" H Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

Neo-angle showers are a more modern approach to the regular cabins everyone seems to use these days. They help save up a lot of space and have a streamlined look that makes every bathroom elegant and offers the illusion of extra space thanks to the clear shower walls.

Bathroom Shower Door

11. Pivot Doors

DreamLine Flex 28-32 W x 72 H Inch Semi-Frameless Pivot Shower Door, Chrome

Pivot doors for your shower are a regular space-saving solution. The pivots need to be durable and easy to operate so that you can open and close the shower doors without too much effort. Brass is often the material of choice for making these pivots, creating doors with a tight water seal and which offer a noiseless and effortless experience every time they’re being used.

12. Sliding Door

Elegant bathroom with dark brown wooden cabinets and tile floor

Sliding doors are another shower door solution that’s viable for small bathrooms. Since they glide away on a rail, they don’t occupy unnecessary space and can be operated with ease. You can opt for clear or opaque glass tempered glass and different finish edges to match the current bathroom décor.

13. Hinged Doors

DreamLine Flex 28-32 W x 72 H Inch Semi-Frameless Pivot Shower Door, Chrome

Hinged doors are the most common and the most standard option when it comes to installing shower cabins in your bathroom. The hinged are made with rust-resistant materials that offer a clean experience whenever you’re getting in and out of the shower. The hinges are also available in different finishes and are typically chosen to match the rest of the bathroom hardware.

Bathroom Showerhead Types

14. Multi-Setting Showerhead 

75582D Universal Showering Components Multi Function Handheld Shower Head with In2ition Shower

Having the right showerhead can truly enhance every showering experience ever. They are typically designed with multiple settings, allowing you to choose the water pattern of your choice. Most of them are made with rubber spray holes which make it easy to clean the showerheads, and a variety of finishes to choose from.

15. Single-Setting Showerhead

Shower Head

Sometimes, all you need is a single-setting showerhead, but make sure that you choose a quality item nevertheless. It needs to have a full body spray setting to make it easier for you to clean yourself every time you shower, and the construction needs to be sturdy enough as not to require changing every year or so.

16. Shower Tower

Shower Tower
Image Source: instagram.com

Shower towers grant you more control over your showering experience. They come with different kinds of features, including the possibility to change the spray patterns, to adjust the temperature of the water, and some even include radios so that you can listen to music while you’re showering. There are different finish options to choose from, and most models include a fixed and a handheld shower.

17. Rainfall Shower

Copper Pipe Rainfall Shower - Rustic / Vintage / Industrial

Rainfall showers are probably the most common type of fixed showers that people like to turn to for their showering experience. The generous flow of water makes it super easy to wash your hair and clean your entire body. These showerheads are available in all sorts of finish options, and some of them (like the one in the picture) are designed to be used outdoors as well.

18. Body Shower

Mstr Bath Shower body sprays
Image Source: flickr.com

A body shower is designed to provide water coming from all sorts of different angles, making showers faster and more efficient. The additional fixed showerheads that are mounted on the walls of your shower will emit a strong jet of water that will thoroughly clean your body, reducing time spent in the shower and offering you a pleasant body massage experience in the meantime.

19. Waterfall Shower

Waterfall showers are just what they sound like: showerheads that release streams of water very similar to what you’d expect to see if you were standing in front of an actual waterfall. Now, there are ups and downs to this particular type of shower. The strong water jet makes it very easy to wash your hair and rinse your body, but there’s arguably a lot of water wasted in the process, so their efficiency is questioned by many.

20. Concealed Shower

Detail of modern ceiling shower

Concealed showers aren’t exactly hidden, but they are integrated into the bathroom ceiling, so they don’t really stand out unless you stare specifically in their direction. They offer a cleaner bathroom look and are available in all sorts of sizes and finishes. However, they are more difficult to replace and, due to their height, more difficult to clean too.

Bathroom Shower Materials

21. Tile 

Hammersmith Subway Tile
Image Source: builddirect.com

Tile is the most common material used in making shower walls, especially since it’s affordable, available in so many different sizes and colors, and it’s relatively easy to clean (at least compared to other shower wall materials). You can opt for tiles with different kinds of patterns and get really playful with how you place them around to get an original bathroom look.

22. Stone

Modern bathroom with black stone wall and white equipment

Stone walls look absolutely astonishing regardless of where they’re used. When placed inside the bathroom, you get an original and very luxurious look. However, stone walls are not that easy to clean and the detergents and solutions that are typically used for tiles might not do their magic when it comes to stone walls. But, in terms of design, they look stupendous.

23. Fiberglass And Acrylic

Mustee 748-32WHT Durawall 73.25-in x 48-in x 32-in Fiberglass Shower Walls

Fiberglass is a very practical solution when it comes to bathroom wall materials. For instance, we’re now looking at a three-panel wall system that’s easy to assemble and creates a water-tight seal so that you can shower without having to worry about water sipping here and there.

Acrylic 36" x 36" Double Threshold Shower Base

Investing in an acrylic shower base sometimes beats having to redo the shower floor. They typically come with drains placed right in the center of the base and they are a cost-effective solution for those looking to remodel their shower. They differ in size, so you’re likely to find one in the measurements of your choice.


The shower is often our go-to place for more than just cleaning our bodies. They are “me” time that is often put to good use, offering us an excuse to escape the world and be alone with our thoughts or just relax at the end of the day. And when you invest in the materials needed to create a shower space that’s as practical and as relaxing as you want it to, taking a shower is something that you end up craving day after day. 

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