29 Cool Throw Pillows Ideas For Brown Couches


A brown couch set or lounging furniture is ideal in a living room, family room, or rec room because of its versatility and the neutral color shade. However, it can be hard to narrow down the best types of throw pillows to display on your brown couch when there are so many options!

That is why today we are going to take a look at 29 cool throw pillow ideas for brown couches and determine what color cushions go with a brown couch!

Brown Couches With Red Pillows

1. Striped Accent Pillows For Brown Couch

SUNSITT Outdoor Wicker Loveseat Patio Furniture with Taupe Cushions

One surefire way to bring the earthy tones of your couch to life is to pair it with a set of striped accent pillows. Choose pastel colors that will set off the variations of the brown shade of your couch. You want to choose throw pillows that have enough cushion to support and cradle the body but not an overabundance of cushioning that can allow you to sink.

2. Red, Gray, White Mix

Interior design serires: living room

Can’t choose your throw pillows because you are in love with more than one solid color to offset your brown couch? Then why not choose complementary throw pillows in a color combination such as red, gray, and white? This way you are able to have more than one color throw pillow for a chocolate brown couch but in a way that looks coordinated.

3. Decorative Pillows For Brown Leather Couch

16x16in Hand Knit Pillow Cotton Tube Yarn Cushion Red Arm Knit Cozy Pillow Couch Decorative Pillow Chunky Knit Throw Pillow Photography Props

If your brown couch is in a luxurious fabric such as leather then you have the perfect canvas for an equally luxurious throw pillow. Not sure what type? Well, leather throw pillows can be hot to the touch or cold, so why not dress up the couch with a hand-knitted throw pillow? Cozy, stylish, and perfect.

4. Shades Of Red

Brown living room corner with a wooden floor

Similar to the entry with the different throw pillows in complementary shades, you can also choose to go the route of one color shade for your pillows but in different levels. For example, you can choose to stick with red throw pillows but use dark red pillows offset by light red, almost pink, throw pillows.

Brown Couch With White Pillows

5. Faux Striped Leather

Andice Faux Leather 17" Throw Pillow Cover

When looking for the best accent pillows for a brown couch, you want to think in terms of patterns, such as stripes. Stripes are the best way to tie together the rooms’ décor because you are able to pick up the different colors that make up your color scheme. Check out these sweet white and orange faux leather pillows against the brown couch. Looks pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

6. Faux Fur

No Insert Faux Fur Sheepskin Square Throw Pillow Cover Set of 2 Merino Style Super Soft Fluffy Cushion Fuzzy Pillow Cases New Luxury Series for Livingroom Couch Sofa Bed Home Decor LINMOPM (White)

Feeling like getting a little funky with your throw pillows? Easily done when you choose a faux fur pillow. These throw pillows are ideal for dressing up a brown couch and showcasing your creative side. Bonus fact? They are soft, cozy, and great to curl up with along with a new book and a fresh mug of tea!

7. Imagery Throw Pillows

living room with couch

Another way to definitely showcase your brown couch and also showcase your creativity is to choose throw pillows that feature images instead of patterns. For example, if your home has white throw pillows that feature homey images on them or in a cabin/cottage, use white throw pillows that feature a camping or cabin life theme.

8. Daisy Throw Pillows

Brown leather sofa with two floral pillows

Want to bring some of nature from the outside into your home? Tired of the long winter and eager to see some new life budding outside? Then bring that feeling inside by displaying patterned throw pillows on your brown couch. Think of a white pillow that is filled with fresh and bright daisy flowers! Instantly a classic, instantly stylish, instantly great.

9. Cowhide Throw Pillow

Iva Cow Hide Print Throw Pillow (Set of 2)

When you think of cowhide, if you think of cowhide at all, you definitely don’t think of it in terms of décor but against a brown couch? Leather or fabric? It’s actually quite attractive and homey. Not sure if you agree? Check out the classic look of these brown and white throw pillows displayed on a brown couch. It’s sure to change your opinion.

10. Combination

Modern evening interior of living room with sofa, floor lamp against of brown wall 3d render

If you can’t decide on what style of throw pillow you like the best for your brown couch, especially a chocolate brown couch; then why just settle for one style? As long as the pillows are in complementary shades, such as cream and white, then you can combine patterns with solid colors and throw in a couple of different textures as well.

11. Burnt Orange Image

Bount Outdoor Throw Pillow

Want to incorporate a seasonal theme into your throw pillows? It’s easy and fast if you choose the same size pillow throw covers that will fit your current inserts. When you want to decorate for the fall, think of bright orange trees with drifting leaves as showcased here. Make sure the pillows you choose are mold and mildew resistant and ones that can be spot cleaned are always the best bet.

Blue Pillows On Brown Couch

12. Patterns Against Solid

Vibrant colorful plain and printed throw pillows on living room couch of a home.

Love how the muted tones of a brown couch allow your throw pillows to pop in terms of visual appeal? Then you will love the look of solid bright blue throw pillows acting as the background of a screened image with the same shades of blue. Think two solid blue pillows that sit behind a white throw pillow covered in lovely blue flowers that also have little hints of different shades.

13. Baby Blue Throw Pillows

Love seat Baby Blue Throw Pillows

If your brown couch is a lighter shade rather than deep and dark – you want the same colors to match the fabric. If you use bright colors on a light shade, this can cause a messy or busy look but when you have a light shade and use throw pillows in the same lightness? Magic! Such as this example with a lighter brown couch featuring cozy baby blue throw pillows.

Brown Couch with Grey Pillows

14. Neutrals Pair With Neutrals

brown sofa with pillow in front a white wall and brick niche

Neutral colors always pair well with every color on the color wheel so the same goes when it comes to pairing a neutral-colored brown couch with a neutral-colored throw pillow. Think light grey throw pillows against a dark brown couch or dark grey pillows against a medium brown couch.

15. Grey Patterns

Example of a trendy living room design in Other
Image Source: houzz.com

One of the best ways to offset a deep brown couch, especially when it is made of leather, is to use throw pillows of the same color scheme but featuring multiple patterns. You want a couple of overstuffed throw pillows with a plaid, blocky look. A couple of circular patterned throw pillows, and a geometric design on the other two. You can also use a couple of throw pillows in a solid shade, such as grey, if you have room to act as background.

16. Different Sizes

Interior of the living room. 3D illustration.

When you want a modern and fresh look, you want to think outside the box a little on your throw pillows for your brown couch. You can use different sized pillows in the same grey shade to create depth and contrast against your brown couch. Have the biggest throw pillow in the back, then follow up with a medium-sized throw pillow, and finish with a small one. Do this on either side of the couch for the best results.

Brown Couch with Yellow Pillows

17. Modern And Elegant

brown modern couch and wood bookcase in a living room / rendering

One of the freshest and modern ways to offset a brown couch is to use a color for your throw pillow that is a little unexpected but can brighten up the room for anyone who walks in. that’s right, you want to think yellow. Yellow pillows, brown couch is always a good choice for a color combination. After all, is that one of the main color schemes in nature?

18. Chenille Yellow Throw Pillows

Best Choice Products Tufted Faux Leather 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional Sofa Couch

Your throw pillows should be comfortable, cozy, and not just for decoration. You want to choose a throw pillow in a material and thickness that you are able to use when laying down watching a movie or reading a book. Something that will support the head and neck while looking great. Bright yellow throw pillows covered in a chenille material will give you exactly that – a great visual appeal and stuffed to the point they can be used as actual pillows and not decoration.

19. Button Pillows

Modern living-room interior. 3d render. Photo on the wall was made by me.

Are you the crafty sort? Can you design and create your own items for your home? Then make a set of soft yellow throw pillow covers in a welcoming quilted pattern. Not sure how to finish this look off? Why not a solid brown button (as close to the shade of your brown couch that you can get) in the center of the quilt for a truly homemade style look.

Colorful Pillows for Brown Couch

20. Multi-Colored Pillows

Esright Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Sectional Sofa Couch

When you can’t narrow down the style of throw pillow you are looking for but you know that you definitely want to have solid colors – then make a combination of different colors for your brown couch. Think contrasting hues to truly make the brown leather of your couch pop, such as burnt orange combined with deep blues.

21. Personalized Pillow

Personalized Pillow featuring the name WYATT in sign letter photos

Get creative, get funky, and get inspired by displaying personalized throw pillows on your brown couch! You can have multiple colors on one pillow, any design or pattern you want, whatever saying you choose, and in a size that will fit with your couch. If you have a loveseat or a compact couch, use smaller pillows to maximize the sitting space.

22. Full Couch

The brown sofa with four colored pillows

Notice that lately your couch cushions, especially along the back, are not up to snuff anymore? Then why not increase the amount of support and cushion with throw pillows? Choose bigger sizes when it comes to your pillows and use different colors for a modern and fresh look. Let these pillows rest against the back of the couch to be used as additional support.

23. Striped Throw Pillows

Ottomanson Sofa, 88 x 38 X 36, Brown

A truly classic pattern, stripes will never go out of style! This is definitely true when they are displayed correctly. To showcase your brown couch, especially if it’s leather-like in the sample, you want to choose striped pillows that feature shades of brown within the color combinations. Choose pillows that have complementary colors or go completely funky and have a rainbow.

Brown Couch with Brown Pillows

24. Shades Of Brown

sofa in the living room with green plant outside the windows

Who ever said that brown doesn’t match with brown, especially when it comes to décor? Brown can become a wonderful contrast with brown when you choose the right shades. For a classic and elegant look, use similar shades of brown to the actual couch on the ends of the couch and in the middle of the couch, use lighter shades of brown such as beige, tan, or sand.

25. Decorative Throw Pillows

Foindtower Pack of 2 Ruffle Throw Pillow Covers Decorative Boho Cushion Cases Flower Pillowcases for Couch Bed Sofa Bedroom Décor Handmade 3D Floral Soft Farmhouse Round 18 Inch Pink

When it comes to your throw pillows on your couch, they don’t necessarily have to be squares or rectangles but they can be whatever shade you want them to be! So many people are branching out and making specialty items with their own hands or if you are the creative type, you could easily make them yourself. Not quite sure what to make or purchase? How sweet is this rose-shaped pillow in varying shades of brown?

26. Same Material Throw Pillows

Sofa and lamp furniture wall beige color, interior

For a streamlined look that is still fresh and modern with style, elegance, and class; you can decide to use throw pillows in the same material that your couch is made of! The look of a sleek leather couch topped by sleek leather throw pillows is a great visual appeal. Sometimes, retailers will have throw pillows the same material as the couch as a package deal, so check that out!

27. Oversize Throw Pillows

Cammi Cotton Throw Pillow

When you hear the term throw pillows, you probably automatically think of pillows that are on the smaller side and act more as decoration than actual pillows, right? Doesn’t have to be the case at all though! Throw pillows are available in all sizes and one way to get the most for your money is to choose bigger or oversized throw pillows that are approximately the same size as your couch cushions.

28. Rustic Grunge

Grunge living room or interior with dirty design with sofa corner

If you love that modern rustic feel with a grungy vibe, then this pillow and couch combo is the one for you.

29. Swirls of Brown

brown sofa

For our final entry, we are going to take a look at swirly patterned throw pillows. These decorative and practical throw pillows use brown intersected with white and beige to create a funky swirled pattern that is a complete throwback to decades gone by. Reclaim that free and wild spirit with a great set of swirled throw pillows.


As you can tell, there is no shortage of cool throw pillow ideas for brown couches and you can definitely have fun when it comes to decorating your living around your natural colored couch. That is why we want to know if you have a brown couch and if so, what color throw pillows did you choose? Solid colors? Patterns? Leave a comment below.

And as always, please feel free to share this post with anyone who you feel would benefit from it or enjoy it!

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