17 Elegant Teal and Gray Bathroom Ideas


When it comes to renovating a bathroom, people tend to stick to neutral colors that match with any type of accessory, but a lot of people choose to go this route. Wouldn’t you rather renovate your bathroom into something that is gorgeous and elegant by using a color scheme that is not typically found in bathrooms? Then you definitely want to put some serious thought into redecorating your bathroom with a teal and gray color scheme.

The gray color is your neutral base while the teal is a pop of color that contrasts beautifully against it. More people are starting to add pops of color into their bathroom by using a contrast color against a neutral base and the following ideas are going to show you why!

Teal and Gray Bathroom

1. White and Teal Bathroom Accessory Kit

White and Teal Bathroom Accessory Kit

Bring a touch of spring into your bathroom with these white and teal floral accessory kits. You will get a shower curtain, bath mat, toilet mat, and even a toilet lid cover to transform your bathroom from drab to fabulous. An anti-slip design ensures safety while having your shower and the floral pattern is striking against a neutral gray background.

 2. Blue and Gray Tiles

Blue and Gray Tiles
Image Source : instagram.com

Have you ever admired and noticed the stunning colors that are in pools during tropical vacations? These colors come from a series of interlocking ceramic tiles that are in varying color shades. Recreate this look in your bathroom by covering your tub/shower enclosure with various shades of blue and gray for a beautiful finish.

 3. Mosaic Art Bathroom

large bathroom with wood floor and vintage mosaic light blue and green

If you loved the look of the bathroom tiles in the tub enclosure but you would want to extend it higher and bigger; check out this mosaic art tiled bathroom. The tiles have been extended to cover the entire tub enclosure and then brought out onto the bathroom walls for a finished, polished look.

 4. Blue Everywhere Bathroom

Blue Everywhere Bathroom
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Check out this navy blue bathroom done with larger ceramic tiles for a finished look that takes your breath away. Using gray as the trim color, combined with stark white furniture; there is nothing about this bathroom that needs to be changed. Further the look by using navy blue hand towels and facecloths.

5. Blue Backsplash

Blue Backsplash
Source : houzz.com

Do you find that the walls around the bathroom vanity can sometimes get damp from the condensation of the bathroom? Then why not add a backsplash in a deep blue color with light gray paint on the upper walls? Not only will this protect your walls from mold and damp, it also looks amazing!

6. Stunning Bathroom Renovation

Stunning Bathroom Renovation
Image Source : instagram.com

If you are the type of person that enjoys a bold look when it comes to the rooms of your home, then you are going to love this bathroom. The blue tiles are everywhere from the vanity to the walls, with decorative items in silver and gray for a stunning contrast. If you are replacing furniture such as the sinks and bathtub, these rounded ones complete the look in fine fashion.

7. Fan Shaped Teal Tiles

Fan Shaped Teal Tiles
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Renovating your bathroom with tiles is already outside the norm when you use the teal and gray color scheme that is becoming more popular but what if you could step outside the box a tad bit more? You can when you use tiles that are shaped like fans opened to full position! Swap out the gold detailing for stainless steel or sterling silver and you are in business for a bathroom renovation for the ages!

8. Teal Vanity and Door

Teal Vanity and Door
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If you are not loving tiles on the walls of your bathroom and you would prefer a pop of color against a neutral gray background, then why not add the teal color to your vanity and also the bathroom floor? It’s the perfect way to cement your color scheme without it being overwhelming. You can leave the side of the bathroom door white that faces the rest of the home if you prefer.

9. Teal and Gray Bathroom with Ample Storage

Toilets and bidet in classic style. 3D visualization

One thing that is true about bathrooms is that they never seem to have enough storage. It’s a smaller room in the house which means large vanities and storage cabinets are not practical and take up too much space. This gorgeous teal and gray bathroom uses teal on the walls and then adds storage by using gray shelving that is both slim and practical.

10. Complete DIY Renovation

Complete DIY Renovation
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Those who are crafty and have average skills in carpentry would love this bathroom. Completely done by hand without having to pay expensive contractors, the vanity is completely remade using gray painted boards while the walls contrast against the new furniture with a bright teal that is something out of the tropics. Finishing off the look is a gray backsplash that protects the walls from water damage.

11. Accent Pieces

Accent Pieces
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Sometimes, the best renovations are not overwhelming amounts of color in your color scheme but instead; it’s the use of accent pieces to fully pull the room together. This bathroom uses solid teal walls with gray artwork to showcase the colors. The floor is also a neutral black and white so that the teal pops while the gray finishes the overall visual.

Teal and Gray Bathroom Décor

12. Color Descending Shower Curtain

Color Descending Shower Curtain

Change up the color scheme in your bathroom by adding a shimmering detail. In this case, it’s a gorgeous shower curtain that descends from deep teal to an almost white with a slight teal tinge. By changing your shower curtain, you avoid having to completely redo your bathroom but you still get a fresh and updated look!

13. Mosaic Art Backsplash with Interlocking Tiles

Mosaic Art Backsplash with Interlocking Tiles

These interlocking mosaic art tiles are simply gorgeous and are made to remember crystals. Using teal, black, and gray, with a few white ones thrown in; you will not regret adding this to the walls of your bathroom. Not only that, you are protecting your walls for a longer life without having moisture buildup making the drywall damp.

14. Wall Décor

Wall Décor

The details in your bathroom during renovations doesn’t always have to be on practical items. You can also add to the overall color scheme with artwork on the walls that fit. These canvas paintings are both teal and gray which look amazing against a neutral grayish-beige background. Hang these just slightly out of sync next to each other for a modern look.

15. Decorative Bottles

Decorative Bottles

Looking for something to bookend the bathroom shelves and stop items from potentially rolling off? Then look no further than these decorative wine bottles in both gray and teal. When put together, they spell out the word love (which everyone needs and appreciates), plus the twine and floral detailing gives them a rustic look.

16. Bathroom Towels

Close up background of a teal bathroom hand towel on a teal wall.

Your decorative items don’t always have to be things that can’t be used but instead, they can be practical items such as this teal hand towel. Sometimes when it comes to renovations, it’s the smaller details that truly bring it all together. The contrast for the towel against the teal wall comes from the stainless steel towel hook which also matches into gray!

17. Printed Curtains

Printed Curtains

This printed coral reef curtain would look perfect over the bathroom window in your teal and gray color scheme. The coral reefs are just off-white with the faintest hint of gray which allows them to pop against the teal background. With a tropical feel, you will be able to envision yourself in a resort somewhere warm during the colder months while you relax in the tub with a glass of your favorite wine.


Bathrooms don’t have to be boring or use the same colors that everyone else uses. Consider if teal and gray is the color for you or you can use another color against the gray. The best thing about gray is that no matter how dark or light you go, it’s still neutral and acts as a canvas for your accent color.

Did you renovate your bathroom (or another room) with teal and gray? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments below and as always, please feel free to share this post with both family and friends!

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