71 Small Basement Bathroom Ideas And Design


Having a second bathroom is a luxury but sometimes the type we find in the basement is super small and we wonder how to make the best of the space we were given. Here are 71 small basement bathroom ideas that should spark some inspiration in you even if you are working on a budget. 

1. Use A Loud Shower Curtain

Horse Shower Curtain, Western Country Unique Watercolor

Keeping a white theme with loud shower curtains will take the eye away from how close the walls are and right to the design, which in this case is a horse of many colors. Using a loud shower curtain is also a great way to insert a wash of color into the room without having to clutter up the place with various pieces of artwork. You want to save your shelving for storage of important things but you don’t want a boring bathroom either.

2. Corner Vanity

Corner Vanity
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Space is tough to come by, which is why taking advantage of the corners is always a plus. It also gives the illusion of more room as opposed to a standard layout. The corners of the room are automatically set back in the room as they are part of the walls so utilize them and instead allow the floor space in the center of the room to stay clear of clutter; giving the illusion of a bigger room.

3. Yellow Sunshine

Small beige bathroom with walk in white shower and white cabinet.

Most bathrooms are white and for good reason. The right white could make a room feel bigger. Add some yellow lighting and it’ll be the bath of your dreams. Using bright yellow gives the room a cheery and welcoming glow, illuminating the dark corners and chasing away shadows to give the appearance of a large bathroom. The sunshine yellow is also a mood booster, making you automatically more alert and upbeat (think happy) for the day ahead.

4. Compact

Compact bath

With limited space consider doing a shower instead of a tub and a compact sink like here. Add a bit of color and the place seems futuristic. A good solid shower enclosure features many of the amenities of a tub but without taking up a major amount of space. You can even purchase all-in-one shower stalls that feature all you need for installation and they also come in corner varieties to utilize that space instead.

5. Wall Shelves

Industrial Pipe Shelves

When you are short on space, store things on the wall. This can be done easily with wall shelving, which comes in many styles that should fit your design. Choose floating shelves that are in an array of sizes and alternate them down the wall. Use ones that aren’t closed off on the ends to allow for light to filter through and enlarge the room in a visual way. They also keep clutter off the floor and vanity of a small bathroom.

6. All White

Small bright bathroom in classic modern style

As we’ve said, you can’t beat white. This small bathroom was able to fit a tub and shower even though it is a smaller space. The appearance of stark white opens the room up to the naked eye and prevents shadows or dark spots from appearing. White reflects both natural and artificial light, elongating the room with ease and allowing you to choose a color theme of your choice without competition.

7. Turn It Up

Eclectic orange tile pebble tile floor bathroom photo in Los Angeles
Image Source: houzz.com

If white is boring to you, we get it. Try going in the opposite direction like this example. Bright orange tile expands the eye and the room. Bright colors give the illusion of a bigger room as the eye travels across the tiles with seemingly no end. Use a neutral color as well to offset and pop the vivid orange. You don’t want to use bright against bright (unless they are complimentary) as it can be a dizzying effect instead.

8. Red Works Too

Red Works Too bathroom

Not a fan of orange? Go with a red or mauve as shown here. The light flooring tiles and wooden vanity brings the look together and widens the space. Red is classic and understated, allowing the natural quirks of the room to pop out at you without looking cheap or tacky. Think more luxurious hotel over sleazy to make the most of red in the bathroom. Red also pairs well with numerous colors to open up your decorating into new directions.  

9. Wallpaper

Bathroom interior with cheerful curtain and wooden cabinet with small mirror

This designer uses the loud shower curtain like we suggested and adds a classic wallpaper to one side. The blue top border adds depth. Adding depth to the walls offers the appearance of a large, open, and airy room – making this method not only ideal for a small basement bathroom but wallpaper is also on the inexpensive side so it makes it easier on the pocket at the same time.

10. Rainbow Tile

Rainbow Tiled Bathroom
Image Source: instructables.com

Here is a fun way to intertwine the white theme with bright colors. By creating a bold wall this design distracts from the small size of the bathroom. The bold wall allows you to exercise your creative side and present some fun, exciting artwork without sacrificing the amount of space you have to work with. Plus, no one ever said artwork and designs had to be negated to wall hangings or figurines.

11. More Fun With Tile

Mosaic Tiled Bathroom

This is another great example of using colorful tiles to divert the user’s attention away from noticing how tiny it is. Colorful tiles draw the eyes away from the size of the room and to the design presented instead. These colorful tiles also serve a second purpose in which they brighten the room which is a great thing to have in a basement bathroom that might not necessarily feature a window to allow natural light to filter in.

12. And Even More

Small, modern bathroom interior. Mosaic tiles. White. Blue. Gray.

While the colors are cooler and don’t scream at you the seemingly random placement of the tiles offers a bit of whimsy to mislead the user where the size is concerned. Using colored tiles doesn’t mean that you have to use bright or warm colors; cool colors work just as well when it comes to drawing the eye to just those and giving the impression of a large room. Cool tones can be soothing, so play with those in basement bathrooms.

13. Make It A Cave

Inspiration for a contemporary pebble tile floor double shower remodel in DC Metro
Image Source: houzz.com

You may prefer your rooms to be dark. With deep browns and grays, this room makes it feel like the user found a hidden treasure. Play up the actual size of the room and use the darker colors to make it into your little hiding space, the spot where your household can’t find you and you can have a shower in simple peace; soaking off the day in darkness, allowing you to fully relax and sleep that night in deep slumber.

14. Colonial Vibe

White and mocha bathroom interior with tile floor and antique vanity cabinet

This designer splits the wall with a white wood base and a speckled wallpaper on the top. The small mirror and sink with legs give the room elegance. Using a small vanity offers valuable storage in the bathroom without taking up a magnitude of space. It’s also a great way to add understated elegance when you don’t have the room to play with decorative items. The white walls open the room while the wallpaper gives it color and welcoming vibes.

15. Long And Lean

Recessed Cabinet bathroom

When working with a small space that doesn’t have a low ceiling you can accentuate the height of the room as opposed to the width, which this long mirror does. The long mirror accents and reflects the walls of the room, making them appear larger than it actually is. The natural and artificial light will also reflect through this mirror, providing the illusion of a large and open bathroom. Glass shower doors provide the same effect so pair both for double the size (visually).

16. Gothic

Example of a mid-sized mountain style 3/4 porcelain tile bathroom
Image Source: houzz.com

Another great technique to distract from the size of your room is to make it stand out. A garish mirror and fun brick tiles is a fun way to go. Have fun with the size of the room and make it a conversational starting point by playing it up. The garnish mirror reflects the room, making it appear slightly larger and fun brick tiles are just plain great; regardless of the size of the room you use this decorating technique.

17. Minimalism Works

Bathroom contemporary style. 3d visualization

There’s a reason why they say less is more. When looking at this design you can see the lack of wall decorations or ornamentation works with the size. Sometimes, using wall decorations or ornamentation can have a downsizing effect, making the room seem small and closed off. Use the minimalist approach to decorating and only sporadically use pops of color in a small bathroom. It will be better than cluttering the room up which can make it seem smaller than normal.

18. Go Green

Chocolate Mint bathroom

Bold is the way to go sometimes, which is what this designer did. The lime green set against the brown is fun and elegant at the same time. The best part about a basement bathroom is the fact that you can easily have fun with decoration because it is a room that won’t be frequently used. The most commonly used rooms are the ones that tend to have a more traditional approach to decorating, so go big and bold!

19. Find Fossils 

Small basement full-bath has a unique style through use of different stone and rock tile
Image Source: houzz.com

Using stone, rock tile, and real fossil plates this designer truly created something unique. Notice the glass shower doors open up the room. This style of decorating gives the appearance of an underground oasis, taking pressure off the size of the room and instead, putting the pressure on the decoration to give people something to talk about. The glass doors draw in and reflect natural and/or artificial light – opening up the room with ease and grace.

20. More Minimalism

Modern bathroom with walls decorated with brick-resembling white tiles and a glass shower enclosures

This designer also uses the glass shower door trick but, with all white tile set over the geometric tile gives the illusion of a larger bathroom. The geometric tile gives the appearance of understated elegance without coming across as pretentious and the glass shower door trick is something that everyone who has to decorate a small space should know. If it isn’t the bathroom? Then use long mirrors to reflect the light.

21. Corner Shower

Corner Shower bathroom

Putting something large in the corner is a great way to utilize space. No matter what your design plans are, you can put the shower in the corner to save space. This style of shower stalls use the corners of the room to provide all the amenities that a center or large shower stall would have without taking up a fraction of the space. It’s easy and effective, allowing the room to appear open and large when it’s not.

22. Long With Mirror And Glass

Bathroom minimalist style interior design, 3D rendering

Designs like this one work in so many ways. The large mirror, the glass shower screen, mixed with the duality of tones makes this small room seem big. It’s all about how the light, both natural and artificial, reflect off the walls and the mirrors to elongate the space around it. To offer a warm inviting glow, use warm light bulbs and to brighten the room; you want to choose day-glow or stark white bulbs.

23. Curtains

Bathroom with Curtain

When working on a budget you have to work with what you have. This designer put fancy curtains up to direct the attention of your eyes. Fancy curtains not only provide privacy in the bathroom and prevent any prying eyes from taking a peek but they also offer a form of decoration that won’t clutter up or compete with the size of the room. Use curtains that have a pattern or funky design for pops of color in your small space.

24. Add Art

Eastern bathroom design. 3d render

By adding that piece of art the designers added a focal point to draw your attention. Designs like this can make a small space shine. The key is to use the walls for artwork and try to avoid using pieces that would need to go on the floor (taking up space) or pieces that can take up valuable storage space on shelves or something similar. Using a focal point distracts visitors and instead draws their eyes to that piece.

25. Traditional Trends

Elegant bathroom photo in Toronto
Learn more at: houzz.com

Some people like bold looks. Others prefer a more understated approach. When dealing with a full bathroom traditional looks are a safe way to go. There is definitely a reason that traditional decorating themes have been in style for so long and it’s because they work in any size space. Whether the room is large, medium, or tiny – traditional decorating will accentuate the space you do have without competing against it.

26. Bright

Beige and White Basement Bathroom

Basements can be dark, with little window space, which is why the use of bright yet light colors makes up for the lack of natural light. It offers the appearance of a large, open, and inviting room when without the brightness? It’s cold, dark, and dreary. The use of bright colors also invites people to enjoy the space without allowing them to take true notice of the size.

27. Backlight It

beautiful bathroom with white tile and aqua backlight

This designer went with all white, which we’ve covered. But the medicine cabinet has a unique shape and backlight that grabs your attention. The backlight provides illumination and glow in the bathroom where you might not necessarily have the best natural light while the medicine cabinet is hung off the wall, allowing for ample storage without using valuable floor space. They are also great for storing private items and toiletries that you don’t want left out to prying eyes.

28. More Corners

Recessed Storage in Beige Tiles

If you are designing an entirely new bathroom this shower is an ideal space saver. Pay special attention to the energy-saving toilet. These items are designed to fit into smaller spaces to allow you to leave the center of the room open for easy maneuvering. While not lacking in the amenities of a full-sized bathroom, you still have the option for open spaces against the walls when you make use of the corners of the room.

29. Luxurious

Modern and Luxury Bathroom Interior

You could move in a different direction with the overall style but this design also utilizes techniques we’ve covered. The corner shower and the stark pink that demands the spotlight. When you draw the attention of the room instead of how it’s decorated, you offer the illusion of a large and open space. It’s all about playing with colors and choosing the right facilities to suit the space instead of trying to decorate it like a full-sized bathroom.

30. Combine Your Space

Bathroom and Laundry Area

If you are just looking to put an extra toilet in the house but you don’t have another bathroom you can add one to the laundry room. Build a small partition around it so you don’t have to worry about privacy and also install a small laundry sink. A towel bar, hanging shelf, and voila! You have a half bath that doesn’t take up all the room in the basement but can be quite the assets.

31. Corner Mirrors

Bathroom morroccan style. 3d render

Here we have a design that takes the corner idea and blends it with the function of mirrors, which always makes a room look bigger. The mirrors, as previously mentioned, reflect not only the light of the room to draw the eyes but also the walls – making the room appear larger and elongated which is a must in a smaller bathroom, especially one that is in the basement, which is usually partially underground.

32. Baby Blue

Basement bathroom
Learn more at: flickr.com

This light color is another great option when it comes to making small spaces look larger. It might be because it resembles a beautiful sky. It doesn’t make the walls appear closed off and together but instead, opens the room up and captures the illumination (from both natural and artificial lighting) to shine in a beautiful manner. Choose darker accent colors such as navy blue or dark gray for a contrasting effect.

33. Vertical Stripes

Bathroom interior in american house. Stripped wallpaper, tile wall trim and light brown counter top

Wallpaper is fun and using vertical stripes in a small bathroom will make the eye move upward hiding the minimal area subtlety. Making the eyes follow the wallpaper draws them from the horizontal and overall look of the room by making them travel from the floor to the ceiling, allowing the appearance of tall walls and open spaces. Plus wallpaper is an inexpensive way to add color and doesn’t require a contractor for installation.

34. Divided Walls

Elegant blue tile and mosaic tile bathroom photo in Phoenix with a pedestal sink
Learn more at: houzz.com

Here we have another example of how splitting the wall design into two adds to the girth of a room. Adding art and light blue pushes the walls away further. This trick has been around since the days of smaller homes that were cramped and tiny. It’s all about providing the look of depth and playing with the dimensions for a visually pleasing look.

35. Bathroom Rave

Dark bathroom lightened with navy blue led lights

Raves are in dark places with fun lights and costumes. Kind of like this bathroom, which marries an oblong toilet with a blue backlight. The dark walls create depth. It’s the same effect as when you explore a cave and the light doesn’t reach the end of the tunnel – the cave seems huge and never-ending, so use this illusion to your advantage and play with the depth of the room instead of the floor area.

36. Classic Grandma

206 Weber (basement bathroom)
Learn more at: flickr.com

Everyone loves their grandmother’s house so turning the bathroom into that type of classic look will make the user feel at home. By providing a warm, inviting, and welcoming room; you take the attention away from the size of the room and instead you place it on the décor and tone of the room. It’s a classic and traditional way to distract the user of the bathroom from the room itself.

37. Modern 

Modern bathroom

Moving in the opposite direction, this full bathroom has very little room to spare. The designer makes the most of it in a classic yet modern way. Modern design is all about celebrating and using the space you do have to your advantage instead of trying to make it something it isn’t. You want to decorate in a manner that provides a well-accented room without the focus being on the actual size of said room.

38. Glass Block

Modern bathroom with glassblock

Glass block windows help with privacy, which is important when it comes to bathrooms. And the aesthetic offers a unique yet classic look in this example. Block windows reflect the light to illuminate the room without allowing it all to pour in which can be distracting and harsh on the eyes. Plus, privacy is a must in a bathroom as you don’t want to accidentally give your neighbors or those walking by a free show!

39. Corners Corners Corners

Basement Bathroom
Learn more at: flickr.com

This designer uses the corner trick to add storage to a space that is lacking greatly. A short table and a few shelves does wonders. Place the shelving climbing up the wall, making each one slightly off-centered from the rest for a visually pleasing look. You can then store linens and towels in wicker baskets, display framed artwork, and have a place for items such as magazines or a small speaker with a music player.

40. Open Wall Cabinets

Example of a small classic 3/4 alcove shower design in Other with open cabinets
Find out more at: houzz.com

By keeping the doors off your cabinets you are not only forced to keep them organized it adds more room to a smaller space. Cover private items by storing them in wicker or metal baskets which helps with the organization part of the plan. They also can be decorative in their own subtle way, allowing the room to shine without competing with the rest of its advantages – such as the close corners making the room seem intimate and cozy.

41. Wide Mirror And Two Tones

Interior of new modern bathroom in daylight

Here we have a designer that uses the same approaches we’ve covered. Splitting the wall color/texture into two and wide mirrors does the job. There is a reason that this method of designing and decorating appears on many lists for smaller spaces (not just bathrooms) – it’s because it works at making the room appear much larger than it actually is. And that’s the look we are going for – large, open, and inviting!

42. More Shelving

5804 Revelstoke Basement Bathroom
Find out more at: flickr.com

This shelving unit is a bit more delicate and ornamental than the ones we’ve seen and it does the job of cornering well. Shelving provides the bathroom with something we all need and want in that space – storage! One of the biggest complaints when it comes to bathrooms, regardless of its size, is the lack of storage. Most bathrooms aren’t designed for storage but when you need toiletries, towels, extra toilet tissue, and more – you need somewhere to put it!

43. Go To The Beach

Inspiration for a small coastal master porcelain tile and gray floor drop-in bathtub
Find out more at: houzz.com

The bathroom is known as the “water closet” for a reason, so why not go with the water theme by imitating this beautiful beach design plan. Even the smallest of lakes and ponds don’t seem tiny when you look at the expanse of rippling water; so mimic this look in your bathroom and go with a beachy design that never goes out of style. Just don’t overdo it and throw everything beach-related into the room as this creates clutter.

44. Matching Patterns

Old fashioned style bathroom with wallpaper, decorated gold mirror and wall shelf

Like a person who wears striped pants with a polka-dotted shirt, sometimes opposing patterns come together to make a small bathroom look fabulous. It’s all about picking up on the subtle similarities between the two patterns, whether it be the coloring or the direction of the design. You want these patterns to coexist in harmony, not compete with each other in a dizzy array of colors. It’s all about the subtle nuances.

45. Sink With Legs

Sink With Legs bathroom
Find out more at: zoefeldmandesign.com

This trick works well with half-baths. Avoid a sink with a cabinet underneath. You have less storage but a nice clean and wider look. Use clean and sleek lines for a minimalist approach and prevent the room from appearing cluttered up. It’s when the room looks cluttered with furniture, appliances, and artwork that the small size is extremely noticeable. Avoid that by offering glimpses of both the flooring and the walls.

46. More Wallpaper

Luxury red and gold small bathroom with silver radiator.

Wallpaper is fun and offers so many options. This designer showed us how ornate walls paired with simple hardware make for the prettiest of rooms. Wallpaper can easily be installed by yourself as long as you have the time and a steady hand. Some wallpaper has to be glued by spreading the adhesive with a paintbrush but most versions today have a back that can be peeled off in strips then you adhere it directly to the wall.

47. More Backlighting

my bathroom sink. the space is extremely small
Find out more at: flickr.com

This circular mirror adds a lot to this extremely miniature space. Paired with the glass bowl sink this room says a lot by using very little. Both pieces reflect the natural light in the room, illuminating even the tiniest of corners and dark sections. A basement can appear dark and dreary when the majority of the walls are underground so it’s all about making the most of the lighting available.

48. Murals

Part of modern bathroom interior with sink and mirror

Painting images on the wall to tell a story is a practice that goes back as far as our species. It’s a lovely way to pay homage to something that means the world to you. If you are the crafty type, design the mural and stencil it onto the walls. If you aren’t? Support a local artist by asking them to come into the home and design something for the space that won’t close off the walls but open them up.

49. Stacking

Moroccan Style bathroom

This sink sits upon a table that looks like one stacked on the other. The open face of this design offers freedom and room to breathe. Stacking makes use of the walls themselves as you creep upwards toward the ceiling rather than spreading out to the center of the room. It’s about using and playing with the space you do have rather than trying to make it something it’s not – a large room.

50. Rehab Something

Steampunk Bathroom Cabinet
Discover more at: instructables.com

This is an old water heater that was turned into a cute place for storage in an oddly small space. Scouring the local reuse markets can lead to several gems like this. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint and keeping items out of landfills, but you can easily remake your bathroom (and other rooms of the house) for a fraction of the cost it would be if you purchase items brand-new. Reuse and repurpose.

51. Efficiency

Small Bathroom inspiration
Discover more at: flickr.com

No matter what colors you choose, when dealing with small spaces you want to make use of it all. Shelving, sink, toilet, shower. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Look for items that are marked for small spaces, cabin-style, or something similar. This means that while they are on the tinier side to suit the smaller space, they won’t be lacking in terms of functions and features. It’s all about the efficiency and the style, not the size.

52. Here Comes The Sun

Part of small Modern Bathroom with washing machine

Yellow is arguably the brightest of colors. Dabbling with it in a small space brings warmth and a smile to those who use it. Notice the washing machine and use of space. The key to using this color is to avoid going overboard which can be harsh and upsetting to the eyes. It’s all about the subtle touches and splashes of color – it’s not about shoving as much yellow into the space as you can.

53. Blue Bayou

Navy Blue bathroom

The color of water blue is always a good choice for a bathroom. With vertical stripes, opposing tile over the sink, and a mirror placed just off to the side, this pulls together perfectly. This room definitely doesn’t appear as if it’s tiny and cramped, right? That is because the designer made sure to accent the right places and use the right pieces. It’s all about how the blue opens up the room and resembles the sky.

54. Find Gadgets

The Greenest Bathroom Rack
Discover more at: instructables.com

Here is an example of the innovation that humans are capable of. This allows the owner to use an oddly shaped small space productively. And you can build it yourself! All you need is some power tools, a workspace, the time and the effort, and the confidence to make your own bathroom furniture. Practical and efficient, you won’t regret tackling this project yourself and you’ll love showing people your finished project – great conversation starter as well.

55. Sage Green

Small half-bath with vanity mirror

Stepping away from blue for a minute, sage green is a lovely color that adds softness to the room and makes it seem to be a little bigger. It’s the color of nature, the color of peace, and it is light enough to reflect the illumination in the room to provide the appearance of vast, open space. It’s also easily matched into a variety of colors – just avoid dark gray as it will pick up the gray tones and make it drearier than it is.

56. Wall Racks

Wooden Recessed Wall bathroom

I’ve talked a lot about shelving but not about racks. These save space and can even come wired to plugin so your towel is warm when you get out of the shower. They keep the towels off the floor and they don’t have to be large in appearance. You want a rack that can hold your bath towel, hand towel, and facecloths. They don’t have to be able to hold them all at once – have tiny ones all over the bathroom if you want.

57. Wall Mount

Helpful Bathroom Octopus
Discover more at: instructables.com

When you have a space dominated by children it’s always a good idea to make those daily tasks fun. This octopus offers storage and another personality to the room. Make it a bathroom that your children will want to be in and avoid that dreaded fight at bath time. You know, the one where they insist they are clean after being in the mud all day? Yeah, that one.

58. Simple Shelving

Floating Shelves Over Bath Tub

These wood shelves are of a depth in design without taking up too much space. These could be created with some woodworking knowledge. Use recycled and repurposed wood to influence your green lifestyle – plus if you do ruin a piece? You aren’t mourning the loss of funds you spent but you simply know you have another piece for the fire pit. And a fresh bathroom to wash the smell of wood smoke off in! Yay!

59. Utilize Dimensions

Chevron Bathroom
Discover more at: instructables.com

Chevron patterns like this one demand attention and, when paired with a stark mirror-like the red one this is a room everyone will admire. They draw the eye to whatever direction the chevron patterns are pointing so it’s always a good idea to use this in a vertical direction for simplicity. They can be painted onto the walls, you can use a wallpaper with this design, or you can purchase them in the form of stickers for painted walls.

60. Limit Storage

Vintage mansion - a small water closet with a sink

This designer sacrifices storage to broaden the space. The shelf in the back offers somewhere for a towel but keeping it open offers a cleaner space. If you absolutely must have storage, wicker baskets placed under the vanity or within it can provide this for you without taking away from the overall look of the room (and they won’t take up valuable floor space either). It’s all about design and opening up the room – not closing it off.

61. Get Creative

Mid Bathtub Vanity

The sink offers a unique way to utilize small spaces. It’s a full bathroom, probably half the size of others. And it doesn’t compromise on style. Like previously mentioned, use items that are marked for the cabin as these are definitely ones that are smaller in size but powerful in terms of functions. They also tend to be easier on the environment as well because not all cabins/cottages have running water.

62. Jutted

Modern white bathroom with dark sink and a large mirror

Here we have a sink that juts out from the wall and is offset by a lower shelf for towels and storage. They are a nice contrast to the overpowering white. Break up the stark white in a subtle way by using that space for storage and function. You need a sink in a bathroom and you need somewhere to put your towels and facecloths. A section to also store soaps, toiletries, and other small necessities is never wrong.

63. Green Tiled Two-Tone

Small Green Bathroom

This designer merges the advantages of lighter color schemes with a two-toned wall to bring you a bathroom that is simple and soft. This is the style you want and deserve in a smaller basement bathroom. Simple, soft, inviting, and welcoming – these are the key design elements you want. Not only do they open up the room, they never go out of style.

64. Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Orange small bathroom with large painting.

While orange is a bold move, you can see how well it works with the redwood flooring and the colorful artwork. Bold is a wise move sometimes. The basement is a great place to dip your toes into the bolder side of interior design because most chances are, you won’t be using this room on a regular basis. It’s more the spare bathroom for those rushed mornings or when you have teenagers in the home that can take forever to be finished.

65. All In One

Small Bathroom Makeover
Discover more at: instructables.com

Small spaces are especially tiny when they require you to put them all on one wall. The petite sink, open shelves, and product holder allows the mirrored cabinet to blend in. The petite sink provides somewhere to wash your hands and face, the open shelves provide storage without cramping the room, and the mirrored cabinet reflects light. It’s about making the most of what you do have to work with!

66. Think Pink

Pink Tone Bathroom

Pink is a nurturing color, which is why it works so well in rooms where we pamper ourselves. The bidet and the lounge-style tub screams “indulge me”! This is the type of bathroom that we can definitely block out at least a solid hour to spend our evening in between pampering ourselves and soaking in a hot bath with a good book. Bonus points for a bathtub tray that holds a glass of wine. Hello spa day.

67. Repurpose Repurpose Repurpose

Bathroom Cabinet
Image Source: instructables.com

Utilizing wood is a fantastic way to bring natural beauty into any design plan. Custom work like this are works of art that have an everyday function. Wood that has been repurposed ensures its usefulness and prevents it from rotting away in a landfill somewhere or cluttering up your garage/shed. It’s one of the only materials that can be reworked and reused into a million projects.

68. More Corner Work

Corner Bathroom Vanity in a Full Bathroom

This bathroom is unique in its shape so utilizing the corner is a must. In this case, the vanity and the sink were set to the side so the bathroom looks bigger. You don’t always have to display furniture and bathroom facilities in the centre of the room. This is easily done in a large room but when you are working with smaller or oddly shaped rooms, you want to use whatever space you do have so your bathroom isn’t lacking in function.

69. Just A Tub

Just a Tub bathroom

By using the simple white tub as the centerpiece of this design the user will have a greater sense of luxury as opposed to a regular tub that you find in the wall. Place a small table alongside the tub for a storage spot for your magazine or toiletries and instead let the tub do all the talking for you. It’s easy and efficient as well as a great place to unwind and relax after a long week!

70. Blocks

Contemporary style bathroom. Large mirror, tiled walls, flooring and countertop navajo white color.

The single white bowl stands out with all the other block images in this design. The flooring, tile, cabinets, mirror, and more are rigid while the sink flows. Make one piece of the bathroom your focal point and design around it. In this case, the sink is the focal point and the rest just blends into the background, which makes the room appear quite open; even if it’s not.

71. More Mirrors

Mirror A Wall bathroom

Mirrors add space to any room so there is no reason you need to limit the mirrors to over the sink. Adding one to another area will give your guest a second chance to check themselves out. Plus, adding mirrors to adjacent walls and surfaces can help make the space appear larger than it actually is.


Whether you are looking for a classic mirror to replace an old one or to completely remodel your entire basement bathroom these 71 ideas were sure to spark some inspiration to take with you. 

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