37 Clever Over The Toilet Storage Ideas


Did you know that there are options to increase the amount of storage in your bathroom without having to install expensive or bulky shelving units? Instead, you can install over the toilet storage options that don’t take up valuable floor space. Not sure what these ideas are? Then keep reading as we break down 37 of them!

Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

1. Metal Shelving Unit With Wicker Basket Toilet Topper

Chrome Dash 24" W x 68" H Over the Toilet Storage

Dress up a plain metal shelving unit that fits snugly and securely over your toilet with wicker baskets in a variety of sizes for additional storage options.

2. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves Rustic Wood Wall Shelf USA Handmade | Set of 2 (Light Walnut, 24" x 5.5")

Floating shelves are not only modern and stylish, they offer you ample storage for smaller items including bathroom décor. A wooden toilet shelf instantly brightens up the room and ties together the theme.

3. Rustic Open Shelves

Rustic Open Shelves toilet
Image Source: instagram.com

Rustic open shelving placed over the back of your toilet brings a vintage theme together while providing storage for additional tissues and toilet paper.

4. Wire Shelving

Coastal Bathroom Design

Give a simplistic bathroom the same look when it comes to storage options by choosing a smaller wire shelving unit over the toilet.

5. DIY Over Toilet Storage

Leaning Bathroom Ladder
Image Source: ana-white.com

If you have that creative gene or even if you don’t, leaning over the toilet storage ladder is simple and easy to make with supplies that are generally found around the house!

6. Rope Hanging Shelf

ANTJUMPER Rope Hanging Shelves, Rustic Wood Floating Shelves for Wall, Bathroom Shelf, 3 Tier for Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Farmhouse Home Decor and Wall Storage (16"x13"x4", Brown)

Bring that rustic cabin look to your bathroom with a weathered shelving unit hung over your toilet with the use of a thicker, frayed (but not to the point of breaking) rope.

7. Compact Shelving Unit

Bustamante 34.5" W x 38.5" H x 7" D Over-the-Toilet Storage

Not into the reach-the-ceiling look when it comes to your storage units? Then what about a compact version that still provides storage for days?

8. Bamboo Space Saver

Haven™ No Tools Bamboo Over-the-Toilet Space Saver
Image Source: bedbathandbeyond.com

Live a more sustainable lifestyle by introducing natural materials such as bamboo to your bathroom. Naturally found and sourced in the great outdoors – it’s also quite stylish.

9. Unique Over The Toilet Storage

Unique Over The Toilet Storage
Image Source: thediyplan.com

How cool is this toilet tissue holder wooden shelving unit? It easily holds approximately eight rolls of toilet tissue and can easily be installed over your toilet.

10. DIY Basket Wall

DIY Basket Wall
Image Source: simplydiy2.blogspot.com

Do you prefer modern, funky, and artistic décor? Then combine that with storage by installing wicker or cloth baskets to a metal rod to store additional bathroom items.

11. DIY Storage Cabinet With Glass Doors

DIY Storage Cabinet with Glass Doors
Image Source: lizmarieblog.com

Do you have old glass panels lying around that you aren’t sure how to get rid of? How about making them into a storage cabinet for your toilet instead? Use weathered and rustic wood for the best results.

12. Over The Toilet Medicine Cabinet

Over the Toilet Medicine Cabinet

If you want to be able to close off your storage cabinet and maintain your privacy – then, you want to look into an over the toilet medicine cabinet that features hinged doors.

13. Tall And Narrow Shelving

Tall and Narrow Shelving toilet
Learn more at: instagram.com

When you are working with a smaller and narrower space, then you want to treat your shelving unit in the same manner – which is tall and narrow.

14. Towel Holder And Floating Shelves

Towel Holder and Floating Shelves toilet
Learn more at: feelitcool.com

Bring décor and storage together by installing a floating shelf over the toilet but high enough to also install a matching towel bar directly below it!

15. Double Cube Shelves

Double Cube Shelves toilet
Learn more at: seasthemomentblog.com

Keep the lines of your bathroom clean and sleek with double cube shelving units above your toilet. These boxy storage units can hold a lot of stuff when it’s placed properly.

16. Surrounding Storage

White Carruthers 27" W x 37" H x 9" D Over-The-Toilet Storage

For a sleek and non-fussy look – try a small and narrow sofa table that fits over the back of the toilet without taking up a lot of space. It’s the ideal place to store picture frames, oil diffusers, and decorative items without cluttering up the vanity.

17. Rustic Reclaimed Wood Towel Rack

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Towel Rack
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Combine bathroom décor with storage when you place a rustic and weathered wooden shelving unit over the toilet but make sure it includes a towel bar on the bottom.

18. Deep Wooden Shelf

Deep Wooden Shelf toilet
Learn more at: ideastand.com

If you want to store larger and bulkier items, such as towels, then you are going to want to look for a shelf that is deep in terms of the individual storage spaces. You want to be able to comfortably place a towel or linen without it falling back out.

19. Single Cabinet

Single Cabinet toilet

When dealing with a smaller space, if you clutter the walls too much; it can make the bathroom look even smaller. Think of a single cabinet in a complimentary color.

20. Sliding Storage Cabinet

Small Bathroom Easy Access Storage
Learn more at: instructables.com

Know someone that has major construction skills? Then why not ask them to make you a custom storage cabinet that looks tiny but has sliding shelves that come out from the interior!

21. DIY Pipe Shelving

DIY Pipe Shelving toilet
Find out more at: houseofhawthornes.com

Take some older pipes that are lying around or purchase some industrial pipes. Paint them a neutral color and then place stained wooden shelves on top of them once they are installed in the wall of your bathroom! Voila! Storage!

22. Wall-Length Vanity

Wall-Length Vanity toilet

This built-in sink extension is ideal for over the toilet to provide a storage area. Homeowners can even use acrylic storage on the extension for even more storage.

23. Narrow Floating Shelf

Toothbrushes and paste in cup

When you have your bathroom done in a colorful mosaic tile, you don’t want to take away from that look with bulky shelves. So that is why a narrow one is perfect as it doesn’t distract from the décor.

24. Rope Shelving

WAYBATH0204WHTWS Hand Wall Mounted Towel Rack

For the person who isn’t sure if they want classic or modern décor in their bathroom – a wooden shelf that hangs on the wall over the toilet by the use of ropes is always a sure bet.

25. Wine Rack As Towel Holder

SODUKU Towel Rack Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack Towel Shelf for Bathroom Black

Designed to resemble a wine rack, this towel holder only needs a couple of screws for installation and some nice, fuzzy towels rolled up to make it pop on the wall.

26. Industrial Baskets

Industrial Baskets toilet
Find out more at: instagram.com

A super cute way to install a back of the toilet organizer is to hang industrial wire baskets on the wall using anchor screws. These wire baskets can hold a lot of items and are easily cleaned.

27. Shelf With Saying

Farmhouse over the toilet shelf ladder

What better way to bring a touch of liveliness into your bathroom than to hang a wooden sign that features a snappy saying to suit the bathroom? Bonus points for the shelves that are above and below the saying.

28. Multi-Shelf Rack

Multi-Shelf Rack toilet
Find out more at: instagram.com

Modern, clean, and sleek – these multi-shelf racks are ideal for offering multiple options in terms of storage. Tall and narrow with a dark finish is the best way to bring the décor together.

29. Recessed Wall Shelving

modern style bathroom. 3d visualization

When you have the room, why not cut into your tile wall and create lighted recessed wall shelving? This is not only luxurious and fancy, it creates storage!

30. Dripping Cloud Toilet Paper Holder

Cloud S Toilet Paper Holder

Add a fun and funky twist to a wooden wall toilet paper holder when it’s designed as a cloud with little raindrops coming down the wall. It’s a great way to liven up your bathroom without going overboard on décor.

31. Floor To Ceiling Shelving

Floor to Ceiling Shelving toilet
Find out more at: younghouselove.com

When working with a small space; you want to maximize the space that you do have. For example, install a floor and over the toilet shelving unit in stark white that reaches from floor to ceiling with numerous shelves on the way.

32. Storage Cabinet With Shelves And Doors

Glitzhome 68.25 Inch Wooden Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet Multifunctional Cabinet with Glass Double Doors and Adjustable Shelf

You want to display your décor while still maintaining your privacy, right? That is when you need to look for a storage cabinet that has both open shelves and doors for those personal items.

33. Rope And Wood

Polka Dot Bathroom Reveal
Find out more at: insideways.com

Have options when it comes to displaying your décor without losing valuable storage space when you hang a wooden unit that has twine strung from one post to the other. Use the twine to showcase pictures and mementos.

34. Simplistic Over The Toilet Storage

White Hoschton 61.5" H Over-The-Toilet Storage

Keep those crisp and clean lines by using a storage unit that is extremely simplistic and minimalistic in appearance. Maintain those lines by using wicker or metal baskets in your theme colors to tie the look together.

35. Upcycled Wood Trail

Upcycled Wood Trail toilet
Image Source: hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com

Upcycled and recycled wood is a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint, exercise your creative skills, and create a unique wooden storage rack that stretches across the bathroom wall.

36. Space Saver

Bathroom Above Toilet Cabinet, Espresso MDF Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Storage Space Saver with Adjustable Shelf & Glass Door Cabinet, Over The Toilet Storage for Bathroom, K1045
Image Source: www.walmart.com

A true over the toilet space saver offers you multiple options from glass cabinet doors to varying sizes in the shelving and even an additional shelf at the top.

37. Free-Standing Over The Toilet Storage

White 26" W x 36" H x 12" D Free-Standing Over the Toilet Storage

A free-standing over the toilet storage rack is ideal for storing smaller items and toiletries. Look for one that has a magazine holder along with a toilet tissue holder.


Bathroom storage doesn’t have to be a major issue when you look at installing an over the toilet option instead of a large shelving unit that will take up valuable floor space. Get creative and use your new storage options for all your bathroom accessories. 

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