53 Popular Narrow Bathroom Vanities For Small Bathrooms


If you’re remodeling your bathroom and are looking to add more of that personal style of yours to the décor, a bathroom vanity is a nice way to showcase your good taste. The sink-holding cabinet that is the bathroom vanity can be both stylish and practical, holding everything from cleaning supplies to skincare products. If you feel like you need a new bathroom vanity but lack the inspiration to search for a suitable model, we’ve got 51 suggestions that are bound to at least get you started.

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1. Simple White Vanity & Sink Combo

eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo 16” for Small Space

There are plenty of reasons why people choose simple white bathroom vanities, be it for space-saving or aesthetic reasons. Shallow depth vanity models like these are perfect for small or guest bathrooms, as the thin and narrow width maximizes floor space and offers you a sink that you can use whenever you need to wash your hands on the go. They also won’t take up valuable floor space that is needed for other reasons such as storage cabinets or just to open up the room.

2. Simple Wooden Vanity Set

Whitten Rustic 20" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Those of you passionate about DIY projects: how about making your own wooden bathroom vanity? Bonus points for using recycled and repurposed materials, lessening your carbon footprint. Not sure if you have the carpentry abilities needed for this type of project? Then try a practice one for your garage or shed – just make it smaller scale or you can ask a wood-working inclined friend for a hand. Just make sure that you use new screws and/or nails for strength and stability.

3. DIY Wooden Bathroom Vanity

DIY Rustic Bathroom Vanities
Full tutorial at: instructables.com

Those of you passionate about DIY projects: how about making your own wooden bathroom vanity? Bonus points for using recycled and repurposed materials, lessening your carbon footprint. Not sure if you have the carpentry abilities needed for this type of project? Then try a practice one for your garage or shed – just make it smaller scale or you can ask a wood-working inclined friend for a hand. Just make sure that you use new screws and/or nails for strength and stability.

4. Glossy White Bathroom Vanity

TONA 30” Bathroom Vanity with Sink Combo Glossy White

Whether placed in an entirely-white bathroom or added in to tone down some other vivid colors you might have in there, a glossy white vanity will never go out of style. It’s the perfect piece to do one of two things: it can either tie the room together and fade in the background to allow other décor time to shine or it can be the focal point of the room and the neutral ground that brings everything together to a stunning conclusion.

5. Narrow Wooden Bathroom Vanity

Fraizer Teak 17" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Having to move around in a small bathroom can be a nuisance, but not when you know how to properly decorate. A bathroom vanity can also provide well-needed storage without having to have another piece of furniture in a smaller bathroom and it can bring the room together. Depending on the size of the sink, it can also give you surface room to work with in terms of storage or decorative space. For a small bathroom, you want to keep it simple and minimalistic.

6. Top-Mounted Sink & Vanity

Inspiration for a mediterranean blue tile, orange tile and white tile powder room remodel in London
Image Source: houzz.com

There’s something that feels very luxurious about having a bathroom sink mounted on top of the vanity instead of opting for a drop-in model. Not only does this type of model offer prime modern style, it also reduces the amount of floor space needed to install a bigger sanity to house the sink. Choose a neutral color that allows you to dress up and open up the space around it with color.

7. Distressed Wood Bathroom Vanity

Legion Furniture WLF7021-18 18" WEATHERED GRAY SINK VANITY

If you love how distressed wood looks in terms of home furniture, you are going to love this bathroom vanity. Distressed wood is natural-looking, like something that you hauled out of nature over the weekend and transformed into a vanity. It uses organic materials that can be recycled and repurposed once it has reached the end of its life cycle. Change up the look over time using stain, finishes, or wood paint to give it a little makeover.

8. Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Inspiration for a contemporary bathroom remodel in New York with an integrated sink
Image Source: houzz.com

With a sleek design and streamlined appearance, this is one vanity set that you’re going to love if you have a contemporary-style bathroom. This type of sleek design won’t compete with the amount of space you currently have in your bathroom but instead will complement the space available. You want a vanity that looks at home and natural in a narrow bathroom without using up a ton of valuable floor/wall space, not one that will overpower the space you do have.

9. Glossy Black Vanity

Details of a modern trendy contemporary designer bathroom in black and white

Remember the glossy white vanity we showed you earlier? You’re not limited to choosing only white, as there are black (and other color options) vanities out there as well. Tie together a color scheme or theme in your bathroom with a coordinating colored vanity. Keep it shiny and bright for a modern makeover or use a classic color to act as the background for your pops of color in the room. Use make sure whatever color you choose is glossy for maximum impact.

10. Narrow Blue Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom - small contemporary single-sink bathroom idea with an undermount sink and a freestanding vanity
Image Source: houzz.com

It’s time to take things up a notch and steer away from regular white and wooden vanities and show you something a little more stylish. Think slim, narrow, and a dark neutral color that pairs well with numerous other shades or something that is bright and eye-catching to brighten up a narrow, cramped space. Bright colors automatically draw the light of the room while dark colors as the perfect background for focal points throughout the room.

11. Glass & Wood Bathroom Vanity

QIERAO 24 inch White Bathroom Solid Wood Vanity

This crisp white vanity and squared vessel sink pairs perfectly with any small or narrow space that has a modern flare. 

12. Eclectic Bathroom Vanity

Inspiration for an eclectic bathroom remodel in Chicago
Image Source: houzz.com

If you’re ready for luxurious bathroom storage solutions, you have to take a look at this double-sink vanity combo. This double sink can be used as his and hers sinks in an otherwise narrow space to give the feeling of a luxurious hotel while the vanity provides ample storage for those little odds and ends that all bathrooms inevitably have. Tie in your décor with matching hand towels for each sink (install a towel bar on the wall) to keep clutter off the surface.

13. Vanity Set with Mirror

Glassman 18" Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Sometimes, it’s easier to look for sets that include everything from the vanity itself to the mirror you look into every morning. Using these all-for-one sets eliminates the need for additional furniture in your smaller space while still providing everything you could want (and you need) in your bathroom. An attached mirror prevents you from having to put holes or hooks in your walls so you are able to use the space around the mirror for decorative wall hangings and pictures. 

14. Pedestal-Like Bathroom Vanity

13 inch Modern Bathroom Vanity Units Cabinet

We address the frustration of small bathrooms yet again, this time with a pedestal-like bathroom vanity set that includes the cabinet, a top-mounted sink, as well as the faucet. Use the free space within the cabinet for storage and pick up the colors of the bathroom with matching accessories – that also provide practical use as well as decorative. Soap dishes/dispensers allow you to keep the bulk bottles in other areas of the home, roll up towels and facecloths into baskets, and make the most of your space.

15. Wall-Mounted Vanity

Blossom Paris 24" Inches, Single Bathroom Vanity
More photos at: houzz.com

When you’re looking to maximize floor space or want to avoid cabinets that go all the way down to the floor and are more exposed to wet floors and the risk of damage, wall-mounted vanities are clearly the way to go. You can even make use of the space underneath the cabinet by placing storage baskets (long and narrow) for odds and ends that accumulate in your bathroom. For example, use baskets to keep your bathroom reading materials. Metal storage baskets will last longer than wicker FYI.

16. Ornate Bathroom Vanity

Ambudkar 19" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

With beautiful wooden carvings and a design that’s perfect for people who love to decorate their homes in traditional style. Classic and traditional style never goes out of style for a reason and that is because regardless of the current trends – these classic pieces can be reinvented into modern-looking items or be the traditional piece that brings the room together. With the right accessories and colors in the small room, these traditional cabinets will outlast any “flash” trends by years.

17. Cube-Shaped Bathroom Vanity

Solidcubo 24 in. Wall Vanity Washbasin With Storage Solid Surface
Image Source: houzz.com

With a slim design and clean edges that fit minimalistic decors to perfection, wall-mounted cube-shaped vanities are a contemporary approach to what once was an obsolete piece of furniture. Modern, classic, and easily installed in a smaller bathroom; these vanities provide all the necessary amenities for your bathroom without using up valuable space and gives the owners a lot more room to maneuver within the room. Try a variety of colors for a funky, artistic look.

18. Soft-Closed Bathroom Vanity

Innis 24" Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Wall-mounted vanities will always be a viable solution for a small bathroom, but they’re also very practical when you consider the fact that they don’t touch the floor, so there’s less exposure to moisture because of that. This reason alone means that the vanities will last a long time as rot doesn’t have the opportunity to form within the wood as easily as those that are mounted to the floor (and are a lot harder to clean under properly). This method of vanity installation also protects the flooring in your bathroom.

19. French Cottage-Style Bathroom Vanity

Inspiration for a small contemporary single-sink bathroom remodel with an undermount sink
Image Source: houzz.com

If you’re a fan of white bathroom furniture, and particularly in love with cottage-style décor options, you are going to adore this narrow white wooden bathroom vanity. Like something you would find in a remote cottage on a summer vacation, bring that feeling of peace and relaxation into your life on a daily basis by installing a slim and narrow vanity that has rustic tones with modern plumbing. You definitely won’t regret it at all.

20. Drop-In Sink & Vanity

eclife 24" Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo

Drop-in sinks will always have a level of practicality due to the fact that they are integrated inside the vanity and easier to clean because of that. They allow the vanity to have more surface space for storage as well and are installed as one unit instead of in pieces; meaning you don’t need to hire an expensive contractor to install this one unless you are truly hopeless (doubtful) in all matters of carpentry and power tool usage.

21. Minimalist Bathroom Vanity

Taft Avenue 20" Single Bathroom Vanity

When you’re all about minimalist furniture, you want a bathroom vanity that matches your style. This particular example focuses on clean lines, exposed metallic hardware and slim legs in a chrome finish. This style of vanity combines traditional cuts (the clean lines and slim legs) with futuristic style (the exposed hardware) for a truly stunning look that is just at home in a large bathroom as it is in a smaller (and narrower) space. 

22. Elegant Space-Saving Vanity Combo

Mahayla 17 3/4" Small Cabinet Vanity Bathroom Sink Black With Faucet Drain Overflow

If you’re looking to purchase a complete vanity set with a single “add to cart” button, here is one option that will cater to your needs. It includes the vanity, the sink, the drain, the faucet, and all the hardware needed to install it. Instructions for installation are included as well so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake along the way. This one is easy and stress-free, allowing you to enjoy your bathroom a lot faster than the next person.

23. Compact Bathroom Vanity Solution

Belton 20" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

We can’t help but be amazed at how many good-looking solutions there are when you’re in need of a narrow bathroom vanity set to help maximize space to have enough room to move around the bathroom. Look for a single-piece set that won’t overpower or overwhelm the bathroom but instead, a piece that will enhance and make the most of the space you have while tying into the theme or look you are aiming for.

24. Faux-Drawer Bathroom Vanity

Joel 18" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Wooden bathroom vanities are an example of how traditional elements can be integrated into modern designs and somehow manage to look amazing in spite of the counterintuitive combination. By marrying both styles, you get an instantly timeless piece that will be the envy of your friends when they see how you manage to decorate and dress up your previously “tiny” bathroom. It’s the best of both worlds, to be honest, and styles such as these will never be out of touch.

25. Double-Storage Bathroom Vanity

LUCA Kitchen & Bath LC20GWP Sydney 20" Bathroom Vanity Set

Having a bathroom vanity with multiple storage options is really cool, especially when this space is part hidden and part exposed. You are able to keep your unmentionables or personal items in the private storage areas while you can use the exposed areas for both practical and decorative items – think rolled up towels in your color scheme displayed in wooden or wicker baskets to marry style and practicality with ease. It’s simple, it’s easy, and its interior design for small spaces at its finest.

26. Washed Oak Bathroom Vanity

Sandtoft 19" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

With a wood grain textured finish and the beautiful washed oak appearance, we fell in love with this bathroom vanity option. To make this one pop and also blend in with your décor; a gorgeous elongated oval mirror with a matching (or similar) wooden border around it is the best bet. You get a mirror in your bathroom plus you open up the space around you as the reflection of the room in the mirror makes it appear larger.

27. Multiple Storage Bathroom Vanity Set

Vanity Art 36 Inch Single Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity

Narrow vanities don’t always have to mean compromise in terms of storage space, which means that you can invest in products that include multiple cabinets and drawers for all your storage needs. To keep clutter to a minimum and to keep everything together in one spot; use storage drawers and baskets that are designed to fit in a variety of drawer sizes. Metal or wicker ones tend to last the longest while plastic is the easiest to clean.

28. Basic Bathroom Vanity

Hiroko 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Simple and cost-friendly solutions are sometimes the way to go, but basic doesn’t always mean bad, so don’t run away from products like these. When you are first starting out in your own home or apartment, you don’t want to blow through your budget on decorative items that will clutter up your smaller space – go basic and classic in terms of design and construction to make the most of what you have.

29. Bathroom Vanity with Marble Top

Vanity Art 30 Inches Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set

Marble elements inside the house will always have that luxurious appeal to them, and such is the case of this white bathroom vanity with a Carrara marble stone top. This type of countertop brings the style and the luxury into your smaller bathroom, allowing you to showcase your personal style without having to sacrifice valuable space. The marble is also quite easy to keep clean and shiny when you use the right products.

30. Spacious Narrow Vanity

Karson 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

As we mentioned above, narrow vanities can still offer plenty of storage space. The cabinet doors are equipped with glass for a more unique design approach. To dress up your cabinet and bring some fun into the bathroom, why not install a little strand of battery-operated LED lights inside the cabinet doors to omit a muted and soft glow. Perfect for when you are relaxing in a hot bath with a glass of wine and your favorite book.

31. Wall-Mounted Vanity with Side Cabinet

Blossom Paris 24" Inches, Single Bathroom Vanity

We just love the idea of having a side cabinet for a bathroom vanity because you can never have too much storage space when we’re talking about a bathroom. This side cabinet uses the vertical space in your bathroom as opposed to the horizontal space, allowing you to easily store all your bathroom products in one spot. Use dividers and storage baskets for ease as well as convenience when looking for something to avoid making a mess.

32. Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Harris 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Here is one more example of a white bathroom vanity set that comes with a marble-top sink to match the clean and sleek edges of the cabinet. Marble is classic and associated with good taste so showcase that when you use this type of countertop. Little pops of color in the form of your toothbrush holder, hand towels, and similar items offset the veins of the marble to perfection! Just because the space is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be dull as well.

33. Top-Mount Sink & Vanity Set

eclife 24” Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo Brown Cabinet Vanity

Here is yet another complete kit that offers the vanity cabinet, the ceramic sink, a mirror, the faucet, the drain, and all the required installation instructions and hardware needed to set everything in place. Simply grab some power tools, blast some upbeat music, read through your included instructions, and become the tool man (or woman or other) in your own apartment. Make the most of your small space with this type of all-included option. It’s easier on the wallet in some cases as well.

34. Elegant Bathroom Vanity Set

Sanjana 30" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

This particular bathroom vanity set is focused on delivering a more elegant piece of furniture, but one that’s easy to match with different room décor without having to struggle too much because of that. When you are struggling with wanting a luxurious and elegant bathroom but you don’t have the room to outfit it as you desire – then use the space you do have for a statement piece that also provides practical functionality.

35. Vanity Set with Glass Doors & Mirror

Vanity Art 30 Inch Single Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity

If you liked the white vanities with glass doors that we’ve shown you above but would love to get a set that includes a matching mirror, then you’re covered. You can even use the same idea of stringing little strands of lights inside to provide a spa-like environment. Another bonus of this idea? When you are looking for something inside the vanity – simply turn on the lights for easier access and illumination. Beats dragging everything out to find that one item that you only use on certain occasions.

36. Pull-Out Drawers Vanity Set

Cicely 35" Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Here is yet another example of a white vanity set that comes with a Carrara marble top to add that subtle touch of elegance to an otherwise basic piece of bathroom furniture. This one features pullout drawers that offer storage options within your elegance so you don’t have to worry about storage when you are trying to showcase or find your signature interior design elements. Use your narrow bathroom as practice for the future when you have more room to work with.

37. Vanity Set with Mirrored Panel Doors

Eleanor Bathroom Vanity, White, 24", Carrara Marble Top
Image Source: houzz.com

This marble-topped vanity is the perfect choice for small bathrooms that still need some storage as it has drawers! The mirrored panel doors are a throwback to other decades without the cheesy overkill and the drawers are great for storing all sorts of items. When stored properly – drawers can offer just as much room as shelving units. You can even install hanging shelves on the walls for additional space.

38. Elegant Black Bathroom Vanity

Katniss 24.38" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Black bathroom vanities will always be an elegant choice, regardless of the material used in the construction. In this case, we’re talking about a combination of solid and engineered wood. This design will never go out of style and instead, will always be a great and safe option as the neutral color pairs well with literally any other shade on the color wheel or found in the rainbow.

39. Modern Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Dorel Living Otum 30 Inch Sink, Black Wood Bathroom Vanity, 30"

When it comes to modern vanity sets, there are so many options to choose from, it’s overwhelming when you fall into that endless spiral of products that all seem so perfect. Combining in your mirror with your vanity ensures that both will match perfectly without losing style and they are typically cheaper than purchasing both pieces separately. Cheaper? Practical? Easily transitions from one type of décor to another? Umm, sign us up right away!

40. Ceramic Basin & Vanity Combo

Jadine 21'' Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

If you’re going for that sleek, clean, modern look but with a warm wood tone then this contemporary vanity is the pick for your small bathroom! With its narrow design to fit into any section of the bathroom, it won’t jut out into the open floor area to the point it seems to take up all the space and fill the bathroom. The ceramic basin also provides an easily cleaned sink within the vanity, so you don’t have to worry about finding one or the other to fit.

41. Coastal-Style Bathroom Vanity

BATHJOY 20 Inch Black Single Wood Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

This ultra modern and sleek black vanity would look amazing in any small bathroom, especially in a bachelor pad. It’s perfect for the bachelor who doesn’t know what type of style or design he wants, or the bachelor who wants a vanity that will not show debris easily while being easy to clean. This type of vanity offers functionality and practicality – something every bachelor is looking for when out on their own for the first (or 100th) time.

42. Wall-Mounted Glossy White Vanity

Ivy 36.2" Wall Glossy Bathroom Vanity, White
Image Source: houzz.com

With a beautiful white glossy surface and that smoothness that we all love to see in our bathroom furniture, this set incorporates a rectangular white sink and a vanity ensemble that equips two drawers with plenty of storage space for all your bathroom essentials. Use kitchen utensil organizers in the drawers to provide even more storage and keep all of your odds and ends together with ease. Drawer liners also keep things nice and neat when it comes time to clean them out.

43. Space-Saving Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity Set

Gros 17" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Another coastal-inspired solution for small bathrooms is this navy blue bathroom vanity. The wooden construction is matched by the mirror’s frame, creating a streamlined appearance where elements seem to fall into place. Accent this one with splashes of ocean blue, turquoise, and stark white to make the most impact with the décor. Clean lines and coordinating colors open the space up, making your bathroom seem larger than it actually is.

44. Mid-Century Vanity Set

Modway Render Mid-Century Bathroom Vanity With Sink in Walnut White

If your bathroom is focused on mid-century style furniture, then you will appreciate unique designs that know how to make a statement. Marry old and new with modern plumbing but antique-inspired furniture. This design style looks especially at home if you are living in an older place with some of the original architecture intact. People might even ask if that vanity was left there from previous years – up to you if you tell the truth or not!

45. Bathroom Vanity with Tall Legs

Deon 20" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

With an elevated cabinet that sits on top of four tall wooden legs, this is an example of how sleek-looking bathroom vanities can still be practical and elegant at the same time. This vanity takes advantage of the vertical height of the room rather than using more of the horizontal room (floor space) than you are willing to give for a vanity that houses your sink and is going to be used for storage.

46. Mixed-Storage Bathroom Vanity

Legion Furniture Colby Single-Sink Vanity, White-Gray, 24"
Image Source: houzz.com

Mixed storage vanities are the best because they allow you to conceal some stuff that you don’t want everyone who walks into the bathroom to see, but also provides you with storage space to leave some other stuff visible. Put your private and personal items in the enclosed sections of the vanity and use the exposed to show off your matching towels, decorative items such as houseplants and artwork, or you can use the exposed sections for storage as well (wicker baskets gives you privacy here).

47. Eco-Friendly Bathroom Vanity

eclife 24” Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo Wall Mounted Natural Cabinet Vanity Set

If you’re an eco-conscious type of shopper, you can always find eco-friendly bathroom vanities, such as this one. Using all-natural materials, this vanity is made to withstand the elements of the bathroom – think humidity, moisture, temperature changes, and more. It will stand up to anything you can throw at it (and in it) and you can even use this one in other areas of the home such as the laundry room.

48. Modern Narrow Vanity Set

Piccolo 18" Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Another space-saving solution is finding a vanity that can be mounted close to one of the bathroom corners, getting it out of the way. These corner vanities use space that is previously left open because you can’t think of anything that will fit there and they utilize the unique shape of the corners to their advantage, providing you with storage without needing a ton of space. You can even find these corner vanities in a variety of heights to provide even more storage if desired or needed.

49. Wide Bathroom Vanity

47.25" Single Bathroom Vanity

If you have an empty wall in your narrow bathroom and are looking for a suitable vanity to go along with the design, solutions such as this model right here are perfect for maximum storage space, yet minimal bathroom occupancy. Meant for smaller spaces, vanities such as these provide you with everything you need in your bathroom while leaving open other spaces for various items. Pair this one with a behind the toilet storage cabinet and voila! You are going to go with your smaller bathroom.

50. Vanity Set with Tempered Glass Basin

24 Inches Traditional Bathroom Vanity Set in Dark Coffee Finish, Single Bathroom Vanity

There is something about tempered glass in vanities that spark an interest in us, but there is something about this particular example that’s absolutely astonishing. While the design and construction is purely traditional – the overall look is not and that’s a great thing. Offering a different way of decorating a bathroom vanity, this one is not too big and not too small but instead, kind of perfect for your smaller space.

51. Satin Brass Hardware Bathroom Vanity

Taft Avenue 17" Single Bathroom Vanity

The devil is in the details, as we always like to say, and there’s something devilishly delicious about this bathroom vanity. The satin brass of this vanity is smooth, stylish, unique, and both modern and antique all at the same time. You can easily use this one as the focal piece of the bathroom or tie in the details with decorations that have the same finish. Just because the bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it has to be uninspired.

52. Navy Nuance 

Design Element Mason 24" Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

This navy colored vanity comes with clever storage but still keeps the unit small enough to fit in just about any space. The storage is hidden around the vanity, allowing you to keep all your bathroom items in the space where they belong – the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about finding a home for your towels and facecloths or even your toiletries. Just store them in your vanity with a refreshing deep navy (also quite neutral in its own way) value finish.

53. Simply White 

Hendrix 30" Single Bathroom Vanity Set

This small white vanity packs a big style punch, making it a great fit for any decor theme. White is the classic palette to use when playing with colors and white also has a way of brightening up any smaller space. Use this white vanity for pops of colors such as deep and rich red combined with sunflower yellow or keep a softer theme with baby blue and lilac purple. Either way, this white vanity will show it off to perfection.


If there is one thing that we took away from this journey of exploring our options in terms of narrow bathroom vanities is that there are so many good-looking options that don’t compromise storage space even if they do help save bathroom space. From matte distressed wooden finishes to elegant glossy solutions paired with marble tops, there is literally something in this niche for every homeowner looking to swipe their old bathroom look with a new one. You just need to have the patience to search for something that fully matches your taste.

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