39 Functional Ideas For Small And Narrow Bathrooms


There tends to be a very similar complaint amongst people when they are comparing their bathrooms – there is never enough storage space or floor space to suit their needs. Bathrooms tend to be one of the smaller rooms in a home which means it can be a struggle to find the right furniture that will amplify storage space without cluttering the room.

That is where these 39 functional ideas for small and narrow bathrooms come in handy as we are going to look at some products that can maximize your bathroom storage potential without compromising both floor space and the décor of your bathroom.

Small And Narrow Bathrooms

1. Zenna Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Zenna Home Over The Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver, Bathroom Storage with Glass Windows, White

Whether it’s a remodel of the master bath or a slight upgrade to a half bath, storage is a must. Tiny, skinny, and compact, this storage cabinet can fit a lot of products within its confines. With multiple shelves in various sizes, you won’t struggle anymore to store spare toiletry items or toilet tissue rolls. It even features a cutout slot that you can place tissues in for easy access and when it’s a crisp white color? You have no worries about it matching your current bathroom décor.

2. Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

Diane 24" W x 68.3" H x 7.5" D Free-Standing Over-The-Toilet Storage

One surefire way to maximize storage space without losing floor space in a small bathroom layout is to use an over-the-toilet storage cabinet. These are designed to fit behind your toilet and reach towards the ceiling. With ample storage that comes in the form of shelving, the glass doors add style and privacy all in one step.

3. Narrow Vanity

Narrow Vanity bathroom
Image Source: marshandclark.com

When you are working with a narrow space, you need to think narrow as well when it comes to the furniture. For example, this narrow bathroom uses a narrower wooden vanity for storage instead of a bulky item that would take up all the room. Using narrow cabinets, vanities, and décor can ensure you maximize your space without losing storage options.

4. Freestanding Tub And Sink

Freestanding Tub and Sink in the bathroom
Image Source: acsbathrooms.com.au

If you are working around a smaller space when it comes to your bathroom, think outside the box when it comes to the plumbing and appliances. Using a freestanding tub and sink removes clutter-causing furniture from the bathroom. A full shower enclosure is large and will require a large amount of space, so instead, focus on a single deep tub for those relaxing baths.

5. Natural Light

Natural Light bathroom
Image Source: instagram.com

Another way to use your narrow bathroom space is to decorate it with décor that opens the lines of the room and invites natural light. The use of freestanding plumbing in the form of the shower, sink, and single light fixtures will give the look of a large space when it isn’t one.

6. Bright Colors

The bathroom is on the small side but it is cute and girly
Image Source: flickr.com

If you are working with a small bathroom and you already have a shower enclosure, storage cabinet, and vanity; you will want to open the space of the room using bright colors with complementary décor. Think bright walls and a matching shower curtain in a swirl of colors that pop to the naked eye for a great visual effect.

7. Corner Sink And Mirror

Restroomw with toilet and sink - antique.

There is no written or unwritten rule that you must place your sink in the middle of the bathroom. Instead, look at placing a freestanding sink in the corner of the room. These sinks are designed to fit within the angles of the corner of the room without taking up valuable space. The mirror storage cabinet is designed in the exact same manner.

8. Hidden Shower

this is only half the bathroom..the ball and claw victorian tub is twice, and every inch of this place is decorated in high end victorian stuff. the back "wall" isnt a wall at all, but the entrance to a full stand up shower with marble seat and copper fixtures. It has one of those big rain showerheads.. It also has two chandeliers in just this bathroom. There are chandeliers all over the hosue. its amazingly beautiful
Image Source: flickr.com

One way to make a room look larger and not as cluttered in terms of appliances is to hide the shower enclosure in the corner of the room behind a set of mirrored doors. The mirrors reflect the room itself to open the space and a bulky shower enclosure is not visible which can add to the look of a cluttered room.

9. Half Walls

Toilet in Bathroom

Utilize the appearance of half walls in your bathroom by using it as natural boundaries. Behind the half wall, you can have your toilet and to the side, a storage area that is built onto the half wall. Then on the other side? Have your sink and vanity with overhead storage cabinets for the perfect look. Use natural materials such as pine for easy décor.

10. Storage Baskets

Storage Baskets-bathroom
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Combine both décor and storage by introducing storage baskets, containers, and whatnot to your bathroom. Wicker and fabric baskets are strong enough to hold a significant number of products, but they also can easily slide onto existing shelves for convenience. Silver-plated hooks on the back of the door eliminate the need for a towel bar.

11. Combination Toilet, Vanity, And Sink

grey bathroom ideas small bathroom
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When working with a smaller place, always think in terms of combination furniture. How can you do this in a bathroom? By purchasing a combination toilet, sink, and vanity. You get everything that your bathroom should have in one piece of furniture. These combination furniture pieces are modern and sleek as well for a great visual effect.

12. Built-in Toilet

Trendy bathroom photo in Other with a wall-mount toilet, black walls and an integrated sink
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To take advantage of the floor space in a smaller bathroom, you can install a toilet that extends out of the wall instead of one that is bolted to the floor. These toilets allow for a larger floor space which opens the room. You can even place storage baskets underneath the toilet that can hold additional toilet tissue.

13. Extended Counter

This banjo-style arrangement can be done with stone or a wood slab. The extended counter creates just enough space for a few needed items. Toilet placement is not affected, and the look is minimalist and clean.
Learn more at: forbes.com

Countertops in a bathroom can take up a significant amount of space but not if they are positioned correctly. This bathroom takes advantage of wall space and extends the countertop behind the toilet while running around the entire wall. The sink is also built-in for convenience while the countertop is the ideal height for storing items that are used daily.

14. Tiled Walls

The bathroom was also given a total revamp. They increased the ceiling height and added the window above the bath.
Learn more at: apartmenttherapy.com

Tiled walls in a neutral color can open a small space visually when used correctly. These white tiles offset the darker color on the walls of the bathroom to make it look larger than it is. The other genius thing to do is to look for furniture that isn’t enclosed in terms of vanity to show off the walls underneath and behind.

15. Antique Vanity

White and mocha bathroom interior with tile floor and antique vanity cabinet

An antique vanity or storage cabinet is always a safe bet when it comes to a smaller and narrow bathroom because houses of years gone by weren’t large enough by today’s standards. The bathrooms? Even smaller which is why an antique vanity not only provides you with ample storage, it will fit into your small space with ease and style.

16. Hinged Shower Doors

Inspiration for a contemporary blue tile and white tile blue floor bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City with white walls and a hinged shower door
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Instead of installing a large shower enclosure, you can easily install a tub with an overhead showerhead to make the most of a smaller space. Once this is installed, you can think of using clear hinged doors to showcase your shower but also open the room. To complete this look, use bright and complimentary colors on the wall and in terms of décor.

17. Streamlined

Small bathroom of hostel
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Streamline the inner décor of your bathroom by installing a single-paned mirror that doesn’t have a bulky border, a shower head that is installed in the wall of the tub, and wall shelving for storage. You don’t need to use heavy wooden pieces or heavy moldings which can clutter up a small space.

18. Linear Fashion

Old bathroom interior with tiled floor and walls

Designing your bathroom in a linear fashion can increase the visual space of a narrow bathroom. Have all your plumbing appliances installed in a direct line against one side of the wall and leave the opposite side of the wall completely bare as a pathway to each location within the bathroom.

19. Wire Sink Vanity

Wire Sink Vanity - bathroom
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Wire and metal components in terms of décor can bring a level of openness to a room, especially when combined with a funky pattern on the walls for a stunning visual effect. These types of sinks don’t have the same level of floor space for installation required, allowing for wooden or metal baskets to be displayed and placed underneath for storage.

20. Wooden Accents

Wooden Accents - bathroom
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Wooden accents, when done correctly, can open a small space instead of cluttering it up but the key to use it as an accent. You want to look at a smaller wooden vanity with the sink already installed that will have shelving in the bottom. A wooden mirror that opens to storage behind the glass will also increase storage options for more private items.

21. Sleek Tiles

Sleek Tiles - bathroom
Check out more ideas at: anatkoren.blogspot.com

The look of sleek and modern tiles on both the floor and within the shower of a bathroom instantly opens the space while making it look larger than it really is. This is because tiles are compact and clean without bulky lines to make the floor look smaller. A combination vanity and storage cabinet that is installed inches off the floor also opens the room.

22. Within Wall Storage

In the bathroom, white walls and ceilings make the brass accents and black cabinetry stand out. A skylight provides plenty of natural light to the space.
More awesome concept at: contemporist.com

An instant way to open a small bathroom without losing storage options is to cut into the wall and install storage cabinets along with a sleek countertop. Have this placed over the toilet for even more space-saving and use single wall scones as the light fixtures in strategic locations.

23. Full Length Storage Vanity

Full Length Storage Vanity - bathroom
More awesome concept at: househomemade.us

If you have a bathroom that is narrow but also long in terms of length, then install a vanity that has storage in the form of drawers and doors. The key is to install the vanity running around the length of the wall instead of against the wall. Cut into the wall of the bathroom if need be to move the vanity back and create soft lines that open the room.

24. Natural Light

Bright narrow bathroom with corner washbasin cabinet and mirror

Make the most out of natural light to illuminate and brighten up a small space by installing a skylight in the ceiling. Not only does this open the room, but it also prevents you from having to have bulky lights cluttering up the space of the bathroom. Using a corner vanity and storage cabinet also helps open the space while providing storage.

25. Accent Light

Accent Light - bathroom
More awesome concept at: acsbathrooms.com.au

Open the room by installing an accent light in the ceiling. Think of a dangling chandelier that has colors the same as or like your current color scheme. To further maximize the space in the room, install an in-the-wall sink and toilet. This will prevent having major plumbing taking up valuable floor space.

26. Corner Tub With Background Shelving

This was at the Villa Palmeira Petit Hotel or Villa Palmeira Guest House as it was at the time.
Source: flickr.com

If you are going to install your tub in the corner of your small bathroom, why not take it a step further and install shelving in the corner behind the tub? This can open more storage options without having to use a bulky vanity or storage cabinet. If you are going to install a deep tub, also install a method of getting into the tub – such as a step.

27. Hidden Treasures

the narrow bathroom
More awesome concept at: apartmenttherapy.com

Display hidden treasures throughout your smaller bathroom and use them as the main accent pieces in your décor. Showcase them on the back of the toilet (with handy wicker baskets for storage as bookends to keep them in the back), install a floating shelf overhead, and place a colorful rug on the floor to make the best of a small space.

28. Streamlined Pieces

Rainbow Planter in the bathroom
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When it comes to choosing pieces for a small and/or narrow bathroom, you want to think sleek and streamlined. For example, a free-hanging skink on the wall, a single towel bar, and floating shelves on the wall. Then decorate the bathroom in bright colors to draw in light and a potted plant with a decorative planter brings it all together.

29. Accent Wall

Accent Wall -bathroom
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One guaranteed way to increase the visual size of a small bathroom without having to knock down walls is to provide an accent wall instead. Generally, this accent wall will be at the back of the bathroom, drawing a person’s eye down the length of the room which makes it seem longer and bigger. Keep one wall completely free of adornments.

Narrow Walk-In Shower

30. Narrow Walk-In Shower

SHDR-3634720-01 Aqua Fold 33.5" W x 72" H Pivot Semi-Frameless Shower Door

One of the bulkiest items found within a bathroom is the shower enclosure. These can be quite large with heavy shower doors that extend out into already limited floor space. That is why a folding shower door that rotates in and out of the shower is the ideal type for a narrow bathroom. It’s open, it’s inviting, and it has all the functions of a full shower enclosure.

31. Circular Corner Shower

Small bathroom

Another option when it comes to narrow walk-in showers would have to be the corner shower. While we mentioned corner showers previously, these corner showers have a circular design to fit snugly into the corner of the room and leave more open space for other plumbing appliances, storage, and the like.

32. Long Walk-In Shower

Bathroom - small traditional 3/4 white tile and mosaic tile mosaic tile floor and white floor bathroom idea in Houston with a pedestal sink, marble countertops, a one-piece toilet, gray walls, glass-front cabinets and white cabinets
More photos at: houzz.com

If you are in the market for a larger shower but you don’t have the room to install it widthwise, then don’t be discouraged and instead look at a longer walk-in shower in terms of length. This type of shower is showcased in this example and it runs almost the full length of the wall, but it doesn’t extend out into the open floor space by a lot.

33. Step-Down Shower

Step-Down Shower - bathroom
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Who says that walk-in showers must be the same height as the walls in the bathroom? What if you could extend the size of your shower by installing it into the floor instead of on top of the floor? By installing your marble shower in this manner, you gain the option for more height. Why not cut into the wall as well to create a shower ledge for storing your toiletries?

34. Glass Enclosed Shower

Glass Enclosed Shower - bathroom
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Visually open a small room by installing a glass-enclosed shower, a freestanding vanity, and a toilet that comes out of the wall. Similarly, colored accents and dark wood add a tremendous visual appeal. Pot lights that are installed in the ceiling add to the open, airy feel of the bathroom, and minor decorative items bring the look together.

35. Luxury Bathroom

Interior of luxury bathroom with a shower

Make a small space look expensive with luxurious tiles on the wall behind the toilet. Once this part is done, make the space look even larger by placing a single-paned mirror (minus a clunky border) over the toilet, sleek and modern accessories, and a glass-enclosed shower with additional shelving inside.

36. Compact

Compact - bathroom
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Combine all the elements of a large bathroom into a smaller space by reducing the size of the internal contents of the room. For example, have the shower in the corner of the room with a hanging showerhead, the toilet next to the shower, a small vanity and sink combination, and then have tiles on the walls of the room to prevent mold.

37. Color Scheme

Color Scheme - bathroom
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Make a small and narrow room look bigger by decorating in the same color scheme for a modern, streamlined look. When you jumble random pieces of décor within the same room and they are all different colors, etc, etc. it can induce the look of clutter. So, when you choose accent pieces and décor within the same color scheme, voila, instant space.

38. Oval Doors

Small modern master bathroom in Sydney with flat-panel cabinets, grey cabinets, an alcove shower, gray tile, grey walls, concrete floors, concrete benchtops, grey floor, a hinged shower door and grey benchtops.
More photos at: houzz.com.au

Get a look that is not at all common and works perfectly in a small space by the addition of a half oval shower door. The key to fancy doors such as these in your shower is to install them so they swing into the shower itself and not out into the bathroom itself as this can cut off available space. Place a small table in the corner of your shower for storage and just make sure the paint is waterproof.

39. Wall Storage Cabinets

Wall Storage Cabinets - bathroom
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Make the most of a small space by installing a wall storage cabinet and a sink within the wall itself. This can open the rest of the room and leave more open spaces for a shower enclosure. Have the sink on top of the vanity so you have room to add more storage options in the form of drawers and shelving (that is covered with doors for privacy).


You don’t have to struggle with a small and narrow bathroom anymore if you don’t want to! You simply need to purchase or build the right products that will work for your current bathroom and its size. You want products and furniture that will allow you to store your personal belongings neatly without having to sacrifice your décor or color scheme.

Do you know someone who would benefit from the items mentioned today in this list? Then please feel free to share this article with them or if you have recently renovated your bathroom and made the most of your small and narrow space – we want to hear from you so please comment below.

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