31 Fun Mickey Mouse Bathroom Ideas


Mickey Mouse holds a special part in people’s heart, whether you are an adult or a child, but have you ever put thought into redecorating your bathroom to fit into the Mickey theme? If you are planning to decorate a bathroom specifically for your child (ren), then this could also be a great idea as it is easy to change the décor into something more adult as they get older.

Today we are going to take a look at a collection of 31 Mickey Mouse bathroom ideas that are guaranteed to make you relive your childhood and remember the magic that came with Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Ideas

1. Vinyl Decals

Disney Mickey & Minnie Bathroom Door Vinyl Decals

Why just stick to Mickey Mouse? Why not add his true love Minnie into the mix? Well, you can with these easy stick-on vinyl wall decals. Designed to show the silhouettes of both Mickey and Minnie Mouse; these decals will not damage your walls and this kit even includes a handy bathroom sign for the door. They will stick to both the doors and the walls of the bathroom.

2. Shower Curtain

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Remodel
Image Source: houzz.com

Looking for a way to incorporate Mickey Mouse into your bathroom décor without having to change up your entire bathroom? Then check out shower curtains! They are an easy and fast way to give a new look to your bathroom in seconds plus how sweet is this multicolored Mickey Mouse shower curtain?

3. Fabric Shower Curtain

Roll over image to zoom in All New Fabric Shower Curtain Set Disney with 12 Matching Hooks (Mickey)

Not a fan of the dark-colored Mickey Mouse shower curtain and you are in the market for something a little brighter? You also want a shower curtain that is fabric for easy laundering? Then look no further than this blue shower curtain that has your favorite guy showcasing his different signature poses.

4. Shelving And Décor

Red and black bathroom with bathtub and shower

If you don’t want to cover your bathroom in Mickey Mouse details but you still want to bring something of him into the room; then look into décor and shelving units that are in his signature colors of red, black, and white. Floating shelves give extra storage options and help alleviate numerous things cluttering up your vanity.

5. Retro Bathroom

Beach style kids' gray tile and ceramic tile ceramic tile tub/shower combo photo in New York with an undermount sink, shaker cabinets, red cabinets, quartz countertops, a one-piece toilet and white walls
Image Source: houzz.com

Check out this retro but yet modern bathroom renovation that uses vintage mirrors with a Disney vibe as the focal point. Red cabinets combined with a white sink and black hanging lights definitely brings the magic to this bathroom. It’s modern in terms of the lighting and storage but the vintage feel brings joy to your old soul.

6. Mickey Mouse Mirrors

Self-Portrait In The Mickey Mouse Mirrors
Image Source: flickr.com

This one is more subtle until you take a second look and then you notice the genius of creating Mickey Mouse’s silhouette out of circular mirrors. The wood trim of these mirrors allows it to match into any décor and it gives you more angles to see while checking out an outfit or indulging in some self-care.

7. Disney Tiles

Children's Bathroom with Disney Tiles
Image Source: houzz.com

Planning a complete overhaul of your child’s bathroom? Then get some inspiration from this amazing renovation. Not only is Mickey and his main gal, Minnie, featured with the help of wall decals; the tiles are also the exact shades that Disney uses. The matching furniture really brings this look together and it also brings out the inner Disney child in you.

8. Bathroom Set

Mickey Summer theme bathroom
Image Source: instagram.com

Bathmat? Check. Garbage Can? Check. Towels that include a hand towel? Check. Shower curtain? Check. The magic of Disney in one room? That’s a definite check when this bathroom set is used as decorating inspiration in your bathroom. Featuring all you need for a Mickey Mouse bathroom, it’s fresh and modern with crisp colors.

9. Mirrors And Faucets

Mirrors and Faucets
More images at: houzz.com

Every sink needs a set of faucets for turning the water on and off which is why every Mickey Mouse bathroom needs a set of Mickey Mouse faucets. Hot and cold are still clearly marked with color-coordinated dots and throwing in a Mickey mirror? The icing on the cake for a bathroom renovation.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories

10. Child’s Reminder Decals

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Wall Art Prints Set - Home Decor For Kids, Childs, Childrens, Baby or Toddlers Bath - Gift for Disney World and Disneyland Fans - Set of Four - Unframed- 8x10 Photos

This set of wall decals are made from vinyl and stick to your wall without damaging the paint underneath. They are ideal for a child’s bathroom because not only are they fun colors and designs with Mickey Mouse; they also have reminders of the steps to take when visiting the bathroom. Wash behind those ears and floss those pearly whites because Mickey Mouse told you so.

11. Mickey Mouse Face Decal

RUSSIA, ST.PETERSBURG - NOVEMBER 19, 2018: Black and white face of Mickey Mouse out of paper on a yellow background.

A classic Mickey look with stark black and white will be right at home regardless of the current color scheme in your bathroom. You can even use this face decal as a stencil if you desire and you are the creative type. If you choose to use it as a stencil, you can choose what colors you paint the face or allow your child to paint it once it’s transferred to the bathroom wall!

12. Mickey Mouse Foaming Soap Dispenser

Mickey Foaming Soap Dispenser Attachment

How cool is it that you can purchase an attachment for your hand soap bottle that will dispense the soap in the shape of Mickey Mouse? This is the perfect way to get your children in the habit of washing their hands (even more important in today’s global pandemic) because they will love it when Mickey helps them with the task.

13. Mickey Mouse Action Figure

Bangkok,Thailand - January 5, 2015: Mickey mouse action figure from Disney character. This character from Mickey mouse and friend animation series.

Who doesn’t love a little figurine as decoration and as a pop of color in a room? The bathroom is no different and that is why this Mickey Mouse action figure in his signature colors is a wonderful addition. You can display this one on the vanity, on the shelves, or even on the windowsill as a finishing touch.

14. Bathroom Rug

J.Ehonace Mickey Mouse Rugs - Bathroom Rug, Indoor Outdoor Entrance Rug, Kitchen Rug, 17" x 30" (Red)

Keep those little toes warm or cold winter mornings with this cushiony Mickey Mouse bathroom rug. It is designed to fit underneath the door so you don’t have to worry about anything blocking the entrance or getting stuck. Easy to clean, easy to use, and super easy to bring a touch of Mickey into your bathroom. It’s versatile enough as well to be used as a rug in a bedroom or entranceway.

15. Shower Curtain

Mickey Mouse Road Race Shower Curtain

Race Mickey Mouse to the shower with these fun printed shower curtains. The 12 hooks needed to display this item are included with the purchase and it is constructed to fit any standard shower rod. With installation a breeze and laundering even easier, this shower curtain is guaranteed to brighten up any bathroom and stay fresh.

16. Mickey And Minnie Mouse Toilet Set

Bathroom Rug Set 3 Piece, Stylish Love Minnie & Mickey Print, Non Slip Bath Mat + U-Shaped Contour Rug + Toilet Lid Cover

Keep the party going in the bathroom with these toilet accessory kits featuring both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Included in this one are a toilet lid cover, toilet mat, and a bath mat that will be ideal for drying your feet as you get out of the shower. It’s an easy and subtle way to incorporate your love of Disney in the room.

17. Mickey Mouse Hanger

Mickey Mouse Holder, Hook, Hanger

The perfect way to hang up a housecoat or a towel, this Mickey Mouse wall hanger has a hook that can handle the weight. This hook is fun, it’s easy to install, and it’s also available in a range of colors to suit your bathroom décor. It’s designed to be on the smaller size so you are able to order more than one to create more storage options on your bathroom walls.

18. Wall Decal

Friends Mickey Mouse Club Cartoon Customized Wall Decal

Truly bring the magic of Disney into your bathroom with this Mickey Mouse and Friends wall decal. Self-adhering, you won’t have to worry about messy glue staining or ruining your bathroom walls. Made from high-quality vinyl, this wall decal can also be used in a bedroom or playroom. Available in different sizes.

19. Light Switch Decal

Mouse Peering Inspired Novelty Car Stickers/Light Switch Stickers Wall Decal (8cm x 6cm, Black)

Let Mickey remind you to save energy and turn off the bathroom lights after you are done in the room. This wall decal has cutouts for your light switch so it fits directly over the switch without needing to measure or cut yourself. Vinyl and adhesive sticks this one to your wall without having to worry about messy installation.

20. Wallpaper

Disney Mickey Mouse 33' L x 20.5" W Wallpaper Roll

Wallpaper is versatile in the sense that it can be used to cover an entire wall, a section of wall, a cabinet, or it can be used as a border to separate two different paint colors. This wallpaper? Is no different but it does have a printed Mickey Mouse design. With bright colors and Mickey contrasted in stark black – this one is a good choice when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

21. Wall Hanger

Mickey Mouse Wall Hanger

High-quality construction and design makes this wall hanger a top-seller. The outline of Mickey’s unique and recognizable face is the main focus but the attached hanger gives more storage options. Available in multiple colors, this wall hanger is designed to be used with double-sided tape instead of nails and screws that can damage the drywall of your bathroom.

22. Mouse Foam Soap

Mouse Shaped Soap Dispenser Attachment for Bath and Body Works Foam Soap Bottles

What’s more fun than a handful of foam? When that foam is in the sampe of your favorite Disney character, Mickey! This dispenser can be altered to match your decor or create a Minnie Mouse vibe, which is arguably the favored mouse of the two. It fits standard Bath & Body Works foam soap bottles. 

23. Down & Dirty Mickey

Disney Mickey Mouse Round Pop-Up Hamper

This hamper adds fun to any room not just for kids. The use of only grey and black makes it versaite for any color scheme Disney room. We love the many faces of Mickey and how he smiles as you fill him up with your dirty clothes. Laundry will be all the more fun with a hamper like this. 

24. Mickey on the Wall

Mickey Mouse Walt Unique Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a fun way to decorate a room with something useful but creative. There are so many styles but this unique clock that highlights the Magic Kingdom and Mickey can be used anywhere in the house. For a bedroom, bathroom, playroom, or kitchen. Mickey’s magic is welcome anywhere in the house. 

25. Hooded Bath Towel

Mickey Mouse & Friends Hooded Bath Towel

This accessory is for a baby but how cute your infant will look with those little MIckey ears and the tiny tail from behind. Made from 100% cotton this wrap around towel comes in teh signature Mickey red and offers a bit of fun for bath time. It comes in one size 23 x 51 inches. 

26. Do It With Decals

Mickey Mouse and Friends Text Cartoon Customized Wall Decal

Decals are a fun way to add art to your wall easily and, when it comes to kids rooms, it seems cool to have something you love painted right on the wall. Decals are much different htan murals but they have the same results and this one is special because you can add a name for customization. 

27. Bathroom Rugs Of Fun

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Rug Set 3 Piece, Non Slip Bath Mat + U-Shaped Contour Rug + Toilet Lid Cover

There’s no law that says a bathroom rug has to be boring. If your kids are going to share a bathroom or you are just an absolute Mickey fan this bathroom rug set with toilet seat cover brings the fun of Disney to the water room of your home. It would go great with the next item on our list. 

28. Special Sink

Mickey Mouse inspired Sink
Image Source: www.houzz.com

This family decided to create a unique washing experience for the family by designing a sink and vanity that looks like everyone’s favoirte cartoon moure. The handles resemble his buttons and the ears are a nice sight to see in the morning. People who use this likely have a smile on their face every day. 

29. Get It All

Mickey Mouse Bathroom
Image Source: www.instagram.com

As you can see in this image, there is no limit to the Disney related things you can get for the bathroom. Toys, wall decals, shower curtains, soap dispensers, and everything else the designers at Disney could possibly think of. The funny thing is, when it comes to Mickey and the accessories you can find for the bathroom, you can never have too much. 

30. Murals

classic bathroom mickey mouse design
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Finding an artist that can duplicate this scene or create one depicting your favorite cartoon mouse shouldn’t be difficult. This artist created a tranquil scene of two of our favorite characters sharing a swing while holding hands. The tree is simple and the leaves are light and dainty, which adds a nice serene feeling in this room with some fun picture frames. 

31. Don’t Hold Back

Full stack mickey mouse inspired bathroom
Image Source: www.instagram.com

As we’ve said, when it comes to Mickey Mouse, us fans can never have too much paraphernalia to appease our Mickey addiction. It’s especially fun when you have kids. This designer pulled the major colors of black, white, and red and pulled together a cute Mickey bathroom that would make the mouse man blush.


Decorating your bathroom or your child’s bathroom doesn’t have to mean you stick to neutral colors and décor but it instead means you can transform a room of your home into a happy memory.

Do you have a room decorated using a theme such as Mickey Mouse? Have you recently created a Mickey Mouse masterpiece? Then we want to know! Show us pictures in the comments or tell us what you chose to go into your bathroom. Have a friend or family member that is currently searching for inspiration for a non-traditional decorating scheme? Then send them these 31 Mickey Mouse bathroom ideas. 

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