55 Massage Room Ideas Your Clients Will Love


Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing experiences a person could have. Whether you are starting a new business as a masseuse and setting up your space or feel that the time has come to put a massage room in your home, this list of 55 massage room ideas is sure to inspire you. 

Interior Design Considerations

When it comes to setting up any room in your home, you can use certain styles, themes, and tricks to make small rooms look larger, give spaces with low natural light a brighter look, and more. In this article, we will focus on massage therapy rooms and how to do those work. 

The Walls and The Entrance

Walking into a massage room should feel unobstructed because you want the person who will lay on the table to feel relaxed. It’s hard to unwind when you come into a crowded space the moment you enter. 

The walls should be a nice calm color like blue or a light beige. Dark colors are another great option if you plan on creating a dark, sleep-like space for you and your clients. Artwork should focus on serene images like a quiet beach or a beautiful forest.  

Abstract art is also lovely. You could add anything you want but keep it simple and soft.

Furniture, Equipment, and Storage

There should be minimal furniture in your massage room. You want a peaceful space, which is difficult to achieve when a room is crowded with little chairs and tables. As far as furniture is concerned, all you need is your massage table, a cheap massage chair (if your client prefers to sit down), a rolling chair for when you need to sit and work, and a storage unit like a cabinet or shelving unit. 

A small table in the corner with an essential oil diffuser and a white sound machine would be all the extras you need. You can use shelving units or cabinets for storage or equipment like stones, oils, and towels. 

Floor Décor

Adding a bit of floor décor to your massage room will make it seem inviting and can enhance that sense of serenity that you are seeking. When reviewing the 55 ideas we’ve put on this list you’ll see that the floor décor can be understated or the room’s centerpiece. This is a personal preference but be sure to stick with calming and avoid busy additions.

Lighting and Ceiling

Soft lighting is essential, and if the room already comes with a dimmer, great. If not, consider getting one installed. There is also the option of adding machines that project stars on the ceiling. In the designs below, you’ll be inspired and decorating in no time. 


It’s unlikely another person will be seated in the same room while you are massaging another person. Sure, it’s done, but most people getting a massage either do it alone or when another person is also being rubbed down. 

If you plan on offering a couple’s massage as an option, the most you need are two tables, two chairs for the masseuse, and a storage unit of sorts for supplies. 

Tips For Interior Design

Tranquility is the reasonable goal for your design scheme because you want the person getting the massage to let themselves go and loosen up. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this objective. 

  • Get rid of the clutter. Messy rooms clutter minds, so find a container and put it away. 
  • Organize your supplies. Be sure to set up the room in a way where you can reach for anything you need at the moment. 
  • Most importantly, you want the room to be comfortable. You can achieve luxury with colors, scents, and temperature as much as it can with furniture. 

Amazing Massage Room Ideas For Your Clients

1. Modern Japanese

3d illustration of nice massage room in spa salon

The table in this example reminds me of a Japanese building with a sturdy top and thick dual legs. The light walls and relaxed green drapes offset the dark wood. A little bit of the outdoors is brought in with a big window. 

2. White and Bright

Massage Table in a Room

A splash of color is added to the cabinet in this example and a light pink rug ties in the color scheme. Otherwise, everything is white and bright. The wood doormat adds a rustic splash. 

3. White and Not So Bright

White and Not So Bright massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

White is fantastic because it’s so versatile. The walls in this example are white, and so are the linens. Add a few floor candles, eliminate outside lighting, and have a quiet room. 

4. Let It Shine

decoration of modern massage room

Here we have a larger room to accompany couples. The large windows bring the sun in, which is relaxing for some people. The dark table bases and lamps swim in a sea of bright creams and whites. 

5. Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

Light colors and white are calming but so are dark colors, as you can see in this design. The creator plays off shades of calming grays in this room. 

6. A Splash of Color

Spa beds, massage room, beauty ladies weekend.

This designer also used a light shade for most of the décor but threw in an image of red trees. This one focal point of color focuses on nature and serenity. 

7. Dim and Hush

massage room in a SPA center

Dark floors and bed paired with a deeper beige wall and dim lights give this space a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. The addition of the floor vase, flowers, and candles enhances the mood. 

8. Jungle Room

Maruba massage room
Image Source: flickr.com

This theme gives you the feel of getting a massage in the brushes of Africa with the thatch walls and color scheme. The red is placed strategically for warmth.  

9. Shades of Red

interior of a room for oriental massage

While red is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of serene or calm spaces, the red hue in the spread and wood does the job well. 

10. Petals

Petals massage room

Sprinkling flower petals for potpourri will add a nice touch to any design and a lovely aroma to set the scene. A light touch works best with this technique. 

11. Go Green

Go Green massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

Green is a color that instantly cools a person down. No matter the shade, green is the color of nature and one of the calmest there is. Playing different shades off each other is a great design device. 

12. Wonderful Windows

Wonderful Windows massage room

If you are fortunate to have large windows in the room you are using, notice how this designer paid special attention to what was outside the window and what was inside the room. Natural views tend to be relaxing and inviting. 

13. Polka Dotted Neutrals

Polka Dotted Neutrals massage room
Image Source: flickr.com

The use of neutral colors in this room makes the polka dots a calm pattern to view. Notice the dark curtain on the window, which is the best way to dim a room. 

14. Wallpaper Works

Modern beautiful massage room at beauty saloon

Wallpaper is an excellent way to add delicate patterns to the walls. This smaller room makes the wallpaper the focus, to draw away from the tight space. 

15. Fun Flooring

Fun Flooring massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

The tile in this room adds a bit of style to an otherwise white space. The dark table and thick red curtain tie it all together—another example of how a splash of color adds dimension to neutral shaded rooms. 

16. Buddhist Themes

Buddhist Themes massage room

This room has a lot of patterns that work well together. Adding the dual Buddhas on the wall creates the soothing feel of a temple in this design.

17. More Fun With Windows

3d illustration of nice massage room in spa saloon

The contrast of dark and light neutrals in this room is relaxing, but the addition of the large window with a natural scene gives the feeling that you are outside while being massaged. Don’t miss that splash of color on the right. 

18. Plush Teal

Plush Teal massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

Teal is the focus in this design and not overwhelming in this room. The addition of cushioned seating (or sofas) and large flowers in the same teal all on top of a white canvas gives this space appeal whether the lighting is bright or dark.

19. We Love Windows

We Love Windows massage room

Some spaces have appeal without design, and a window like this is an example of that. Notice the large green drapes to drown out the light and sound from the street below. 

20. Thick Lines and Stripes

Thick Lines and Stripes massage room
Image Source: flickr.com

This room is white, but the thick-lined levitating frames pair well with the stripes and the mirror. Projecting light that comes from above leaves a nice dim room for a massage. 

21. Cool Curtains

luxury and very clean massage room in european style

White rooms are serene, but sunlight can be intrusive at times. Adding white curtains with light, cool color design, 

22. Virtual Scenery

Virtual Scenery massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

Here we have a television mounted to the wall that has a beautiful scene. You could keep it in one image or have a rotation of relaxing pictures. 

23. Back to Green

Back to Green massage room

While green doesn’t dominate as far as space, adding a bit of it here and there can take a white room to a whole new level. Simple furniture gives this room a minimalist look. 

24. Fun Flooring and Dark Walls

Fun Flooring and Dark Walls massage room
Image Source: flickr.com

Deep brown walls with fun swirls give this room a whimsical particularity. It’s also serious and dark but light at the same time, creating a warm and inviting space. 

25. Warm Flowers and Drapes

Warm Flowers and Drapes massage room

Here we have an example of how any color could be used and still be relaxing. Red is the color of fire, energy, but also the color of our root chakra, the one that grounds us. This designer takes these concepts and works them well in this room. 

26. Blinds

Blinds massage room

Window treatments are an essential aspect. This room utilizes bamboo-colored blinds to dim the lighting in an otherwise neutral space. Notice the teal towel for that splash of color we can’t seem not to see. 

27. More Green

Massage room interior

Green is the color of your heart chakra, which applies to our openness for giving and receiving love. It’s no surprise designers choose it for tranquil rooms. 

28. Blissful Blue

Blissful Blue massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

No matter the shade, blue is relaxing. Dark blues remind us of the night and start, while light blues can ignite images of the ocean or the morning sky. The use of both in this room works well. 

29. Brown is Best

Interior of massage room in a spa salon,Thailand

Colors like browns and beige are called “neutrals” for a reason. They work well in massage rooms because you want to be calm, which is easy to achieve with neutral hues. 

30. Highlight Unique Spaces

Highlight Unique Spaces massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

This room has a window along the top of the wall, so the designer chose to place plants there, making this room look light, airy, fabulous. 

31. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink massage room

As you can see here, our obsession with a “splash of color” is for a good reason. This person took pink, a rare hue for massage rooms, and focused on three areas leaving the rest white, which creates a lovely space. 

32. Bubbly Butterfly

Bubbly Butterfly massage room
Image Source: flickr.com

Nature scenes don’t only have to be leaves and flowers. Butterflies are peaceful creatures, and this room has one that peaks into a warm space of oranges, pinks, blues, and greens. 

33. Red Lighting

Red Lighting massage room

Instead of throwing around colorful vases or petals, this designer used lighting to create a red room that overwhelms you with pure relaxation. Notice the calm Buddha, a constant theme when it comes to serenity. 

34. Back to Blue

Back to Blue massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

Dark hues are easy to fall into when you need to sleep, and this room uses that to its advantage. The ceilings, cabinets, drapes, and bedding all give the user the feel of floating in the night sky. 

35. Orange and Green

Nice massage room in spa saloon decorated with candles.

The large windows that lead into nature paired with the orange wood and green drapery give this room the feeling that you are getting a massage outside. The window treatments provide the option of light and airy or deep and dark. 

36. Let’s Talk About Wood

Let’s Talk About Wood massage room

One theme we haven’t touched on that’s not only natural but has appeared in nearly every single room on this list, and that’s wood. The floors and walls of this space use it to offset the cloudish white. Notice the stunning view out of the arched window. 

37. Dark vs. Light

Dark vs. Light massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

This room uses dark brown bedding, window treatments, and furniture alongside wood that is medium in tone but glossy. The green leaves give it that little something extra. 

38. Wood Walls

Modern beautiful massage room at beauty saloon

In this room, the wood is on the wall, placed so one would see on a floor. The inlet shelving adds dimension to this small space, and the wallpaper adds a touch of softness. 

39. Don’t Forget the Mirrors 

Don’t Forget the Mirrors massage room

Mirrors give rooms the feel of being more significant than they are, which is a great device to use with small spaces. This designer made the mirrors the focal point of the room. 

40. Glass Dividers

3d render of massage room

This space is more significant, so the designer chose to separate it so that it doesn’t take away from the room’s openness by using a room divider made of glass. 

41. Rest in Red

Rest in Red massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

While red seems like a color that wouldn’t be relaxing, here is another example to prove that thought wrong, the red tint in the wood armoire ties it all together, and the autumn image on the wall is a nice touch. 

42. Take It Outside

Massage table with towel at the place to relax in modern wellness centre.

While some spaces use large windows to give the illusion of being outside, this one actually takes it outdoors. A platform with a cover and some mosquito netting will make for an experience that gets back to nature. 

43. Purple Is Divine

Massage table and equipment in modern beauty salon.

This room takes white, gray, and black to create a space that is clean and minimalistic in style. The touch of purple makes it all pop and carries the theme up a few notches.

44. Bring It Down

View of the nice massage room in spa saloon

This room uses a low mattress on a bit of floor incline to create an inviting and calm space. The light wood with the white linens creates a neutral area for all to enjoy. 

If you don’t want to use a mattress and want to be more creative, here’s our list of 17 Great couch alternatives.

45. Beach Side Hut

Beach Side Hut massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

As any designer or real estate expert will tell you, location is critical, and a room like this is every masseuse’s dream. Open doors are easy to utilize when you’re looking at a serene beach. The fan and high rafters make this place a divine setting. 

46. Add A Tub

decoration of modern massage room

Thus far, this is the first that uses a tub in its design scheme of all the examples. This is a lovely home addition or could be a part of a luxury spa. 

47. Lighting It Up

Lighting It Up massage room

Here we have another excellent example of how lighting can take a room to another level if color is used. This designer went green, which we all know is a favorite for massage. 

48. Wall Accents and Murals

Wall Accents and Murals massage room
Image Source: vivadecora.com.br

This designer had a Zen rock formation painted on the wall and then affixed a fantastic wood cut out with strategically placed light behind it. The result is the perfect room for relaxing. 

49. Starry Night

Glow in The Dark Stars Wall Stickers

While this design doesn’t resemble the famous VanGogh painting, the title is apropos all the same. Deep browns dominate to let the stars twinkle around the inhabitants. 

50. Back To White

Back To White massage room
Image Source: instagram.com

To show how dramatic the difference can be in massage rooms, we have one that is glowing in white, but it is still relaxing and can likely be dimmed to a comfortable setting for those who prefer a darker ambiance. 

51. Medieval Massage

Medieval Massage room

Candles are a nice touch in the wall shelving that comes in this room. The arches give a feeling of being in a castle so the message recipient can feel like royalty.  

52. Elegance

Elegance massage room
Image Source: cal-a-vie.com

Getting a massage is a luxury, so surrounding your clients or yourself in splendor will only enhance the experience. Plants are a lovely addition as well as the chandelier. 

53. Crisp and Clean

Sentiment 73 Inches Long 28 Inches Wide Folding Portable Massage Table

The dark rigid table is the center point of a room that uses blue walls and abstract art to lighten it all up. The white curtains are airy, and the lamp ties it all together. Notice the plan in the corner. 

54. Floor Space

Massage room interior

This room has two massage tables and a few pillows in the corner that look like they might be for people to rest after a session. There is also a hot tub, which makes this a spa room everyone would love to have. 

55. Bamboo Rock Art

Bamboo Rock Art massage room
Image Source: houzz.com

While there is so much to love in this room, from the wood rail room division to the wall shelving and candles, the unique addition is the bamboo along the wall, seemingly growing from rocks and candles. 


This list offers something for everyone, and we hope you enjoyed going over the many ways a massage room can be decorated. Some of the devices we mentioned, like mirrors, shelving, and windows, can be used in any space. Please leave us a comment in the section provided below. We would love to hear from you!

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