21 Clever Tips On How To Organize Bathroom Drawers


Do you find that your bathroom drawers are taking on the appearance of a junk drawer? Are you struggling to open and close your bathroom drawers because of all the items that are taking up space? Then you definitely need to look into tips and ways to organize your bathroom drawers. With a little bit of help from useful products, you can have organized bathroom drawers with ease!

It is important to maintain the clutter in the bathroom because it is one of the only rooms in a home that has a large amount of moisture which can cause wooden drawers to warp even further so when they are organized with items tucked away? You avoid having to replace expensive items.

Bathroom Drawer Organizers

1. Metal Buckets

Evergreen Garden Urban Garden Galvanized Metal Containers, Set of 2

These metal buckets bring the rustic and vintage style while being ideal for storing bigger items that can fill up your bathroom drawers quickly. The metal bucket can be a storage for blower and hair straighteners, curling irons, and the like. With a natural steel color, they will also match your current décor with ease. The metal prevents rust from the humid conditions from forming so you won’t have to rush out and replace these in no time.

2. Utensil Storage

a silverware organizer as a family toothbrush holder
Image Source: littlepenelopelane.blogspot.com

These might be typically used for organizing kitchen utensils in their drawers, but they are also ideal for bathroom drawer organization. You are able to store smaller items that generally move all over your drawer and keep them together. Use these for items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair pins, and more. To clean them, remove them from the drawer and wash them with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry and replace in the drawers. You can also cut liners to fit the slots.

3. Wooden Box Storage Organizers

Kelston Mills 3.9" H x 16.6" W x 9.9" D Adjustable Bathroom Drawer Organizer

These wooden box drawer organizers are the best ideas ever when it comes to bathroom drawers. With deep slots for all types of items, they are also adjustable to fit in any size cabinet or vanity, even ones with deep drawers. They are even stylish enough to be used outside of the bathroom drawer if you desire. If using them outside the drawer, stack them to create a decorative but practical tower of storage goodness.

4. Drawer With Built-In Divider

Open cosmetic and make up drawer organizer top view

Another option is to use drawers that have built-in organizers already. These drawers will feature blocks of space with dividers that separate items from each other. They are extremely handy, well organized, and we all know that wood never goes out of style. The deep slots allow for storage of bigger items. You can even order vanities with drawers made to your specifications to suit both your needs and wants. Budget accordingly, however, as they are pricier.

5. Dividers

Drawer Dividers Organizer 4 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4" High Expandable from 11-17" for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet,Clothing, Office, Kitchen Storage, Strong Secure Hold, Foam Ends, Locks in Place

Not sure what type of dividers you will need for your bathroom drawers and unsure of what size dividers you will want? Then purchase a set that is completely adjustable in terms of length. These dividers can go from 11 to 17 inches and the foam ends prevent any damage during the installation and use afterwards. You choose the size and if you need to change it again after time, then adjust them again – it’s that simple and easy.

6. Acrylic Storage

Image Source: shutterbean.com

One of the hardest things to organize would have to be cosmetics or skin/hair care products because they generally come in tubes and pots. That is why plastic storage bins that line the designated drawer are an excellent idea. These clear bins allow you to easily see what items are where and they lift out easily, so you are able to shift through the contents. Use plastic baskets inside the drawers to keep everything in place and sort through makeup by type.

7. Tray

Storage Tray

Plastic storage trays are versatile in the sense that they can be used in both the drawers of the bathroom cabinet as well as being placed on shelving for storage. They are available in numerous sizes and heights to prevent clutter buildup and always suit the needs of the bathroom owner. Choose colored ones to fit the theme of your bathroom or to add a pop of color (or contrast) as desired without losing storage for décor.

8. Foldable Cloth Storage

Folding boxes of black color, of different sizes and shapes, are designed for separate storage of garments in drawers, these containers are dividers for storing clothes.

These foldable cloth storage bins are stylish enough to be displayed outside of the bathroom drawer and sturdy enough to hold the biggest items in your bathroom. The foldable aspect allows you to manipulate the size of these bins and by using cloth? They are easily cleaned in the case of spillage. They can also have a double purpose when you get the ones with handles as they move with you when you are on the go.

9. Expandable Drawer Organizer

Mebbay 6 Pack Expandable Drawer Organizer Makeup Drawer Organizer Storage Bins Tray for Bathroom Vanity Table Office Kitchen with 25 pcs Non-Slip Pads White

Multiple sizes in one kit, these expandable drawer organizers allow you to create your own system within your bathroom drawers for organization. Use the extra-large ones for bigger items such as hair dryers in the deepest bathroom drawer while the small ones are perfect for medicine or toiletries. Another bonus? They come with non-slip pads, so you don’t have to worry about the bins and contents shifting around each time you open or close the drawer.

10. Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Strip
Image Source: sprwmn.blogspot.com

The use of magnetic strips in your bathroom is a genius idea for those tiny items such as hair pins that tend to get absolutely everywhere. Use double-sided tape to stick a magnetic strip over your vanity or in a hidden location for those hard-to-store items. You can even decorate the ends of the step to match your current décor if desired. This works as well on jewelry and earrings to keep those organized nicely.

11. Adjustable Divider

Whitmor Adjustable Organizers Drawer Dividers, Set of 2, White

Durable plastic equals stability and sturdiness when it comes to these adjustable dividers and the white shade matches easily into any drawers. These dividers work both vertically and horizontally to match up with your organization needs without trouble. To install them, you just snap them into place within the drawers and you are done. It’s that easy. And when it comes to organization – the easier the better because it makes the process go a lot smoother, right?

12. Slotted Divider

DIY Plastic Drawer Dividers 8 Pcs Dresser Kitchen Office Drawer Organizer Accessories Underwear Tools Utensil Plastic Storage (White)

Similar to the separators that are in alcohol boxes, this drawer version of a slotted organizer can easily separate all your clutter in your bathroom drawers. If the dividers are not quite the size you are looking for, then simply trim them down to suit your needs. They also come in pieces, allowing you to design the organizer you want. Fully recyclable, these dividers can be thrown with your weekly recycling when they’ve reached the end of their life cycle.

13. Storage Bin With Compartments

mDesign Plastic First Aid Kit Storage Box with Clear Top Lid for Bathroom, Kitchen, Cabinet, Closet - Organizes Medicine, Ointments, Adhesive Bandages, Dental - 8 Divided Sections, 2 Pack - Clear

These stylish clear plastic storage bins feature internal compartments for organization, and you can store them within the bathroom drawers or on top of shelving. The lid of these organizers is sturdy enough to hold its own items but to access the internal contents, you will need to lift the lid. These are perfect for bathroom linens as the lid protects them from dust in the air. Don’t overcrowd the top for another reason which is while it is sturdy, it can buckle under excess weight.

14. Plastic And / Or Metal Bins

top view of colorful drawer organizer bins against textured bark paper

How sweet are these colorful metal bins that are used for organization and storage? They are compact and varying sizes for all types of storage needs. The metal ensures durability, and they are built to last without damaging the inside of your bathroom drawers. They also can easily lift out of the drawer if you need it to! Find versions that click or snap together to prevent them from sliding around the drawer as you pull it out.

15. Cardboard Boxes

used Dollar store baskets,"creams and lotions in one, makeup in one, and hair brushes and accessories in another. Smaller baskets for nail polish and etc.
Image Source: home-storage-solutions-101.com

Don’t want to spend a large chunk of money to get items that are going to be hidden away and used for storage in a bathroom drawer? Then why not gather up some smaller cardboard boxes and use them as dividers instead? They work just as well and when they aren’t in great shape anymore? Recycle them and replace with new ones! Cover them with comics, paint them a funky color, or stencil designs that match your decor all over.

16. Basket Bins

Cosmetic Storage Basket Makeup Organizer, Multifunction DIY Adjustable Brush Holder Organizer Box Bins for Vanity, Bathroom Counter or Dresser, Set of 3 Grey

Organize the heck out of your bathroom drawers with adjustable storage bins that also feature slots on the outside for smaller items. One can be used completely for toiletries, another for cosmetics, and another for those random items all bathrooms seem to have. These are patterned so they can be displayed as part of your décor or used in the drawers. The outside slots are great for hiding those personal, private items that you don’t want out in the open.

17. DIY Cardboard Divider

If you are the crafty sort that would prefer to make your own items, then check out this tutorial on how to make your own cardboard dividers. Super easy to make and even easier to use, these dividers also feature colorful prints and designs for a touch of style even in your bathroom drawers. Use sturdy cardboard and double the strength by covering them in colored cardstock or project board. You can even enlist your children’s artwork for this one.

18. Cereal Box Organizer

Cereal Box Organizer
Image Source: ehow.com

Go green and recycle some old boxes to be turned into bathroom drawer organizers. Not only are these organizers extremely inexpensive on the budget as you will use items around the home, but they also work! The best part is that you have control over the size of the dividers and can make them to suit your needs; not work around the size of a purchased divider. Once the desired size is found, cover them with colored and printed paper.

19. Clear Canisters

Talented Kitchen 6-Pack Makeup Organizer Premium Quality Acrylic Plastic Containers. Bathroom Beauty Storage Set: 5 Canisters & 107 Printed Labels Organization

Canisters with labels can be organized inside a drawer for easy access to all your favorite items but they can also easily be displayed on the bathroom vanity or countertop. The labels allow you to find the bin you are looking for without any trouble and labeling offers another layer of organization to your bathroom! No more looking for that lipstick or that hairclip you love because it’s in the proper drawer as per the label.

20. Brown Craft Labels

2" Natural Brown Kraft Stickers / 500 Labels per Roll/Permanent Adhesive

Speaking of labeling, this is the ideal way to determine what goes where when it comes to keeping your bathroom drawers organized and clutter-free. Label each supply bin or container to showcase what is inside and ensure that new items are added to the correct drawer. The natural brown color will not look out of place, even if your color scheme is pink and purple. Now you just have to replace the items back in the proper bin after use!

21. 3D Printed Drawer Divider

3-D Printed Drawer Organizer
Image Source: instructables.com

If you have access to a 3D printer, then you can easily make your own bathroom drawer divider. Use a template if necessary, to create the correct size, height, and width for your bathroom drawers. The study plastic ensures longevity, and you are able to make these in the comfort of your own home office! Make them for all the drawers in your home (bedroom, kitchen, dining room, etc.) if you want top organizational habits.


Are you now inspired to organize your bathroom drawers and create a masterpiece in terms of style? We hope you are because it can be easy to organize your bathroom drawers, and most importantly, keep them organized! Organization is key to maintaining a smooth routine and when you can put your hands on something within seconds? Then you are on the way to having a good day.

Do you know someone that could use some inspiration in regard to organization in their bathroom? Then share this article with them and offer your own tips that you have gained. 

Did you recently use items and tips to organize your bathroom drawers with ease? We want to know them so please share in the comment section below.

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