55 Cool, Fancy, And Modern Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas


Mirrors serve a great purpose in our everyday lives. There where we look at ourselves when we are brushing our teeth, touch up our makeup, and shave our faces. Another thing that might not have occurred to you is that, unless you have a separate bathroom all to yourself, when you have guests, other people look in that mirror too. 

We put together this list of framed bathroom mirror ideas for those of you out there that are looking to give the loo a new look. 

Rectangle And Square Mirrors

1. Wheat Vanesa Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet

Vanesa Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet with 2 Shelves

The first mirror on our list is not just a mirror. It’s also a medicine cabinet with shelves. Designed from wood this selection would give your bathroom a unique contemporary look.

2. Driftwood Mirror Rustic

Driftwood Mirror Rustic

This mirror might not have a shelf but it’s unique and a project that should appeal to the DIY fan in you. Driftwood is “a valuable resource for humans” and can be purchased inexpensively as well as a mirror. 

3. Amanti Art Framed Vanity Mirror

Amanti Art Framed Vanity Mirror | Bathroom Mirrors for Wall

Next, we have a simple style with a gray wooden frame that makes the person looking in the mirror feel like they are the work of art on display. The woodgrain is a versatile look that would fit with most design schemes. 

4. Blue Ceramic Tile

Blue Ceramic Tile

With this mirror, we’re adding a bit of color. The blue-tiled frame with the flowered corners will be the attention grabber when on the wall of your bathroom. It’s so pretty this mirror might take the attention away from the gazer.

5. Hinsdale Renovation

Small transitional gray floor and porcelain tile powder room photo in Chicago
Image Source: houzz.com

This look is elegant and the mirror, which has very little frame, looks compelling against a dark wall. The crisscrossed gold that creates the frame of this full mirror will give any room a dignified yet delicate look.

6. Long And Dark

Long and Dark mirror

Moving in a different direction this mirror brings a darker look to your bathroom wall. Long and rectangular the simple black frame gives this mirror a great deal of depth. Great for couples. 

7. White With Wide Frame

Bathroom in white and olive tones. View of dark wooden vanity cabinet with mirror

Set against the olive wall this white mirror will bring a lot of brightness to your morning. When paired with the white countertop, opposing white walls, and the dark cabinets this mirror brings it all together. 

8. Duplicates

Duplicates mirror
Image Source: dontdisturbthisgroove.com

Sometimes one mirror isn’t enough and in this case, they went with a simple look but doubled up. Many of us share a bathroom so having two mirrors is a nice way to claim your space. 

9. Three For The Win

Inspiration for a victorian bathroom remodel in Los Angeles
Image Source: houzz.com

Why put up one mirror when you can put up three? This designer did just that with two small gold framed mirrors on each side and a longer one in the middle. The red cabinets are bold, which works here.

10. Rounded Edges

Gold Lief Metal Modern Bathroom Mirror

This mirror is edged with gold leaf and curved at the corners to give your bathroom a modern look. The simplicity of it adds elegance to this design without overpowering to the overall look of this bathroom. 

11. Classic

Classic mirror

Here we have a basic rectangular mirror with a brown, almost metallic looking frame. As you can see, there is nothing wrong with neutral colors and a more toned-down look. It offers your home a classic style bathroom. 

12. Bigger And Better

Bigger and Better mirror
Image Source: cheriesparetime.blogspot.com

Sometimes you want your entire wall to be covered in a mirror and this one does the job. With the huge white frame, the looker can be enveloped in themselves and anything that’s standing behind them. 

13. Simple And Black

TEHOME 20x30 Black Metal Framed Bathroom Mirror for Wall

Many of us like a lighter color on our bathroom walls, which is why a sleek black framed mirror like this one would work well with it. The way the mirror is set back into the frame can give you the feeling of looking into another world.

14. Slim And Separate

Example of a classic mosaic tile and white tile gray floor bathroom design in Minneapolis
Image Source: houzz.com

Sometimes you need your own space. These separate slim white framed mirrors over individual sinks in a shared space give each user their own bathroom while still sharing one. The vanity in the middle sets them apart further. 

15. Art Deco Beveled Glass

Sycamore Beveled Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

If you are a fan of the art deco style this mirror is perfect. The inside frame offset by the outer frame plays with geometric shapes and adds a bit of grace to this wall. Paired with the drastic black lighting scheme, faucet, and vase, the mirror adds delicacy. 

16. Blending In

Blending In mirror

This mirror is double framed, first in white and then an outer metallic frame. Fastened to a dark marble wall offers this mirror to blend into its surroundings. At a glance, all you see is the white frame but then the mirror reveals itself. 

17. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Bathroom - contemporary wood-look tile bathroom idea in Austin with an undermount sink
Learn more at: houzz.com

If you’ve ever heard the story of Snow White, these mirrors look like the magic mirror the witch looked into when summoning her guide. Putting two of these mirrors in your bathroom will give your double the power. 

18. Longer But Shorter

Bathroom interior in luxury house. View of rich bathroom vanity cabinet with vessel sink and mirror

Next, we have a mirror that can be put either way, full length if you want a good view of your outfit or, horizontally, like pictured here, to widen the view of the person looking in. The wide frame gives this bathroom a touch of luxury. 

19. Add Some Space

45" H x 30" W Modern & Contemporary Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

The way this white framed mirror takes up a great deal of the wall space, for smaller bathrooms this will give the illusion of a larger room. That’s an age-old trick with mirrors so if you are dealing with a tiny space make it work for you.

20. Wood Framed

Bathroom - contemporary bathroom idea in Miami
Learn more at: houzz.com

When we say “wood-framed” this designer takes it to a whole new level. By placing the circular rings of wood on display in a rectangular frame adds a touch of whimsy to this mirror and makes it the focal point of your design. 

21. Backlit


Futuristic looks are all the rage and this mirror, with the thin black frame and light shining from behind it looks like something that could be on a spaceship. The light gives the mirror the illusion of floating. 

22. Curvy White

Trendy powder room photo in San Francisco with an undermount sink, marble countertops and gray countertops
Learn more at: houzz.com

Here we have a frame that adds playfulness to a dark room. The white set against the dark brown wall tiles makes it pop while the in and out of the curvy frame brings an alternate line formation to an otherwise rigid bathroom. 

23. Take The Wall

Take The Wall mirror

This design is a play on the same theme of using a mirror to make your space seem larger. The light wood frame is one of the only ones we’ve seen that matches the vanity cabinets as well. Sometimes a simple mirror is all you need. 

24. Another Double Dose

Example of a transitional white tile bathroom design in New York with shaker cabinets
Learn more at: houzz.com

Fans of a contemporary look might like this set of identical mirrors. The dark frames put up against the white wall with splashed gray brings out the cabinets that sit below. And it gives 

25. Dimensions

Wood Pallet Mirror
Learn more at: instructables.com

This mirror takes the idea of putting two smaller mirrors on either side of a larger one into one big mirror. The geometrical shapes, which are quite symmetrical, can look asymmetrical when viewed from the side. 

26. Luxurious In White

Interior of luxury domestic room with expensive framed mirror and sink

Pretty things make some of us feel good and when you look at this mirror that’s the first word that comes to mind. It’s sturdy but delicate to look at and the contrast of the white frame on the green wall. 

27. More Gold Leaf

White Merola Beveled Accent Wall Mirror

Gold is the metal of crowns and royalty so it stands to reason a little bit of framing your face in the bathroom would make anyone feel good. This one also utilizes the mirror as a frame, which adds to the depth of your entire layout. 

28. Silver Replication

Example of a transitional white tile bathroom design in Minneapolis
Find out more at: houzz.com

We’ve already discussed the benefit of double mirrors in a larger bathroom with two sinks. This silver framed giant could also work as a single mirror in a smaller space. Placed against the light blue brightens this room softly.

29. Long And Speckled

Long and Speckled mirror

Even when you have a double sink sometimes you don’t want a separate mirror. This gigantic looking glass would be a gem to share with your significant other. And the sponged on gold over a light metallic will frame you both nicely. 

30. Brown

Floating Mirror Frame
Find out more at: instructables.com

Brown is a color that goes with a ton of other hues. It has the ability to stand out or blend in, depending on how you choose to present it. This mirror can be anything you want it to be and fit any design scheme.

31. Hanging Mirror

Abraham Bathroom/Vanity Mirror

This is a unique design when it comes to a bathroom mirror. It gives the image of a mirror hanging from a black extender. Set against the dark wood frame this piece would work well with a southwestern theme. 

32. Wood Carved Frame

Wood Carved Frame mirror

There’s something gorgeous about wooden borders that are carved with intricate detail. Here we have a mirror that does everything it can to frame your face in a way you only see in art galleries. 

33. Minimalism

Bathroom minimalist interior design, render 3D

Sparsity or using very little is at the core of minimalism, and this mirror does it in a big way. It offers a large area to look back into and frames it simply with naked wood. The clean design offers versatility. 

34. More Of Less

NeuType Wall-Mounted Mirror Rectangular Hanging Mirror Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Minimalism is all the rage and for good reason. People choose to own less and experience more. This large mirror offers you the opportunity to see more but take up less space on your wall. 

35. Deep Frame

Modern grey designer bathroom with herringbone shower tiling

Many of us grew up with medicine cabinets in the bathroom that had no style and were for utility only. This mirror is the exact opposite of that. The frame offers a place to put some decorations but the depth it offers is stylish and fun. 

Circular/Oblong Framed Bathroom Mirror

36. Bound In Nature

Bound In Nature

The first round mirror we have is smaller in size but the frame stands out tremendously. The leaf and flower designs will offer the person looking in a lovely ring of foliage embracing them. The size makes it perfect for smaller bathrooms. 

37. Convex

Black Modern & Contemporary Bathroom Mirror

This mirror is probably flat but, from the angle of the photo it looks like the glass curves out toward you, which would be a convex mirror. Having the illusion a convex mirror is super cool without feeling like you are in a fun house. 

38. Rotating

Staples Mirror Frame
Find out more at: instructables.com

While the frame of this mirror doesn’t physically rotate the way each flap is laid out gives my eye that impression. With a frame like that you don’t need much in the way of ornamentation otherwise. It’s the focal point.

39. Tubelike

NXHOME Circle Metal-Frame Wall Mirror

We’ve seen this type of frame, where the mirror is set deeper in. But this one is round which makes the one looking feel like they are staring through a tube. They are. Just a very short one. 

40. Cascading

Powder room - traditional powder room idea in Portland with shaker cabinets
Find out more at: houzz.com

This oval mirror is first set in a wooden frame which was then covered by some type of adornment. Part of me thinks they are antlers or some type of bone, but they could also be a soft material folded over. Either way it would be a conversation piece. 

41. Contemporary Black

Cuzco Modern & Contemporary Beveled Bathroom Mirror

Crafted with steel this mirror is not afraid to take the center stage in your bathroom. It’s wide enough to take up a good amount of wall without overpowering it like some of the rectangle ones. 

42. Ancient Looking Glass

Inspiration for a large cottage gray floor powder room remodel in Chicago
Find out more at: houzz.com

The frame of this mirror reminds me of something you might see in ancient Egypt or Rome. They were into ornamentation and lush surroundings. It brings elegance to this otherwise nondescript room. 

43. Mosaic Masterpiece

Mosaic Masterpiece

Imagine looking back at yourself with that frame surrounding your face every morning. It would be an inspiration just to make myself look good enough to be worthy of that mirror. The hues allow for this to go with most color schemes. 

44. Magical

Bathroom - mediterranean blue tile bathroom idea in Houston with a drop-in sink
Discover more at: houzz.com

This mirror also leaves us wondering how anyone would be able to take their eyes off the frame long enough to see their reflections. The entire design reminds me of an underwater adventure and the mirror serves as a porthole. 

45. Rope

Rope mirror

Here we have an idea that most DIY lovers could pull off. Fasten the rope to either side of a plain mirror and hang it from above opposed to only from behind. It adds a unique look and works against the brick.

46. Pretty In Pink

Royal framed mirror

Some people are all about the foo foo in life and how can you blame them. A mirror like this would leave anyone looking in it feeling fabulous. This designer went on a pink spree but it works and somehow isn’t overwhelming. 

47. Oblong Carving

Oblong Carving mirror

Here we have a mirror that is encased in a frame that looks a bit like molding you might find on the wall. The ornate delta and colors call for a bathroom that doesn’t have much more going on because it demands attention.

Unique Mirror Shapes

48. Baguette Framed

Two brass taps on marble plate sink and baguette framed mirror

Elegance is the first word that comes to mind with this mirror option. The shape and design of the frame could have been in a castle for a royal bathroom. The gold hardware with the green marble gives off a royal look. 

49. Silhouettes

Silhouettes mirror

You can see silhouettes in the mirror or you can frame it. This shape reminds me of a silhouette as well as an hourglass. Either way, the simplicity of the shape adds interest to the wallpaper and design scheme.

50. New Age

Beaumaris Beveled Wall Mirror

The shape is difficult to describe with words, but this metal frame offers a unique look at the way bathroom mirrors are presented. The little bit of wall peaking through offers an opportunity for it to blend in. 

51. Build It In

Build it In mirror

This mirror was built right into the wall. Which is a great option if you have the room and the cash to pull it off. The peak is unique and the size offers plenty of back sight and makes this already large room look bigger. 

52. Blue And Bold

Mid-sized eclectic stone tile and black and white tile powder room photo in San Francisco with a wall-mount sink
Discover more at: houzz.com

This mirror must be the center point of your design scheme if you choose it. The blue mosaic work and the original shape demands nothing more than all the attention. Paired with black and white tile it astounds. 

53. Unique Frames

Unique Frames mirror

These two mirrors look to be siblings more than twins. Whether wide or small, the frame design gives the looker a unique way to see themselves. Anyone can get a rectangular framed mirror. Be different.

54. Petals

Example of a transitional kids' bathroom design in San Francisco
Discover more at: houzz.com

While this design does not look like the nature frame we saw with the first round mirror, the outer portion of this mirror gives me the impression of a flower, which would make anyone smile when looking in. 

55. Octagon

Octagon mirror

When looking for a bathroom mirror your mind might go right to the rectangle or circle but how many times do you see an octagon in someone’s loo? Not often, which is why it would set your place apart from all the others. 


Bathrooms are a place where we take care of our health and well being so it makes sense to want that room to look it’s best. Interior design is a reflection on who you are and how you feel. It’s only natural for you to want it to look spectacular. 

If you enjoyed this article and the suggestions we gave let us know in the comments section below. Please share it with your other friends who love interior design. 

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