37 Rustic And Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas


It is classic, it is timeless, and it is easy to recreate when you have the right appliances and furniture to create a rustic and modern farmhouse bathroom. One of the most important parts of a bathroom makeover that is sometimes forgotten; is the lighting. An overhaul on your current bathroom won’t look as polished and finished if you didn’t change out the light to fit your theme. If the light is a generic lighting fixture, then you might be able to get away with not changing it but if you are going for something such as a rustic farmhouse style? Then you definitely want to check out the following list.

Sometimes all you need is the finishing touches on a miniature makeover for a room in your home to fully pull the look together. This reason is why we are going to take a look at 37 rustic and modern farmhouse bathroom lighting ideas.

Farmhouse Bathroom Light Fixtures

1. Modern Farmhouse Sconce

Modern Farmhouse 1 - Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

If you are looking for a light fixture that has modern technology in the form of a dimmable bulb so you can control the intensity of the light but you still want a light fixture that is in the barn style of a rustic farmhouse; you’ve found it. This single bulb light fixture is easily installed and you have the choice of five different finishes!

2. Classic Wall Sconce

Permo Set of 2 Classic Rustic Industrial Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture with Flared White Textile Lamp Shade and Antique Brass Tapered Column Stand

Classic and timeless in terms of style, this dual set of wall sconce light fixtures have shaded bulbs that rest on top of a long arm. The fabric shade helps disperse the light throughout the room, so you won’t have to worry about adequate lighting in your bathroom. It is available in four different finishes to match your current décor.

3. White Glass Light Fixture

Kitchen Light Bathroom Fixture Wall Sconce with White Glass Shades

The polished silver nickel of this light fixture is one of the best things about it as it will match in with any current décor without having to completely overhaul your bathroom! This dual shaded light fixture is equal parts rustic and elegant as well in terms of design with white frosted glass shades pointing in opposite directions for ample lighting.

4. Three Bulb Light Fixture

Kendrick 3 - Light Dimmable Vanity Light

Wanting more light in your bathroom? Looking for a light fixture that doesn’t have a frosted shade but instead a clear glass one? Then look no further than this three hanging light bulb fixture. It has a metal arm that extends out on either side on which three sockets are protected by a clear glass shade. It is also dimmable when installed in that manner.

5. Hanging Lantern

Hanging lantern, electric wall sconce oil lantern Large Rustic By Muskoka Lifestyle Products

For a truly country rustic look, you want to include elements of years gone by such as these hanging wall lantern lights. They are complete with wall mount plates to hide any evidence of installation but they look the same as if you hung a lantern on the wall. The vintage finish and slightly darker glass provides the finishing touches.

6. Caged Light Fixture

CO-Z 15 Inch Industrial 3-Light Vintage Metal Cage Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, Rustic Ceiling Lighting Fixture for Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Farmhouse Lighting

A brushed nickel finish, the ability to have three light bulbs burning the one time, and the ability to dim the lights with a dimmer switch; this caged light fixture is guaranteed to be everything you are looking for. The rustic look comes from the brushed nickel finish while the design is 100% innovative and modern.

7. Contemporary Wall Sconce

Contemporary Wall Sconce - Minimalist Light - Modern Bathroom Hallway Lighting - Industrial - Rustic

For a simplistic look that still makes an impact when it comes to your décor, this hanging metal string that features two light bulbs will definitely do the trick. The asymmetrical string adds to the style of this light and provides a touch of rustic elegance that your bathroom is looking for.

8. String Lights

Illuminated light bulbs on concrete wall background. Industrial design.

You might think that string lights are more suited for a bedroom or as a decorative item in the living room of your home but if you choose a light string that holds average size light bulbs? You have a light fixture that is unique, rustic, and completely stunning when lit up in your bathroom.

9. Rustic Farmhouse Light Fixture

3-Light Rustic Farmhouse Flush Mount Ceiling Light Metal Drum Shade

Constructed from wood and metal, this rustic light fixture holds three light bulbs at one time but they are left without a shade or cage to illuminate even the darkest corners of your bathroom. With the wooden rings and metal finishings for installation, there is no color theme this light fixture won’t match.

10. Flush Wooden Light Fixture

Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Light Fixture Two-Light Metal and Wood Square Flush Mount Ceiling Light for Hallway Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Entryway,Antique Gold and Black

Nothing is more rustic than wooden finishes when it comes to any type of décor that is in the theme of rustic farmhouse. That is why this light fixture is ideal if that is the look you are going for! Wooden triangles protect the lightbulbs while the metal mount plate is flush to the ceiling.

11. Ceramic Light Fixture

Сeramic handmade pendant lamp Matt white modern chandelier

This oval light is definitely one that has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s made from metal and ceramics for a truly unique look and the shade of the light is not perfectly oval, giving this light fixture character for days. The off-white shade adds to the rustic look and gives it the perfect finishing touch.

12. Modern Farmhouse Light

Modern Farmhouse 3-Light Vanity Light

Looking for a farmhouse light for your bathroom that still has a modern vibe? Then check out this black brushed finished three-light fixture that has frosted glass shades for a muted but still powerful light source. It’s simplistic yet stunning to suit your bathroom farmhouse décor with ease and style.

13. DIY Wooden Farmhouse Light

Industrial Bathroom Lights
Image Source: instructables.com

Constructed from wood, repurposed metal pipes, and featuring not three but five light bulbs; this DIY light fixture is the decorator’s dream and a worthwhile project for the woodworker of your family. With instructions for each and every step, you can own a farmhouse bathroom light fixture for minimal cost within days!

14. Candle Light Fixture

Cranston Farmhouse 1-Light Bath Sconce

If you want to truly go rustic farmhouse when it comes to your bathroom decor, then you need to bring down your light fixtures to single light bulbs. Go a step further with this stylish candle-shaped light fixture that is hung off a metal mount plate. For additional light in your bathroom, add a trio of these light fixtures on the wall over your vanity.

15. Atomic Ceiling Light

Contemporary Flush Mount - Atomic Ceiling Light - Rustic - Industrial - Modern - Bathroom fixture

This uniquely shaped light is definitely rustic and futuristic all at the same time for an awesome finishing look in your new bathroom. Minimalist but impactful when it comes to lighting (thanks to its powerful socket amp) and style, this light fixture is available in multiple colors to suit your wants and desires.

Gooseneck Vanity Light

16. Mason Jar Light Fixture

LNC Bathroom Vanity Fixtures Farmhouse Mason Jar Lights with Faux Wood Finish, L18 x H8 x W9.5, Brown

People tend to forget that mason jars have more uses than just canning or preserving food. They can also be used for multiple decorative projects, such as rustic farmhouse light fixtures. This light features three mason jars that cover the light bulbs and are hung from a curved metal rod. A wooden bracket brings the vintage to your fixture.

17. Three Light Fixture

Brummett 3-Light Dimmable Vanity Light

Three globes hang over the light bulbs on this fixture to bring the rustic, vintage style while a solid metal plate installs onto the wall for ease and modern convenience. With the use of a dimmer switch, you are able to control the amount of light that your bathroom is getting so this light will completely suit your needs and wants.

18. Metal And Brass Sconce

Modern Brass Sconce | Art Deco Living Room Sconce| Flush Mount Vanity Light | Vintage Sconce | Brass Sconce Industrial Minimal Wall Light

A solid metal plate, a curved metal rod, and a brass connector brings vintage and rustic style to life in this light fixture. Like something out of an old-time movie or preserved home, this light fixture is available in four different finishes to find something that will suit your decorative dreams!

19. Round Wall Sconce

Design House 519504 Mason 1 Light Wall Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze

With an oil-rubbed finish, this oval wall sconce light fixture brings the style in a big way but it is also updated enough in terms of technology to handle a 60 watt or higher light bulb. Numerous finishes allow you to pick and choose the best light fixtures for your bathroom or you can mix-and-match.

20. Farmhouse Light Fixture

Band Switch Copper Wall Lamp, Bedside Lamp, Corridor Sconces, Aisle Restaurant Farmhouse Lighting, Swing Arm Sconce, Gooseneck Wall Sconces

Pure copper ensures the longevity of this light fixture while the extendable arm allows you to control the positioning of the light. The rustic construction style brings vintage to your bathroom but you will probably love this fixture that much, you will put it in other rooms of your home as well!

21. Metal Caged Wall Sconce

ZZ Joakoah 3-Light Bathroom Vanity Light, Industrial Metal Cage Wall Sconce Vintage Wall Lamp Light Fixture for Bathroom Kitchen Living Room Vanity Hallway.

There is just something about the look of a caged light fixture when done right, that just screams rustic; isn’t there? That is the vibe you will get from this three-light caged metal fixture that has hanging arms for each individual socket. Choose oval style light bulbs to complete the look.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas

22. Frosted Glass Wall Sconces

Bathroom - country white tile white floor bathroom idea in Chicago with recessed-panel cabinets, black cabinets, white walls, an undermount sink, a hinged shower door and white countertops
Image Source: houzz.com

The gold metal backing plate on this light fixture brings modern style to a classic design. These singular wall scones have a full frosted glass shade over the light bulb for ample illumination. Finish this look by placing one light on either side of a recessed vanity as shown in the picture or hang two side by side on either side of your vanity mirror.

23. Multiple Arm Light Fixture

Interior design of cozy spacious bathroom

Go for a unique look when it comes to the light fixture in your bathroom and showcase your creative side with this multiple arm light fixture. This fixture has six arms that are joined in the center while facing in different directions for a full-room lighting experience. The brushed metal finish brings the rustic edge you are looking for.

24. Boxy Light

Country home - huge mirror and wooden bathroom countertop

These boxy light fixtures are something that you wouldn’t expect to see in a bathroom unless you are back in school, which is what makes them so stylish. They are brushed metal finished, so they definitely aren’t the same type of lights you would have in your school bathroom but instead a modern update on the look that is phenomenal.

25. Gold Plated Cage Light Fixture

Minimalist bathroom photo in Austin
Image Source: houzz.com

The style of this light fixture would look amazing when paired with a nautical theme bathroom or a purple accented one. The gold finish on this light has been polished to avoid looking gaudy but instead is elegant and creative with its open caged design. A metal chain allows this light fixture to hang down off the ceiling but not low enough that you have to worry about bumping your head.

26. Dual Globe Light

Dual Globe Light
Image Source: heckerguthrie.com

This light fixture offers the consumer two different ways to hang it. It can be installed directly into the side of the wall over the vanity or it can be hung from a chain in the middle of the room. The dual globes (one larger over the smaller one that houses the light bulb) adds to the elegant style of this fixture.

27. Inverted Pot Lights

Modern bathroom Interior with shower 3D rendering

Looking to think outside the box on traditional light fixtures and instead go a more modern look? What about inverted pot lights that are installed within an existing structure to provide lighting within your bathroom? They are stylish, modern, and very convenient as they are not in the way of a wall, or a ceiling décor.

28. Double Hanging Light

Bathroom - mid-sized farmhouse master gray floor bathroom idea in Portland with shaker cabinets, gray cabinets, an undermount sink, quartz countertops and white walls
Image Source: houzz.com

Check out this rustic farmhouse look that still has modern elements. The double hanging globe lights look amazing when paired with another set just over from it while lighting up the entire interior of the bathroom. The oval shades are the icing on the cake, especially in their matte metal finish.  

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas

29. Four Naked Bulbs

Four Naked Bulbs rustic bathroom

When placed against a solid wooden wall that has been both stained and varnished, four light bulbs screwed into a metal plate have never looked so good! This rustic farmhouse style bathroom uses a stainless steel metal plate to showcase just four single bulbs for a vintage, simple, but stunning design choice.

30. Trailing Wall Sconces

The copper sinks also have the stars embossed in them... The reflection is the spa tub and chandelier above..
Learn more at: flickr.com

Rustic farmhouse style has never been so simple if you choose a light fixture similar to the style shown here. These hanging wall scones have a metal rod that gently curves and trails down the wall for a punch of style without even trying hard. Choose a brushed metal finish for true rustic vibes.

31. Shaded Candle Light Fixtures

Rustic Bathroom Lighting
Learn more at: hgtv.com

With a design style that is very similar to a candle sitting in a carrying holder; the white shade is what sets off the vintage vibe of this light fixture. This one would look best when installed in a minimalist styled bathroom as a way it finishes off the overall look.

32. Dual Prong Light Fixture

Dual Prong Light Fixture
Learn more at: chango.co

This double-pronged armed light fixture is the perfect contrast of color when placed in a stark white bathroom with pops of color with spring vibes. Use a rustic light fixture such as the one shown in this example as a focal point in the bathroom when using stark colors such as white!

33. Copper Light Fixture

Copper Light Fixture bathroom
Learn more at: countryliving.com

Go for a truly unique look that screams rustic, vintage vibes to whoever enters your bathroom with an oversized copper light fixture. This one looks like a copper bucket was repurposed into a light fixture for a gorgeous look. Use a warm light bulb within this light fixture for the best ambiance lighting.

34. Dual Globe Light

Dual Globe Light
Learn more at: thecardswedrew.com

How sweet is this recessed, smaller vanity with its dual globe light hanging over it? With the matte black finish, it just breathes retro vibes that are perfect for the smaller space. Ample lighting and more than ample style brings this look home for a lot of people and you can use whatever color paint on the walls you want to showcase your personality.

35. Bright Light Fixture

Bright Light Fixture bathroom
Check out more ideas at: buffstrickland.com

Rustic and vintage farmhouse vibes don’t always have to come from wood and metal light fixtures; they can also come from brightly colored ones that match the current color scheme of your bathroom. Using a rustic style light fixture in a bright color is the perfect balance between rustic and modern lighting fixtures for your bathroom.

36. Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel
Check out more ideas at: heidicaillierdesign.com

A glass wall sconce will never go out of style and that is one of the reasons that this design of light fixture has been used in bathrooms, and other rooms of the home, for years and years now. This one has brushed nickel and copper fittings for the perfect rustic look for your bathroom. The clear glass shade over the lightbulb allows the design of this fixture to shine.

37. Gold Plated Light Fixture

Gold Plated Light Fixture bathroom
Check out more ideas at: leanneford.com

To complete a rustic farmhouse bathroom, you want to use metals of shiny quality, such as copper and gold in terms of your finishing. Check out this bathroom that has been redone with a large copper tub, gold faucets, and a gold plated dual wall sconce. That is how you blend modern and rustic design together as one!


Change up the lighting in your bathroom and be prepared to gasp in amazement at how much a single change can affect the overall look. Rustic farmhouse style lighting will never go out of style because it’s the type of look that is just timeless.

Did you recently renovate in a rustic but modern farmhouse style? We want to hear from you on how you did! If you know someone that is looking to renovate in the same style, please feel free to share this article with them.

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