11 Creative Ideas on DIY Couch Cushions


Sometimes it can be hard to find the right couch cushion to match your current décor and color scheme or you just can’t find in the store exactly what you are looking for. That is where creativity and some tutorial come into play to instead create your own. With a bit of time and effort, some scissors and thread, and some creative inspiration – you are able to make your own DIY couch cushions that will fit exactly what you envisioned they would be.

That’s our focus for today, we are going to look at how to make couch cushions from scratch!

DIY Couch Cushion

1. Boxed Cushion Sewing

cute puppy on the top of the pillow
Image Source: designsponge.com

A quick, easy, and straightforward tutorial that teaches you to make a generic box-shaped couch cushion that will fit any standard sofa or can be used as a pet bed!

2. Upholstery

Image Source: doityourselfdivas.com

Want to strop your entire couch and change the upholstery because the bones of the couch itself are still good? Then you want to check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to do exactly that.

3. Couch Cushion with Piping

Worried about completing your DIY sofa cushions and getting to the end to realize you can’t sew the zipper in? Then use piping instead and this tutorial will show you how to close the fabric together easily.

4. Full Transformation

Full Transformation couch cushion
Image Source: instagram.com

Piping is the easiest way to complete a cushion of any size for your couch or pet bed or even bedding when you are completely transforming the look.

5. IKEA Futon Hack

IKEA Futon Hack
Full tutorial at: instructables.com

Learn how to upgrade a full-sized futon into a comfortable and stylish couch, including the process of upholstery cushions DIY. Change it into something a store would sell.

6. Stuffing your New Couch Cushions

Couch Cushions
Image Source: freshcrush.com

You definitely don’t want to get to the end of your project and discover that you aren’t sure how to stuff your new DIY cushions which is why this tutorial is a great asset!

7. Sectional Couch from Scratch

Sectional Couch
Image Source: woodshopdiaries.com

Want to tackle a major project the next time that creative urge strikes? Then learn how to make your own sectional couch (with envelope typed cushion covers).

DIY Couch Cushion Covers

8. DIY Furniture Box Cushion Cover

If you aren’t interested in sewing separate cushion covers but you would prefer a single piece of fabric – then you want to watch this tutorial for sure!

9. Cushion Cover Pattern

UNCUT Donna Lang Simplicity 7565 home decorating Slipcovers

Not sure how to start your own cushion covers and could use a little help in that department? Then you want to pick up a cushion cover pattern to walk you through at your own pace.

10. Funky Couch Cushions

Couch Cushion Covers - Tie Dyed
Image Source: instructables.com

Bring back the peace and love of the swinging sixties when you use this groovy tie-dye pattern on your new cushions. You can use whatever colors you want!

11. Sofa Bed/Couch Slipcover

Looking to spice up or revitalize your sofa bed before the next lot of guests come? Then watch this video to learn how to do it with no pattern needed!


Making your own couch cushions, as long as you follow a DIY tutorial, doesn’t have to be a hard process or something that will cause you unnecessary stress and turmoil. Even those without a lot of sewing experience can create their own DIY sofa cushions with a little bit of practice and tutorial sessions. Just follow your tutorial and then you are able to create your own with ease!

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