85 Best Brown Couch Ideas and Décor for Your Home


You might think that as a décor color, brown has to be one of the most boring and generic ones, right? Well actually, when decorated right – brown is one of the most versatile colors in the décor world. A brown couch can become the centerpiece for your living or family room. That is why today we are going to take a look at 85 best brown couch ideas and décor for your home.

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Dark Brown Couch Living Room Ideas

1. 3 Piece Stretch Loveseat/Sofa Cover

CHUN YI Brown Stretch Loveseat Sofa Cover

Want to change your sofa or loveseat to a nice chocolate brown color but can’t justify buying a new set? Then look into a cover instead!

2. Round Arm Sofa

Round Arm Sofa

Purchasing a new sofa that has a sturdy build and support legs (and a gorgeous brown color) is more of an investment than an expense as it will last a lifetime.

3. Quilted Chocolate Sofa

Luxurious interior design with wooden floor and brown leather couch

A quilted fabric sofa just looks 100 times more luxurious when it’s a deep chocolate brown color combined with natural wood on the frame.

4. Square Arm Sofa Chaise

77.55 Wide Square Arm Sofa Chaise

Seating space instantly increases when you go with a sectional/chaise style sofa with a smooth fabric finish. Great for sitting or lying down.

5. Sectional Couch Cover

TAOCOCO Sectional Couch Covers

Think sofa and couch covers are only for traditional three-seaters? Think again because if you own a sectional couch? You can definitely buy a new cover in a stunning brown color.

6. LED Sofa Set


The future of sofa covers is here and it starts with a slick, leather looking LED 3D sofa cover to transform your current unit into something stylishly futuristic.

7. Stripes

Awesome Striped Sofa
Learn more : flickr.com

Not sure if you want a solid brown couch? Then mix it up with a white and brown (or any color and brown) striped couch set.

8. Brown Leather

Leather modern sofa in luminous home room

Offset deep brown leather couches with solid color throw pillows – just make sure the color is bright and cherry or stark white in appearance for the best look.

9. Vintage Stuffed

Red Study Traditional Living Room
Find out more : houzz.com

There is something special about vintage done right, as shown here with this dark brown couch covered in soft, quilted material and rounded arms, to set off your décor.

10. Brown Patterns

Elegant lounge room in private house with using of antique furniture of golden colors.

Your brown living room furniture set doesn’t have to be boring! Look into swirling patterns of brown and white to broaden your décor options!

11. Round Pillows

Restful Master Retreat
Source : houzz.com

Give your couch more comfort by adding not only throw pillows on either side (or the middle) but also a round pillow underneath either arm.

12. Large Sectional

Fusion style in interior of a private house.

Not a fan of deep brown couches? Then go with a medium brown couch instead and offset the lighter color with multiple throw pillows in the same shade.

13. Dark Brown Leather

Dark Brown Leather Sofa with Nailhead Trim
Source : houzz.com

Dark brown leather couches get a major upgrade when the top of the couch is decorated with shiny rivets and a patterned bottom.

14. Medium Brown Leather Couch

pillows on a brown leather sofa

A leather brown couch in a medium shade, when paired with patterned throw cushions, is an instantly classic style that will always be fresh and new.

15. Leather L-Shape

Custom Leather Ladson Sectional
Source : houzz.com

Increase the amount of sitting space in your living by going for a larger sofa. The attractive L-shape doesn’t take up as much room as a sectional couch.

16. Patterned Couch

Modern interior design of living room with a sofa.

A subtle pattern is a great way to add style and class into your living room in one easy step!

17. Full-Sized Leather Sectional

Modern Brown Leather Sectional Sofa with Retractable Headrests
Source : houzz.com

Invite all your friends over for a movie night when you have a full-sized leather sectional with adjustable and removable headrests.

18. Large Cushions

Brown two seated sofa beautiful dark ambience

Can you imagine anything better than flopping down on your oversized cushioned couch after a long day? We can’t either!

19. Modern Couch

Unfurl Heavy Natch Brown Sofa Bed
Source : houzz.com

A modern looking couch with clean lines gets an even more updated look when luxurious brown fabric is used for the upholstery.

20. Brown Leather Loveseat

Brown leather sofa and cushions in the living room in the house

A small brown leather loveseat gets a big makeover when you use decorative throw pillows on the seating surface. Think funky and bright patterns to make the brown leather stand out.

21. Low Sofa

Woolloomooloo Apartment
Source : houzz.com

A low sofa has never looked so good when placed inside an open-concept kitchen and living room with rustic elements all around the area!

22. Low Brown Couch

Interior of the living room.

Offset a modern low seated couch with oversized throw pillows in a bright and cherry pattern while still keeping with the minimalist theme.

23. Three-Piece Set

Sofa Three Pc Leather

If you have the floor space and room in your living room – why not invest in a three-piece set featuring all reclining models of a couch, loveseat, and chair?

24. Brown and Grey

Interior of the living room. 3D illustration.

One of the best parts about brown furniture is its ability to adapt and match with other neutral colors; such as this brown couch and grey chair.

25. Textured Brown Couch

Lincoln Park West Lounge B
Source : houzz.com

Use your brown couch for style in your family room when you choose a heavily textured fabric that is soft to the touch and smooth to the body.

26. Modern Brown Couch

Interior of the modern living room. 3D illustration.

Modern couches shy away from traditional design and instead use sloping arms with oversized cushions to draw the eye for an overall great visual.

27. Glenridge Rolled Arm Sofa

Glenridge Rolled Arms Sofa
Find out more : target.com

Deep brown, velvety material, stylish rolled arms, and wooden detailing for décor? Yes, please! This couch has it all when it comes to making an impact in your living room.

28. Brown Patterned Couch

Olympic Manor house modern traditional.
Learn more : heidicaillierdesign.com

Not the biggest fan of having one solid color in your living room as you plan for your couch to be the main centerpiece of your décor? Then tie it in with a lovely patterned couch in a brown and white shade.

29. Large L-Shaped Couch

Estate 5 dale gardon design home theater
Source : houzz.com

Perfect for a social butterfly is a large L-shaped couch that goes along one wall, dips into the corner, and follows along the rest of the adjoining wall.

30. Quilted Back

Interior of the living room. 3D illustration.

A solitary brown couch gets an upgrade with microfleece fabric and a textured back in the form of a quilted pattern. Single buttons of the same brown shade indents in the middle of the design to contrast.

31. Piped Couch

Georgetown residence liz levin interiors.
Source : houzz.com

Set against a brightly patterned wall, this brown couch doesn’t get lost in the shuffle but instead competes in a stylish wall when the brown suede fabric has been finished with white piping along the seams.

32. Matching Set

Interior of the living room. 3D illustration.

A matching set doesn’t always have to mean that both pieces are identical in terms of shade and style but instead it could mean that they are similar shades meant to complement each other!

33. Cabin Style

Cabin Style Living Room
Source : houzz.com

In a room done entirely in wood, this brown couch fits right in with the cabin theme (including décor) with its earthy brown tones.

34. Bubbled Arms

Modern interior with a beautiful furniture

Luxurious and soft brown leather has a new twist when you notice the bubbled arms on this couch. The arms are stuffed on the side towards the seating area for comfort.

35. Cracked Leather

Cracked Leather couch.
Learn more : chango.co

For the rustic look, but with a brand new piece of furniture, look for a brown couch that has been covered with a cracked and distressed leather.

36. Velvet

Traditional Living Room
Source : houzz.com

Velvet has been making a major comeback in the terms of a fabric choice and couches are no different. It’s soft, it’s comforting, and it’s smooth with great style possibilities.

37. Earth Tones

brown modern couch and wood bookcase in a living room

Mother Nature always looks good right? Then recreate this level of style in your living room by matching a deep brown couch with bright sunshine yellow throw pillows!

38. Brown and Wood Mix

Masculine and Colorful
Source : houzz.com

Vintage material and wooden frames that encompass the entirety of exterior of the couch make this a welcome addition to any room of the home.

39. Flared Arm Sofa

Ambrister 85 Flared Arm Sofa

Combine style and comfort when you have a flared arm sofa filled with high-resiliency sponge that has been wrapped in a thick poly fiber for softness!

40. Bubble Brown Sofa

Sofa and armchairs in a minimalist lounge

Not sure if brown is the color you are going for when it comes to your living room? How about a brown bubble sofa? Filled with cushiony goodness, of course.

41. Brown Contrast Piece

Brown Contrast Piece
Learn more : jbarroninteriors.com

When you are using a lot of different colors in your living room, you can use your brown couch to tie together the overall look in harmony.

42. Vintage Leather Sofa

Wooden table in front of leather sofa with pink blanket.

Leather gets an upgrade when you choose a sofa in a vintage, distressed finish that looks aged but isn’t. Offset the texture with solid colors in both blankets and throw pillows.

43. Cushioned Brown

Cushioned Brown in a living room.
Learn more : evolveresidential.com

This boxy but swanky brown couch with its soft fabric becomes ten times more inviting when you look at the thick throw pillows with light blue patterns.

44. Long Leather Couch

Vintage living room sofa

Rustic and inspiring for a simple cabin lifestyle, this long leather couch (and matching recliner) looks right at home in front of a big picture window showcasing images from the outside.

45. Suede Brown Sectional

View of living room with comfortable sofa and antique chair

Looking to increase the amount of seating space in your living room? Then look into sectional couches that combine the best parts of a chaise lounge and a couch into one furniture piece.

46. Korona Upholstered Sofa

Korona Upholstered Sofa
Find out more : target.com

Instantly up the level of comfort and snugness in your living room with a chenille upholstered couch with plump cushions that just beg you to have a nap on them.

47. Rustic Wooden Couch

rustic living room with stone floor and boiserie

For a true rustic, cabin look – leave out the detailing and strip your couch down to basics.  Cushions, wooden base, and throw pillows for a complete overhaul of your living room.

48. Leather Couch

Lincoln Faux Leather Wide Square Arm Sofa

Leather couches are ideal for socializing as they are easily cleaned and you can remove stains in seconds. Liquid won’t soak into the material but instead run off, making cleanup a breeze.

49. Harrison Three-Piece Leather Set

Harrison 3-piece Leather Set - Sofa
Find out more : costco.com

Get the most for your dollar when you purchase a bulk order of a three-piece set couch set. These sets should come with the couch, the loveseat, and an easy chair.

50. Greenery and Brown Couch

Greenery and Brown Couch

Bring Mother Nature inside when you choose to combine luxe brown leather couches with lots of hanging plants. The greenery increases air quality while adding an earthy touch to your décor.

51. Serta Palisades Sofa

Serta Palisades 78 Sofa in Brown
Find out more : walmart.com

A full-sized sofa is the best way to increase the amount of sitting spaces in your rec room or family room and when they have large, stuffed cushions like this one? Perfection.

52. Corduroy Brown Sofa

Corduroy Brown Sofa

One fabric that has faded a bit in terms of popularity but has been enjoying a comeback is definitely corduroy. Updated in terms of modern lines – corduroy is a great way to add texture to your décor.

Brown Couch Decorating Ideas

53. Sofa Arm Cover

Sideli Anti-Slip Brown Sofa Cover

Combine practicality and style in one easy step when you use an anti-slip sofa arm cover with a gorgeous brown design. These covers will protect the arms of your couch from wear and tear, rips and stains.

54. Rolled Pillows

Clinchport 58 Wide Faux Leather Square Arm Loveseat

Whoever decreed that all your throw pillows had to be square or rectangle? What about matching fabric throw pillows in a modern roll? Great for placing under the neck for support.

55. Funky Décor

Funky Décor
Source : houzz.com

When you use brown as a base color in your living, you are able to take liberties with your décor because of the neutral palette. Think bear-shaped rugs, bright throw pillows, wall art, and more.

56. Vintage Trunk

Sexy man in loft space

Continue the rustic theme in terms of décor that you are going for by converting a vintage trunk into a coffee table. Easy, ideal, and great for that man-cave.

57. Couch Futon in Brown

YAHEETECH Convertible Sofa Bed

The best thing about a couch futon? It easily converts into a bed for those moments you have unexpected overnight guests while still looking great whether it’s in a sofa or bed position.

58. Marble Lamp

Interior of light room with cozy furniture.

It’s the subtle touches that sometimes make the best décor as evidenced by this marble lamp picking up the colors of the couch to tie the look of the living room together.

59. Unconventional Coffee Table

Unconventional Coffee Table
Image Source : leanneford.com

Brown is such a neutral color, it becomes the best background color for displaying unconventional pieces. Check out this fossilized coffee table with the brown couch in the background for inspiration.

60. Monochrome Color Scheme

Remodeled Arizona Farmhouse
Source : houzz.com

Brown has so many shades on the color wheel, it’s no wonder that you can easily do a monochrome color scheme with it! Use shades from one end of the spectrum to the other for the best results.

61. Bright Patterned Rug

Beautiful set of luxury brown leather sofa

Tie together your brown color scheme by choosing a large area rug in a bright pattern that features other colors outside of brown. For example, these brown furniture pieces look right at home with a bright red area rug.

62. Exposed Glass

Metropolitan refined traditional living room.
Source : houzz.com

If you live in a place with lots of exposed glass and natural light, allow these views to do the talking instead of competing with your décor. Plush throw blankets allow you to curl up and watch the day change to night.

63. Steel Light Fixture

Interior of the living room. 3D illustration.

Your brown couch doesn’t have to be the only thing in the room with this color – check out this hanging light fixture with a polished brown finish and multiple stainless steel globes.

64. Brick Red Tones

Downtown Farmhouse
Source : houzz.com

One guaranteed color to match, contrast, and combine beautifully with brown in any décor project is brick red. Use this color for your finishing touches against a brown couch set.

65. Beaton Faux Leather Square Arm Loveseat

Beaton 49 Wide Faux Leather Square Arm Loveseat

Want to go back a few decades when it comes to your décor? Then you want to check out this vintage square arm loveseat that looks like it was taken out of the swinging sixties with updated faux leather fabric.

66. Patterns and Greenery

Coral gables florida home
Source : houzz.com

We’ve mentioned a couple of times how brown is the perfect neutral color for your living room and it’s definitely showcased here when you break down each individual element. The greenery, the patterns, the floor lamps = beautiful.

67. Fringed Sofa

Fringed Sofa
Learn more : janebeiles.com

One unexpected place you would not think to put a fringe but after seeing it, it makes total sense? The bottom of your brown sofa. The eye is then drawn to the bright red throw pillows.

68. Converted Garage

Converted Garage
Image Source : veneerdesigns.com

A converted garage gets a true living room makeover when paired with an armless tan leather couch and a glass coffee table. Natural light allows each piece to shine.

69. Glass Details

Glass Details living room.
Image Source : marshandclark.com

Glass furniture when combined with a brown living room couch is not only stylish and modern but extremely easy on the eyes for all visitors and residents of the home.

70. Electric Mix

Electric Mix
Learn more : lesleyglotzl.com

Bright colors find their home with brown furniture. This bubble arm chair is just a piece in this mixture of bright blue, bright yellow, patterns, bordered mirrors, and more.

71. Wall Art

Wall Art
Learn more : beatrice-interiors.com

On an otherwise blank wall, display two large hanging pictures with a minimalist frame and place your light sand leather couch underneath them to allow the art to do the talking without competition.

72. Full Wall Art

Full Wall Art
Image Source : simplyhomepage.com

Bring your décor to life and together by installing a full wall of artwork in a black and white setting. Brighten up the room with the use of colorful throw pillows and floating wall shelves to display personal photos.

73. Exotic Theme

Global inspired interior
Image Source : hillarythomas.com

One of the greatest things about having a brown couch in your living room is that you are able to complete an exotic theme with ease!

74. Exposed Wood

First floor secondary living space.
Image Source : janebeiles.com

If you have a living room with exposed wood in terms of the ceiling, you want to continue with this open concept and increase the visual look of the space. Use light brown couches to accomplish this.

75. Throw Pillow and Throw Blanket

Couch sofa, pillow and a blanket.

Couches, especially brown ones, are the best place to display a matching throw pillow and blanket in a coordinating color. Of course, the wine bottle and glasses are also a great option!

76. Paneled Coffee Table

Brown sofa and armchair in country style interior.

You can easily bring the entire look of a room together when you use light wooden furniture, such as this paneled coffee table and wooden decorative urns.

77. Hanging Light Fixture

Hanging Light Fixture

When you check out this example, the first thing you notice is the hanging light fixture that is both big on style and texture. Then you notice the light pinky brown couch that offers the room a pop of color!

78. Personalized Throw Pillow

Personalized Throw Pillow

Personalized throw pillows displayed on your suede brown couch is a great way to showcase facets of your personality and hobbies.

79. Blue Throw Pillows

Love seat couch sofa

Solid color throw pillows always look great when displayed on a light brown couch with plump cushions. This example uses baby blue but any color would pop against the fabric.

80. Finnala Loveseat

Finnala Loveseat
Image Source : ikea.com

With this leather couch, you get a clean design and multiple options in terms of the sizing and seating surface. Place white throw pillows on the cushions against the arms to continue the clean lines.

81. Exposed Beams

Interior design series: classic rustic living room

Exposed wooden support beams and large glass windows gives this room the appearance of nature creeping in. you don’t want to compete with this natural beauty, so a long and low brown couch is always the best bet.

82. Large Area Rug

Large area rug

Finish a new décor look in your living room by installing a large area floor rug that combines the color scheme you are going for. Check out this block patterned area rug that features multiple brown shades.

83. Quilted Sectional

Morabo sofa with chaise.
Image Source : ikea.com

A quilted sectional looks right at home when you use throw pillows and cozy blankets as the decorative pieces. However, these decorative pieces can be used as practical items as well so you definitely get your money’s worth!

84. Contemporary Living Room

Modern living room
Source : houzz.com

Brown leather has never looked so fresh when combined with a wooden coffee table, beige floor lamp, gold decorative storage tables, and greenery poking out in sporadic places.

85. Jocelyn Leather Sofa

Jocelyn Leather Sofa
Image Source : luluandgeorgia.com

This sleek, modern, and clean brown leather sofa has overstuffed cushions on both the arms and the back for a truly comfortable experience!


Make brown exciting and fresh while being used in your home with some of these handy ideas and tips that we’ve discussed today. It can be quite easy to dress up your living room with a centerpiece brown couch in a rich material and then use brown décor around the room to bring it all together.

Have you recently decorated using earthy tones, including brown or purchased a new brown couch? We want to know or if you have some other brown décor ideas – we want to know that as well. Simply drop us a comment below! As always, please feel free to share this article with anyone you think would enjoy it!

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