15 Cheap And Comfortable Couches Under $400.00


Our living rooms are used for so many things that involve living. This is where, in many households, the family gets together to watch movies or binge the latest sitcoms. But it’s also where we host guests for holidays or other celebrations throughout the year. Keeping this room comfy but stylish can be a challenge. 

The central point of most living rooms is the sofa but not everyone can afford to get the top of the line designer brands. That’s why we put together this list of cheap and comfortable couches under $400. Whether your space is large or small, if you want a sectional or chaise, we have something on this list for you. 

1. Mid-Century Modern

Cilla 72" Square Arm Sofa

The first couch on our list mixes the mid-century look with a little contemporary flair. Dubbed the “Serene sofa” this piece comes with an upholstered texture that is considered timeless by most designers. It is easy to assemble and is delivered ready to put together with unique packaging that includes a zip area holding the legs and assembly kit. All hardware is included as well as instructions but you will need to provide your own power (or manual hand) tools for the assembly.

2. Cozy Loveseat

LOKATSE HOME Classic Upholstered 52 Inch Wide Loveseat Sofa

This next piece is perfect for students in small dorms or studio apartment dwellers. But don’t let its small size fool you. This is also a great choice for someone who would like a place to sit in their large bedroom besides the bed. The color works wonderfully with most design themes and the cushions are cushy and comfy. Set this one up on your back patio to be used during those warm summer evenings in which you sit outside and just enjoy the sounds of nature going to bed (and those nocturnal creatures waking up).

3. Square Arm Sofa 

Garren 75.6" Square Arm Sofa

If your dream is a couch that marries comfort and contemporary fashion then this is the piece for you. This Garren sofa has tapered wooden feet and a clean-lined frame. The frame is created from kiln-dried hardwood while the cushions are covered with polyester, one of the most durable fabrics for well-used sofas. Cleaning is easy with polyester and you can either spot-clean or steam-clean for the best results. Loose debris and dirt is easily vacuumed up or can be brushed to the floor for cleaning.

4. Tufted Back Futon 

Naomi Home Tufted Split Back Futon Sofa Gray/Linen

Futons are wonderfully versatile and have a clean look that makes contemporary designs shine. They are also great for overnight guests or when you want to lay down and stream some movies. This one, with the gray linen fabric, will bring a touch of elegance to your space. This sofa is easy to assemble and has hidden compartments at the base. The compartments provide storage for out of season clothing and/or blankets while still providing your guests with a comfortable place to rest.

5. Leather Biscuit Back Convertible

Janni Full 65.7" Wide Faux Leather Biscuit Back Convertible Sofa

Convertible sofas, also known as futons, are a fun way to bring comfort and style into your living room design themes. This one has a retro look from the 60s, the era of mod clothing and lava lamps. With iron legs and leather upholstery, this sofa brings stability and style to any living room. Pair this one with a brightly patterned crocheted afghan and some shag throw pillows to complete the time warp look in your own living room.

6. Tufted Gray Futon

Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Collection Convertible Sofa, L66.1 x W33.1 x H29.5, Charcoal

Here we have a convertible that is a bit more streamlined with tufted cushions. It converts from a setting to a lounging position easily and is the perfect piece for small spaces. The maker uses Click-Clack technology for setting up so assembly is a breeze. The armless look works well with contemporary designs. Use overstuffed throw pillows along the back for support and style and casually drape a throw blanket of plush material over the seat of the futon.

7. Imani Velvet

Imani Velvet 81.5" Wide Square Arm Convertible Sofa

Stepping away from the futons for a bit, this sofa is also a sleeper, which is wonderful when you have overnight guests. It utilizes the mid-century design, a phrase coined in 1984 while remaining simple and elegant. It features track arms and tapered legs to give this piece a silhouette that is reminiscent of retro style choices. You can either modernize this one with sleek throw pillows or play up the retro charm with round pillows featuring a button in the middle.

8. Schramm Sofa Chaise

Schramm 23.6" Round Arms Sofa Chaise

This is a first for this list. Not only is it the only chaise lounge we’ve picked, but it also opens up a unique storage space for board games or anything you might want to keep nearby. The cushion and backrest are made from comfortable materials and it gives the rester up to 58” for stretching out those legs. Picture this one not only in your living room but the master bedroom or the back patio by the pool. It’s that versatile.  

9. The Non-Sofa Sofa

floor seating,floor cushions,arabic seating,arabic cushions,floor sofa,oriental seating,furniture,majlis,jalsa,floor couch,arabic couch - MA 39

For number nine we have a first of many. This piece isn’t a sofa in the Westernized sense. Here we have an Arabic floor sofa handmade in Morocco. While it rests close to the floor, few homes in Morocco don’t have this type of sofa. The cushions and handwoven floor sofa make for wonderful rests and sleeping. With ample bodily support, a stunning handmade design, and a unique approach to sofas – there is nothing to hate and everything to love.

10. HONBAY Sectional

L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space Dark Grey

Sectional sofas are wonderful for those who want comfort and style in their living room. With firm cushions that are also comfortable, those relaxing on this sofa will not have to be concerned about sinking in. It seats three comfortably and is perfect for small spaces. The ottoman portion is movable if you are a fan of rearranging your furniture. It can also be used as a footrest when positioned in front of the seat and elevates the legs with ease.

11. Celestia Stationary Curved Arm Sofa

Celestia Microfiber / Microsuede 78.75" Flared Arm Sofa

This plush sofa is a basic stationary sofa with wide arms that curve just right to give this piece tremendous style without sacrificing the comfort of those who sit on it. The frame is wooden and the upholstery fabric is made from a durable microfiber for soft sits and lazy naps. While this couch offers the family a place to lounge, the style makes it a wonderful centerpiece.

12. Dark Charcoal Sectional With Reversible Chaise

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Of all sofa types, we love sectionals for good reason. You can sleep on them, break them apart into separate pieces, switch around the ottoman to give it a new look, the possibilities are abundant! With this sectional, you get a dark gray that will match any color scheme and upholstery made from linen, which adds elegance to your design. Linen is also quite durable so this sectional will last you quite a while but you can change up the look with throw pillows and blankets.

13. Light Sectional With Ottoman

Sylvette 78.5" Wide Reversible Sofa & Chaise with Ottoman

Made by Sylvette, this sectional has the same benefits that the others we’ve listed offer. It fits small spaces, is reversible, and has plush, firm cushions you won’t sink into. The color of this sofa is lighter than the others we’ve listed, which makes it perfect for those who are not fans of dark colors. If you want to offer spread-out seating for guests – pull the sectional apart at the joins and then put it back together once they leave; easy-peasy.

14. Getting Down With Brown

Nolany Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch for Small Apartment L Shape Sofa Couch

This sofa might be a bit more beige or khaki than brown but, the brown theme of living rooms is a long and old tradition. Brown is known to give those who see it as a sense of reliability and strength. What a fine feeling to have when residing in a living room! If brown is your thing, then this might be the sofa for you. It’s also extremely neutral, allowing you to play with a variety of colors in the form of throw pillows and blankets.

15. Two-Seated Sectional

Alligin 58.27" Wide Reversible Sofa & Chaise with Ottoman

Our final sofa on today’s list is a loveseat sectional, which is unique. The size makes this piece another wonderful option for small spaces or to fit in a large bedroom or possibly an accompanying piece to a larger sofa. The ottoman comes with a secret storage unit for pillows, blankets, or board games. Place this one in front of the television or alongside a bigger couch if you have the room. Smaller in stature – big in comfort is what you find with this pick.


Sofas are an integral part of our lives. We do much more than just sit on them. We visit with loved ones while using them, we spend time with our families, we make memories on our sofas so we deserve the best that our money can buy. 

We hope you enjoyed this piece. If you found it helpful feel free to let us know in the comments section below and share it with your design-loving friends and family. 

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