17 Great Couch Alternatives For Your Living Room


You don’t always have to use a traditional couch in your living room. You can seek other methods of offering seating. You might be looking for these alternative methods because you don’t exactly have the floor space for a full-sized couch and only a loveseat. Let’s break down some of these great alternatives so you can learn how to have a living room without a sofa!

1. Giant Beanbag Chair

Giant Beanbag Chair

Curl up in comfort with an oversized, giant beanbag chair that can easily fit two adults or an adult and their children. Perfect for movie nights or decorating a rec room. The plushy and soft material is not only comfy but stylish, pairing well with just about any decor you might have.

2. Bean Bag

Bean Bag

A beanbag chair is an ideal way to offer sitting arrangements in a smaller living room as they don’t take up as much floor space as traditional seating. Use various sizes to make a cheap floor couch DIY setup but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Drap with beautiful blankets and throw pillows to make the look pop.

3. Wooden Palette Instead Of Classic Couch

Our Pallet Sofa and Table
Image Source: instructables.com

If you have carpentry skills and access to wooden pallets; why not create your own sectional couch that stretches along the walls of the living room? Pallet projects are all the rage right now, too. Go the extra step and take the time to sand the roughness from the pallets and give them a beautiful coat of stain or paint to make them even more beautiful.

4. Tatami And Floor Cushion

Pillows and tatami mat on the floor in japanese dining room interior with flowers. Real photo

Take inspiration from another culture and instead of a traditional couch, use a tatami mat and floor cushions as your seating space. You could really play up the whole oriental theme with this. A simple mat paired with stylish cushions can really open up a space and add seating anywhere you wish. Perfect for large gatherings, too.

5. Japanese Futon Floor

Japanese Futon Floor

This widespread floor couch is basically a futon cushion laid out for floor seating. Comfy and stylish! Toss some oversized pillows down and you’ve got yourself an epic hangout spot. The great thing about this entire idea is that it works to add that fun, extra seating you might need, but it also doubles as a great spare bed for guests.

6. Chairs

mid-sized transitional formal concrete floor and beige floor living room design in Atlanta
Image Source: houzz.com

Increase your amount of floor space by using easy chairs in a semicircle around a decorative coffee table for a modern and sleek look. It’s also easy to move around and adjust the layout of the room this way. The great thing about this idea is that you can have as little as one chair or as many that can fit in the space. Just stack and store away any you don’t need to use.

7. Wooden Bench

Modern living room with wooden bench sofa ,green plant

A low-slung wooden bench provides ample seating without taking up valuable floor space and fits a minimalist theme with ease and style. This could be used in various settings, too, not just living rooms. Just imagine this beauty along the wall next to your bed, or set it at the back of your office for guest seating. 

8. Floor Couch Lounge

Fabric Floor Couch Lounge with 5 Adjustable Reclining Position

A fabric floor couch with a lounging style is always a safe bet for an alternative to a couch. It’s easy to move around, it provides support for the back, and it’s perfect for movie nights. The best feature about this couch alternative is that, unlike an actual sofa, you can fold this up and store it away for heavy traffic such as a party or gathering.

9. Hammock

Decorative chandelier with wooden accessories in living room with hammock and fur on floor

Hammocks just aren’t for taking naps in the sun. Lounge and relax in style with a woven hammock that has wooden support beams. It’s a great way to stretch out and allow the tension of the day to melt away while you relax. Imagine curling up with a good book here!

10. Rattan Chair And Mandela Rug

HEBE 4 Ft Cotton Rugs Round Washable Chic Bohemian Mandala

A hanging rattan chair offers more support for the sitter than a hammock but still provides the same level of relaxation. The best feature of this chair is how little space it takes up. Large enough for two small people, or one person to curl up in. Decorate this style of chair with a colorful Mandala rug!

11. Floor Cushion

Comfortable place for relax near window at home

If you choose to go with a floor cushion, make it even more inviting and comfortable by introducing throw pillows of various sizes to the mix. Add some blankets and you could settle in for the night. The great thing about this idea is that you can mix and match the setup as you please. Change colors, move it around the room, add different textures with blankets.

12. Wicker Mat

Made Terra Flower Shaped Woven Area Rug

Lessen your carbon footprint and increase your green lifestyle choices by using a wicker floor mat made from 100% natural ingredients. And it’s stylish, to boot! Large floor mats like this can easily serve as extra seating space for intimate gatherings so you don’t have to sit on the cold floor.

13. Macramé And Cushion

Comfortable place for rest with cushions near window indoors

Stylish? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. Easily installed and removed? Yes. That is everything you get and more when you go with a macramé floor mat and cushions as your main seating option! Drap it over a bench, stairs, or in the center of the living room. Whatever works for you!

14. Circular Floor Cushion And Throw Pillows

Lindsey Floor Pillow

A floor cushion filled with supportive foam, circular floor cushions provide ample seating surfaces and a comfortable alternative to a couch. Not to mention it’s stylish. You could move this to different rooms, too, as this oversized seating cushion can easily be picked up and moved anywhere you want or need it to be.

15. Moroccan Themed Floor Cushion

Caroline Okun Moorish Moroccan Square Pillow Cover & Insert

Combine style and comfort with a Moroccan-themed floor cushion. These cushions are extremely comfortable with memory foam stuffing and they will suit any décor as the color options are endless. Comfy enough to sleep on! Just throw a few of them together and you’ve got yourself a place to crash for the night.

16. Legless Tatami Chair

Legless Tatami Chair

These legless tatami chairs originated in Japanese culture and they provide major back support (and correct posture) with a headrest that allows you to fully relax into your seated position. Not to mention that they’re super stylish and unique! Cute, stylish, and original. What more could you ask for in a couch alternative?

17. Mattress Settee

Green, velvet mattress settee and work space

A green mattress settee is not only super comfortable and cushiony, it’s also extremely stylish when covered in luxurious velvet fabric! Play up that seventies vibe with added cushions and blankets. Folded in half, it makes for a great loveseat. Stretch it out and you’ve got a cute and comfy bed for guests.

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Whatever the reason you are looking into couch alternatives or a living room without a sofa – you must be pretty pleased to know that there are couch alternatives out there for you. It’s a matter of narrowing down exactly what you are looking for, what you are willing to place in your living room, and how much space you truly have!

Did you recently remodel your living room to remove your couch set? How did it turn out? Do you find that you still have ample seating? We definitely want to hear from you down in the comments below! Also, please feel free to share this article with all interested parties in your social circle.

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