21 Ideas On Colors That Go Well With A Brown Sofa


So you’ve recently purchased or reupholstered a sofa that features solid or patterned brown material. This a wonderful and stylish neutral color – provided that you are aware of how to decorate in this theme. Brown has a natural earthy tone that matches well with almost every color in the rainbow and can go from boring and drab to fabulous with a few well-placed accent pieces.

Not sure what pieces to use? Or what colors to use in your newly renovated living room? Then check out these 21 ideas on colors that go well with a brown sofa!

Brown Psychology

Brown is definitely a color that can come across as drab and boring when it isn’t accented or used right. This feeling or appearance is not only prominent in clothing but also in décor for your home. While some people feel strength and peace when it comes to brown, others think it’s a wasted color and should only be used to create another.

brown background

However, brown is the color of the earth which is the backbone of Mother Nature. It is strong and full of possibilities. It’s the color of the soil that grows food to nourish our bodies, it’s the color of security and resilience as it shows that no matter the initial appearance may be? It can be complemented and changed. It’s a warm color, a comforting color, and even an elegant color when used correctly.

2 Approaches To Brown Sofas In A Room

There are two ways you can approach using brown when it comes to your living room, or more specifically – to your sofa. You can use majority brown colors that are in both light and dark shades to contrast against each other in harmony or you can use a warm shade to increase the overall warmth of the room (and the opposite – cool brown shades to tone down the warmth).

The choice you make is entirely up to you and your preferences as either way isn’t right or wrong. It’s all about how you decorate around your brown couch to showcase your personality that is the important part.

Brown Color Chart

To view a complete and comprehensive brown color chart, please click here. This color chart will allow you to view and learn all the different shades of brown and how they can range from dark to cool tones, dark to light shades so you can use them in cushions and wall color.

Living Room Colors With Brown Couch

1. Grey

Gold tables in front of leather sofa in grey elegant living room interior with mirror and lamp. Real photo

Another neutral color, grey is the ideal background for letting a textured brown leather couch pop! The key is to use a lighter shade of grey that allows the brown to stand out over a dark shade that can overpower the other colors in the room. Use cascading shades of grey as well to offset a deep rich brown that can be dark and dreary. Think plush throw pillows that are almost white at the top and dark grey at the bottom.

2. White

Inspiration for a large timeless open concept and formal medium tone wood floor living room
Image Source: houzz.com

Just like grey walls, white walls are the perfect canvas for allowing all colors, not just brown, to pop against the décor and showcase the décor abilities rather than the paint on the walls. Use these stark white walls to pop colors around the room, for example, a scenic painting with shades of brown, greens, blues, and yellows will bring the room together in a harmonious fashion. A white rug in front of a rich brown sofa is both classic and elegant.

3. Cream

Classical design of living room. 3d render

Not as stark as pure white, softer cream colors are great for warming up the room when used in strategic locations; such as this example. The cream-colored coffee table compliments the dark brown couch and gold throw pillows. Truly stylish décor uses the same color palette but ranges in shades from light to dark to bring the room together without jarring contrasts of color. Golden detailing around the room is the perfect finishing touch.

4. Teal

Ibiza 80.3" Flared Arm Sofa

Teal is a color that is on the blue spectrum and nothing goes better with a medium brown couch than this one! The contrast of blue walls and a brown couch (in a lighter to medium shade) is something that is straight out of the outside! Take inspiration from nature and use blue skies with rich earth to bring the outside into your living room. Make sure it’s not jarring colors, however, but muted ones to soften the visuals.

5. Beige

Beige minimalistic living room interior with panoramic windows, a brown leather sofa

When you are going for a minimalist design scheme, you definitely want to incorporate earthy tones such as brown leather couches against beige walls with black hanging light fixtures. Use decorative items and artwork for subtle but not overpowering touches of color. Mosaic pictures or knick-knacks work great for a minimalist design scheme as they become the focal point while everything else is a complimentary background, soft and matching.

6. Red

Brown Acoustic Guitar Leaning on Brown Velvet Couch

Two of the most common colors found in nature would obviously go extremely well together, wouldn’t they? That is why brown and red is such a popular color combination! It doesn’t matter what shades you use, they will complement each other in perfect harmony for a color combination that is classic, traditional, modern, and creative all at the same time. Use deep rich brown with a deep red; the key is to use similar intensity shades.

7. Tan

Interior design scene of modern apartment with living room and dinner room in wood and brown colors

The key to using tan as your accent colors and using it as the wall paint is to use a light tan against dark brown or deep tan against light brown. You want the colors to pop individually and in harmony! Pops of color are easier on the eyes for everyone than having a room that is filled to the brim with color. You want soft and elegant décor in your living room as this is the room where memories are created through social gatherings and family functions.

8. Brick

Furniture in spacious brown room

There is something unique about exposed brick walls. It is both rustic and modern at the same time, and it is a beautiful canvas to display a variety of colors – including all shades of brown. Exposed brick is found in older homes and the trend is becoming more prominent in newer homes as well. That is because it is a décor theme that will never go out of style.

9. Blue

Modern evening interior of living room with sofa, floor lamp against of brown wall 3d render

Blue is an extremely versatile color that matches well with all shades of brown. It might have something to do with the fact that both shades are found in nature and pairing two together is the same as looking at the earth and sky. Nature has a way of pairing colors that complement and contrast with each other in an easy, seamless manner; so use that inspiration when decorating your home.

10. Yellow

Inspiration for a timeless living room remodel in San Francisco with yellow walls
Image Source: houzz.com

Yellow is an instant mood-boosting with its bright and cheery display. Pairing brown furniture, including couches with yellow, instantly brings a level of warmth to the room that was previously non-existent. Yellow instantly makes people feel happy, warm, safe, and secure – similar to the feeling you get when you are outside during those long summer days that blend into long summer evenings. Mimic this effect by pairing yellow and brown, and watch as your living room becomes the favorite of the household.

11. Mustard

Cozy family room with light tone walls, old-fashioned furniture, marble table, classic red rug and stoned background fireplace

Mustard is found in the yellow color wheel but it is not as bright and stark as pure yellow. This color has brownish tints within the confines and pairing it with brown couches picks this up in a stylish manner. The shades of brown are subtle and almost non-existent but with the right touches, such as throw pillows and plush blankets, you are able to pick them up with ease and in a stylish manner. Mustard is a forgotten color and associated with the 60s but it can be surprisingly modern as well.

12. Black

Black living room with sofa
Image Source: instagram.com

You wouldn’t think that black would pair nicely with brown, but as you can see by this example, you are mistaken. Black as an accent color is beautiful when the walls are broken up with wall art and the accent pieces around the brown couch have black detailing. The neutrality of this color combination makes it an ideal canvas to display any brightly colored artwork that you have and this can provide little pops of color throughout the room.

Curtains For Brown Sofa

13. Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow living room with brown sofa
Image Source: hgtv.com

To instantly brighten up a room that has brown detailing and a deep brown couch – try sunny yellow curtains that induce the space with a level of warmth while maintaining privacy. You can even get curtains now that have darkening panels on the inside so the light doesn’t penetrate through them during nighttime hours and they offer the utmost highest level of privacy.

14. Cherry Red

Inspiration for a transitional formal and open concept dark wood floor and brown floor living room
Image Source: houzz.com

If painting your walls red is not quite the bold look you were going for, you can still use accents of cherry red to brighten up the room! The trick is to use the same color curtains and throw pillows. You can even use a shag rug in the same shade under the coffee table to offset the curtains – the coffee table mutes the red but it doesn’t erase it. Just don’t go overboard as it can look too contrived and tacky.

15. Brown

Living room, interior design

Brown curtains against a brown couch? Must look boring right? Not exactly! As evidenced by the example here, brown curtains look amazing when paired with a similarly but not the same shade, brown couch. The key is to use similar but not exact shades to offset each other. A deep brown couch and a set of medium brown curtains isn’t boring but instead, it is classy and understated – which is what all good décor themes should be.

16. Sand

Sand living room with brown sofa
Image Source: instagram.com

Sand-colored accents are stunning when paired with a deeper brown couch (or even a medium brown one). you want to avoid pairing sand curtains with a light brown couch because it could look washed out and that is not the look you are going for! When using a lighter-colored curtain, pair them with dark furniture. The lighter curtains brighten up the room while the dark furniture ties the overall visual together.

17. Aztec Gold

Large luxury contemporary studio apartment with classic kitchen and living room interior

Aztec Gold is a unique shade as it contains elements of yellow, elements of grey, and even elements of brown – making it a beautiful complimentary color to brown couches and furniture sets. The light reflecting through these curtains will create a stunning display of color and still be dark enough to maintain your privacy. Tie them back with a braided rope of gold or tan for the cherry on the top of the sundae.

18. Crisp White

Real photo of leather lounge standing in bright living room interior

Crisp white curtains gently fluttering the breeze, allowing the warm sunshine to spread across the floors of the room. Sounds like a novel right? Make it a reality by pairing crisp white curtains with your brown couch. Use a thicker material to prevent light from streaming into the room or use a lighter material such as linen for a sheer, gauzy effect. The key is to make sure the curtains are 100% white for this look.

Rugs That Go With Brown Couches

19. Light Grey

Light Grey living room with sofas

A light grey and fluffy rug is the best thing to warm those cold toes in the morning, while you sit on your stylish brown couch slipping a fresh mug of perked coffee. Pairing together in harmony, these shades can be matched through shrug pillows and little decorative items, such as coasters and pewter picture frames. Don’t use too much though, because you don’t want to wash out the room but enhance it.

20. Geometric Rug

Modernized yet simple living room with dark hardwood floor and fireplace.

A geometric rug is the best way to incorporate multiple colors at once into your décor in a stylish and fun pattern. You can purchase these styles of rugs in all sizes and textures. Choose a knitted rug in complementary shades of blues, browns, and red with a dark black border for an elegant look. Choose a rug big enough to fit under the couch while still peeking around the edges for little glimpses of color.

21. Cream

Living Room With White Sofa and Brown Wooden Coffee Table

A solid cream rug with the slightest hint of texture is a surefire way to bring all the décor in the room together in one fell swoop. Use a larger area rug to allow the color to peek out around the coffee table. A shag or plush rug wouldn’t work in this sense as it would compete with the décor which is why you want to go for a tightly knitted or braided rug. Think classic and rustic over flashy.


Brown, when contrasted or accented right, can become one of the prettiest colors to use in the decorating of any room of the home. That is why it is important to know what colors work best with brown and how you can match it into your current theme or a new one!

Did you recently purchase or reupholster a couch with a brown material (even leather)? Then we want to know what colors you used to accent your newest addition! Please feel free to share the article as well with your family and friends to provide them with decorating tips.

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