31 Of The Best Champagne Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures


When it comes to renovating your bathroom and replacing light fixtures, along with the matching door handles and accessories (towel rack, toilet tissue holder) – people tend to stick along the lines of stainless steel or gold. The lesser-known family member, however, is the champagne bronze light fixtures. Not as deeply warm in terms of the yellow as the gold but not as cold and stark as the grey, champagne bronze light fixtures are starting to become popular among the masses.

What is Champagne Bronze?

Champagne bronze is a shade of yellow that can be used as a finish on major appliances, fixtures, and other household items. It is a deeper yellow than just bronze but has a vintage look that is more along the lines of a gold. Champagne bronze has also been described by some as a brushed copper tone.

Wall Fixture

1. Golden Bronzwe Wallchiere

Eliza 1 - Light Dimmable Golden Bronze Wallchiere

This delicate light fixture is designed to resemble creeping ivy that can be grown to travel up a wall or other hard surface. With a long vine and multiple leaves that have enough small detail to be life-like; this fixture is a wonderful addition to a gardener’s bathroom. The vine wraps around the bowl that holds the lightbulb, offering a warm, yellow glow.

2. Dual Bathroom Light

Capital Lighting 120521CG-422 Two Light Vanity

This champagne bronze light fixture has a beautiful finish through the construction, and it features two bulbs instead of the traditional one. It will offer a large range of light for your bathroom and provide more illumination over your vanity mirror. The bulbs are protected by a frosted glass cylinder that makes changing the bulb a breeze!

3. Three-Bulb Light Fixture

Bartholomew 3-Light Bronze Vanity light

If you think that two light bulbs are ideal; then imagine the beauty of having three bulbs that are hung from a modern and sleek fixture. This fixture has both champagne bronze coloring along with stark black for a powerful but also neutral contrast. The three bulbs are left free-hanging without a protective glass but that just completes the look.

4. Antique Bronze Lights

Phansthy Antique Industrial Wall Lamp 2 Lights Wall Sconce Light with Dual 5.6 Inches Dome Glass Lamp Shade(Antique)

Are you the type of person that prefers the look of a vintage product over new and modern? If you are an old soul, showcase that in the type of light fixtures that you have in your home. This light fixture has the looks of a vintage piece rescued from the rubble but it’s a brand new light fixture with all the modern technology.

5. Mahogany and Bronze Light Fixture

Turcotte 7-Light Wood Mahogany Bronze Vanity Light

This seven bulb light fixture combines two vastly different materials for a stunning look. Using both champagne bronze and mahogany; this light fixture is luxurious. The neutral colors allow it to fit into any existing color scheme that is in your bathroom and the light bulbs are protected from breakage by the antique-styled glass globes.

6. Industrial Lights

Black Vanity Light - Industrial Bathroom Lights

This light fixture is attractive in its design, and it’s not intrusive or overstated, so it would fit well in a contemporary design. Sconces like this one are lovely because of their versatility. You can let the bulbs sit across from each other horizontally, or you can set it up, so the line is vertical. You can even set it up lopsided if you choose. 

7. Brushed Champagne and Clear Glass

Orwell 1 Light Bath Vanity Brushed Champagne Bronze

Sometimes you just want to go with a classic look, and these sconces are as classic as they come. The champagne color works well with all color schemes, and they are adjustable to either point upward or down, depending on your preference. The clear glass will make sure your room is well lit.

8. Copper Kettle

Antique Copper Donovan 2 - Light Dimmable Vanity Light

If you can’t find champagne, you can get the next best thing, which is copper. It’s not that copper is a luxury item, but the color works well with champagne themes. These particular sconces will give your bathroom the antique look of your dreams. Like the others, this sconce can be set up or down, depending on how you want to set it up.


9. Contemporary Brass Chandelier

Verona 4 Light Contemporary Intersecting Pendant - Satin Brass - Linea di Liara LL-CH18-3SB

This interconnected brass light fixture would be at home in your renovated bathroom or in any room of your home. It has four frosted glass globes to protect the light bulbs while throwing magnificent shadows over the walls of your bathroom. You can even adjust the hanging height of this beauty.

10. Futuristic Hanging Globes

Futuristic Hanging Globes
Image Source: houzz.com

Renovating your bathroom to a modern and updated look? Then check out these amazing hanging globes that light your bathroom with ease while looking like something out of a futuristic television show. These frosted glass globes are topped with champagne bronze trims for a neutral look that is both fresh and exciting.

11. Mini Pendant LED Chandelier

Westinghouse Lighting 6355300 Cava One-Light Dimmable LED Indoor Mini Pendant, Champagne Brass

Those who are committed to living a greener lifestyle turn to LED lighting systems for their needs and this mini hanging pendant light is no different. Using LED technology, this hanging pendant is adjustable in terms of the lighting, so you are able to brighten and dim your lights in the bathroom as desired.

12. Dimple Light Fixture

Dimple Pendant Light Fixture - Medium

For those who crave a more artistic look when it comes to their home décor and enjoys  non-traditional items will love this dimpled globe hanging light. The oil-rubbed bronze finish on the hanging rod ups the ante when it comes to this look and artistic souls will rejoice when this light is displayed in the home.

13. Twisted Hanging Light

Westinghouse Lighting 6369700 One-Light Indoor Pendant Light, Champagne Brass Finish

This hanging light has got to be one of the coolest bronze finished lights around. Its interconnecting pieces surround the socket for the light bulb while a solid rod allows this light to cascade from the ceiling. The height is also adjustable so you can determine how low you want this light to hang.

14. Strands of Lights

Industrial Cage Pendant Chandelier

In this example, the light fixtures aren’t champagne like the last few we’ve seen. Instead, the bathroom is champagne dominant, and the sconces offset the color with their dark wiring and exciting shades. A chandelier of this kind will give the whole room light and works well in an industrialized setting.


15. Brushed Bronze Vanity Light

Brushed Bronze Vanity Light

This stationary vanity light fixture completes the room with its bronze finish and three bulb lighting system. It is designed so that the bulbs look like they are curving out of the stationary metal plate which definitely brings a touch of class to the room. The sockets are powered to accept light bulbs up to 80 watts so you can determine how bright you want the room.

16. Modern Starburst Light

Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Modern Metal Starburst 2-Light Wall Sconce Lamp, Bulbs Included, 17.5"H, Antique Gold

For those who are searching for a different type of light and want something that is not like anything else in the stores; you want to check out this starburst light. With beams pointing in both upward and downward directions, the light bulbs (that are included) reflect off the beams to create a stunning display of lighting on your wall.

17. Oval Brushed Bronze Light

Oval Brushed Bronze Light

This brushed bronze finished vanity light features frosted, large oval globes made from glass to protect the light bulbs inside. These globes help dim the lights naturally which is easier on the eyes and also provides ample lighting for the room. Its stationary plate fixes to the wall for easy installation that will last for a lifetime.

18. Three Light Fixture

Westinghouse Lighting 6352800 Chaddsford Three-Light Indoor Wall Fixture, Champagne Brass

Do you find that your current lighting system in your bathroom is dingy and doesn’t exactly reflect and light up the room the way you want it to? Then check out this brushed champagne bronze light fixture that has three frosted globes for light bulbs to illuminate the entire room with style.

19. Modern Wall Sconce

Toska Modern Wall Sconce Single Bulb Mid Century Industrial Vanity Light

This simple single-light wall sconce is compact in terms of size but powerful in terms of light. With a choice of a solid black or brass backing plate for installation, this light will match in with any current color scheme. It also features a brass socket for a solitary light bulb for a simplistic but flattering overall look.

20. LED Single Light Wall Sconce

Berbella Gold Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture - Farmhouse Modern Sconce Bathroom Single Light with LED Edison Bulb Included

A wall sconce that not only looks good but will also reduce your utility bills as it burns less electricity than your typical light? Sounds really good! This modern wall sconce uses a single LED light bulb for illumination and is designed in a pillar-style socket for an eye-catching look.

21. Long and Lean

Dark Bronze Norfolk 1

These wall fixtures are a lovely way to spruce up any room, including a bathroom. The champagne color adds a touch of class, and the length makes these sconces unique. They could make small spaces seem more significant by bringing your eyes up and down with their bronzy, elongated body. 

22. Contemporary Cups

Modern Wall Light - Dual Wall Sconce - Brass

Here we have a light fixture unlike any we’ve seen thus far. The duality is an excellent touch, so you don’t have to decide which way to position this sconce. The golden cups have a unique look that you won’t find on many sconces. They could be positioned left to right, or horizontally, if you prefer that style. 

23. Juno Brushed Brass

Juno Brushed Brass 3 Light Wall Sconce Bathroom Fixture

Brass is another great alternative when decorating a champagne bathroom. These fixtures offer three lights, which means you would need less to brighten up your space. The square base with the tubular glass gives this option a contemporary feel, which works well with many designs. One on each side of your mirror should do well.

Ceiling Lights

24. Brass Ceiling Light

Minka Lavery Flush Mount Ceiling Light Harbour Point 4365-249 2 Light 120 watt (6"H x 13"W) Glass Brass

If a hanging light fixture or wall light fixture is not what you are looking for in terms of a bathroom light, then check out this frosted glass globe combined with a bronze finish ceiling light. It installs flush to the ceiling and changing the lightbulb is a breeze with its accessible openings.

25. Three Light Ceiling Light

Torpoint 3-Light Semi Flush Mount

This stylish ceiling light has a brushed brass geometric finish with small circles that are connected with a single piece of metal for a truly stunning look. The globe that houses the light bulb is frosted glass which completes the look of this fixture. Will come down slightly on the ceiling.

26. Semi-Flush Mounted Ceiling Light

Craftmade 45551-SB Piltz Orb Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting, 1-Light 40 Watt (15"Dia x 13"H), Satin Brass

Interlocking rings with a satin brass finish gives this ceiling light fixture a modern and stylish design. It has a clear glass globe which houses the light bulb but due to the smaller openings; only chandelier light bulbs are recommended but the reflection from the circular ring leaves a gorgeous pattern on the walls.

27. Semi-Flush Mounted Ceiling Light

Piper 3-Light 12" Semi Flush Mount

Drawing inspiration from classic ceiling mounted lights, this brass-finished light has a clear glass globe that is surrounded by a thick line of metal for a classic, elegant look. It does house two light bulbs which provide more than ample light for the bathroom and the two screws that are used for secure installation are covered by solid brass pieces to avoid ruining the overall design.

28. Mounted Ceiling Light

Minka Lavery Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light 4177-249, Harbour Point Glass Lighting Fixture, 3 Light, Liberty Gold

If you want to go larger when it comes to your champagne bronze ceiling light, then you will want to check out this option. It can hold three light bulbs at one time and you can even use dimmer light bulbs in this ceiling fixture. The only part of this light fixture that is not champagne bronze is the frosted glass shade from which the light pours through.

29. On The Ceiling

Gold Dual Shade Wide Drum Ceiling Light

Not all bathroom light fixtures have to be on the wall on either side or above the mirror. While that placement is pretty standard, there are plenty of bathrooms that use a light on the ceiling, like most other rooms in the house. This ceiling light is contemporary and would give any champagne bathroom a step up in decor. 

30. Industrial Ceiling Fixtures

Flush Mount Ceiling - Vintage Bronze
Image Source: www.houzz.com

This light fixture isn’t champagne but it would work well in a bathroom focused on that shade because of the brass sockets and the black wiring. Ceiling lights are a great option if you don’t have room to put sconces on the wall or you can do both, which will give you many options when looking in the mirror. 

31. Classic

Mallot Ceiling Light Semi Flush Mount Fixture Oil Rubbed Bronze

Here we have a fixture that can work in almost any bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you are focusing on champagne, teal, yellow, or anything. The classic round glass with the iron frame gives this fixture versatility, which is great if you like to redecorate. Ceiling lights offer a nice glow from above, which is nice when viewing your reflection.


You don’t always have to stick with traditional stainless steel and gold bathroom light fixtures but instead, you can branch out to champagne bronze. With its warm color tone and neutral base; you will not regret making the change to these fixtures.

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