53 Best Shower Stall Kits Including One Piece And Other Types


Check out our guide all about the different types of showers that are available and how they are installed. They could be the type that is in pieces and must be installed separately or over your existing bathtub or they could be shower stall kits that come in one singular unit that has everything you need for installation. That is why today we are going to look at the 53 best shower stall kits and shower inserts including one piece and the other types. From prefab to stand up, and showers with a seat and even multi-piece kits. This list has it all.

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One Piece Shower Stall

1. H Frame Rectangle Shower Stall and Base

DL-6147L-01 Qwall 60" W x 75.63" H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall

This shower stall kit is installed in the existing place of your current shower. It features the back panels, the side panels, and the base itself. You will need enough space for your existing plumbing to connect into the shower enclosure but once that step is done; it’s only a matter of installing the panels and base as per the instructions and connecting the water flow to be able to enjoy your new shower easily. 

2. Durastall Shower Ideas

Mustee 80 32" x 32" Durastall Shower Stall CVD
Image Source: plumbersstock.com

A great way to change up and improve your current master shower, this shower stall kit has everything you need to make the magic happen. It is deemed a “shower in a box” as the entire unit is what you get. This type of shower enclosure is ideal for a cabin or a cottage as it has everything you need for installation. It’s also a good option if you are looking to put a small stand-up shower in your ensuite bathroom.  

3. Commercial Shower Stall with Grab Bars and Seat

Freewill 45" x 37-1/4" x 84" One-Piece Barrier-Free Transfer Commercial Shower Stall

Ideal for those with elderly people living in their household or those with physical limitations due to injuries and more. The grab bars are installed directly onto the shower enclosure and the accompanying seat is slotted into the frame so there is no worry about stability of the shower enclosure. A brushed stainless steel finish and industrial plastic ensures that this one won’t rust or have discoloration after use but it is a good idea to wash down the enclosure part periodically.

4. One-Piece Shower with Seat

Laurel Mountain Ashland White 36-in x 60-in x 77.25-in Acrylic One-Piece Kit
Image Source: lowes.com

Like the previous entry, this shower stall includes a seat and three stainless steel grab bars for safety. The larger entryway also makes this shower stall a wise choice as it is 6 inches compared to three or four inch models. This is a good option for those that are recovering from an injury and need assistance in the shower or someone who has mobility issues and uses a walker/wheelchair. The one-piece enclosure (including the seat) makes installation a snap.

5. Framed Rectangle Shower Stall and Base

KS48-94 48" W x 72" H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall

Looking to step outside the box of designs when it comes to your shower stall kit and get something other than the typical white? Then you’re in luck when it comes to this shower stall kit. The solid color transforms this shower from ordinary into a piece of the décor with ease and becomes part of the overall theme of your bathroom. It does have framing so you are able to pop this shower stall kit into place and hook up the plumbing then you are done!

6. Standard Valve Kit

Standard Valve Kit One Piece Low Threshold Shower AcrylX
Image Source: ellasbubbles.com

This standard shower stall kit has a 4-inch step up into the shower itself for easy entry and exit while still looking clean and fresh. This allows the shower to sit off the floor which leads to lesser amounts of wear and tear on the bracing. The standard shower valve controls the water pressure and temperature without allowing a large amount of variation. This one is great for a quick makeover without extensive amounts of work done to the bathroom. 

7. Sterling Plumbing Shower Kit

STERLING 72290103-V-0 Accord 36-Inch x 60-Inch x 74-1/2-Inch Shower Kit with Seat and Grab Bars, White

A stationary seat provides safety and support during the showering process and additional safety features include grab bars not just on the back of the shower stall but also next to the entrance. Excellent for someone who has mobility issues or is recovering from an injury that can limit movement. The grab bars provide a safe entrance and exit to/from the shower while the grab bars located inside the shower allows a person to confidently shower without a fear of falling.

8. Marble Shower Wall Kit

Transolid SWK363696-48 Saramar 36"x36"x96" Shower Wall Kit
Image Source: houzz.com

This item doesn’t come with the base, but you can purchase three panels in Biscotti Marble to renovate and revamp your existing shower. These panels not only look great, they can easily be glued onto your current panels. Cosmetic in nature, these panels will easily brighten and transform your bathroom from drab to luxurious with its rich marbling texture. You would have to contact the manufacturer for information regarding a base or if a panel can be purchased for the flooring of your existing shower stall.

9. Standard Framed Rectangle Shower Stall

6030 BF 5P .75 C-WH STD Standard Framed Rectangle Shower Stall

Included in this kit are the shower base, the back-wall panel, and the side panel with a center drain in the middle of the base. It also includes an opening on the top of the shower for a light if you choose to put it in there. Choose an inverted pot light for a soft glow within the shower, Warm light bulbs will give off a softer glow than cool toned ones (they are bright and stark).

10. 2-Piece Shower Kit

DreamLine Visions White 2-Piece 60-in x 32-in x 75-in Alcove Shower Kit
Image Source: lowes.com

If you are only in the market for a new shower base and floor, then this is the kit for you. You would use your existing shower walls and structure, but the base will fit onto the floor to protect it from further damage. If the current floor and base is in need of repair but the panels are still intact (and in prime condition), then you don’t want to spend the money to replace the entire enclosure – this standard kit is universal and should match in easily.

11. Full Shower Stall

Shower Stall, Free-Standing, 32 x 32-In.
Learn more at: truevalue.com

Want an easy and convenient shower stall kit that installs with minimal changes to your existing shower stall? Then check out this shower stall kit that is essentially a shower in a box. Simply remove the existing showing stall from the base, remove the base, and pop this one in its stead, hook up your plumbing, and shower away with ease.

12. H Frame Square Shower Stall

DL-6195C-01 QWALL-4 32" W x 76.75" H Framed Square Shower Stall

A frosted glass floor for privacy? Check. Side panels and a back wall panel? Check. A shower base? Check. How about a tile pattern on the walls that look both stylish and modern? Check. Shower stalls don’t have to be boring but instead, they can be part of the decor when you choose the right patterns to showcase your creative side. Use accessories within the bathroom to pick up on the little bits of color within this choice.

13. Alcove Shower Kit

Alcove Shower Kit, Biscuit
Image Source: houzz.com

Looking for a shower stall that provides storage and a seat for safety? Then you’ve found it in this shower stall kit. Not sure if you want the seat on the left or right side of the shower? Then move it as per the instructions. The moveable seat makes it easy to adapt to those with mobility issues and those who might favor one side over the other for seating. Seat can be moved after installation is complete.

14. H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall and Base

6030CTSML-BI 60" W x 80.34" H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall

When you want options in the style and color of your shower stall kit, then you want to choose one that gives you more than two, don’t you? Then how about six? This pick has six different styles to choose from so you don’t have to worry about spending your hard earned money on the same shower stall that everyone and their parents currently have in their bathroom. The choice is yours!

15. Premier Shower Stall

DURASTALL® Premier Shower Stall 32” x 32” Standard Base
Learn more at: mustee.com

Most people who are changing up their shower stall want the replacement to be simple and easy to install. That is what this shower stall is – simple and easy to install as it comes ready to move in the place of your existing shower. These types of shower stalls install directly onto the existing base without having to move around plumbing. They also eliminate the need for extensive renovations that comes when you tear up a room in the home.

16. Glass Shower Stall

Interior of modern bathroom with red and white walls

Are you the type of person that wants a truly unique and modern shower stall? Then how about a clear glass shower stall that only has color on the trim pieces? Use the color on the trim to match into the overall color scheme for the bathroom. It’s the little details such as matching soap dishes and toothbrush holders that capture the eye while showing off your inner designer.

17. H Frame Square Shower Stall

KS36-96 36" W x 72" H Framed Square Shower Stall and Base Included

With gorgeous neutral colors like Almond Sky and Seashore, this shower stall is a perfect square to fit into smaller bathrooms that might not be suitable for larger shower stalls. If you are working with a smaller bathroom, choose a shower stall that is designed for narrow spaces. The neutral colors will brighten up the room and make it look bigger than it actually is as well.

18. White Shower with Center Drain

MAAX® 32"W x 34"D x 73"H White Shower with Center Drain (1-Piece)
Learn more at: menards.com

You will need to know exactly where your studs are in the wall for installing this shower stall but once you find them? You only must install one piece as this kit is the complete shower stall in a box. Use a stud diner to eliminate the guesswork and to protect your walls from potential damage. The hardware for installation should be provided with the shower kit as well.

19. Square Pivot Shower Enclosure

DL-6217C-01CL Flex 32" x 76.75" Square Pivot Shower Enclosure with Base Included

Stylish, sleek, modern, gorgeous – these are just a few words that can be used to describe this shower stall. This SlimLine shower stall is made smaller to fit into any bathroom you can imagine and it features a pivoting shower door. The pivoting door requires minimal physical effort to move but the sealing strip will create an airtight seal to prevent any water from pooling onto your bathroom floor while the shower is in use.

20. Right-Hand Tub and Shower

Everyday 60 x 30 x 73-1/4 in. Right-Hand Tub and Shower in White
Image Source: ferguson.com

For those who want both a tub and a shower in their bathroom, this kit has both. It’s a tub-shower hybrid model with a smooth wall finish. Storage can be found in the molded storage shelves that are built right into the wall panels. Use these shelves for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to prevent clutter in the shower. Switch to the bathtub when you are in the mood for a nice long, and relaxing soak in hot water.

21. Dreamline Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Visions 30 in. D x 60 in. W x 76 3/4 in. H Sliding Shower Door

This all-in-one shower star includes a glass sliding shower door along with the base, back panels, and side panels for a one-stop purchase. The direct to stud installation allows easy installation into any existing bathroom. The sliding glass door maintains your privacy during showering while letting in the natural (and artificial) light in your bathroom to illuminate the stall. Once slid into the “closed” position, an airtight seal is created to prevent water damage. 

22. Wheelchair Accessible Shower

Freedom Accessible Shower 54” x 37”
Image Source: rehabmart.com

Perfect for those who need a wheelchair-accessible shower, this kit includes a self-supported and pre-leveled base to ensure maximum safety. Equipped and designed to handle the weight of the occupant along with their wheelchair; this shower stall has a larger entrance than most, allowing a wheelchair to move inside, turn, and leave with ease. The pre-leveled base ensures that the floor is smooth without any dips or bumps that could cause issues.  

23. H Framed Rectangle Sliding Shower Stall

KS48-S08 48" W x 72" H Framed Rectangle Sliding Shower Stall

This complete shower kit has not only the walls, the base, and the shower door but also includes towel bars and shelving for great storage options! This is truly your entire shower and storage stall in a single kit. Installation instructions are included, as well as any required hardware, but you will need to supply your own plumbing if needed. Install this one, set up your toiletries, and turn on the water to use. It’s truly that simple.

24. 2-Piece Alcove Shower Kit

DreamLine QWALL-5 White 2-Piece 48-in x 36-in x 77-in Alcove Shower Kit
Image Source: lowes.com

Smaller bathroom? No problem when you install a low-profile threshold-designed shower stall like the one shown here. This type of shower stall is made for smaller and narrower spaces, providing all the amenities of a full-size shower but without taking up the same amount of floor space. Perfect for those in their first home or apartment. Installation is straight forwarded and shouldn’t require professional contractors. 

25. H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall and Base Included

6030CTSML-BI 60" W x 80.34" H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall and Base Included

A frosty glass shower door and a fully encased frame makes this shower stall sweet. Know what sweetens the deal even more? It has five storage shelves. That’s right – five! Protect your privacy and your toiletries at the same time when you install this shower stall. The frosted glass allows for light to filter into the shower without exposing your bits to the world while the five shelves work perfectly for all your toiletries – even those you only use on special occasions.

26. Steam Shower Enclosure

59 in. x 32 in. x 87.4 in. Steam Shower Enclosure Kit in Black
Image Source: homedepot.com

Looking to upgrade your current shower into something more relaxing, soothing, and steamy? Then you want to install a steam shower enclosure! The steam shower enclosure produces a larger than normal amount of steam to penetrate the pores, soothe sore muscles, and it gives you a spa experience every single morning. The steam works with the water pressure to produce a nice amount. The worst thing about this shower is that you won’t want to leave it once you get in!

27. Alcove H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall

RKWF4847-94 Alcove 48" W x 75" H Framed Rectangle Shower Stall and Base Included

Not sure how to glue the panels to your existing tile or water-proof wallboard? Don’t worry – this kit includes the adhesive you will need to set, secure, and install the base along with the panels. Use a squeegee to smooth down the panels slowly and evenly during installation. This diminishes and removes any unsightly bumps or dips that could throw the entire look of your shower off. Work at a slower pace until you get into the groove because you don’t want to ruin the panels on the first attempt of installation.

28. Glass Enclosed Shower

realistic 3d render of shower

This fully enclosed shower stall has walls of glass for a modern and expensive look. As the panels are installed onto the existing walls, you have the choice of how big you want your new shower stall to be. You can easily move the shower to the right or left, widen the entrance, and more as long as you can install your plumbing into the shower stall without a major renovation. Perfect for those renovating their entire bathroom.

29. Frameless Hinged Shower Door

DreamLine Unidoor Plus 45 1/2 - 46 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless Hinged Shower Door

The ideal shower for your newly renovated bathroom, this hinged shower door doesn’t have any notable framing for a stunning visual look. It is reversible for a left or right door opening and the hinges are solid brass. A modern take on the shower stall, this minimalist but impactful shower stall will impress those around you as easily as it soothes the stresses of the day away and swirls them down the drain.

Corner Shower Stalls

30. Corner Shower Enclosure

SUNNY SHOWER Corner Shower Enclosure

When dealing with a smaller bathroom, sometimes it’s easier and more convenient to install a corner shower like the option shown here. This double sliding glass door design makes the walk-in width even bigger. The corner option leaves the majority of the floor space open to use in terms of other bathroom furniture or walking space. The corners of the home are severely underutilized which is a shame, really, as it can open up so much space in the home, not just the bathroom.

31. Square Hinged Shower Enclosure

VG6011BNCL363W Monteray 36.12" W x 79.25" H Square Hinged Shower Enclosure with Base Included

Sleek and stylish, this shower enclosure kit includes the base and the door for your corner shower. Completely frameless for a modern look, this statement shower is made from solid and thick glass to prevent breakage. Make the most of your smaller space (or even your big space) as the frameless design allows light to filter in and out of the bathroom with ease, brightening it even more.

32. Cabin Style Shower

empty modern shower cabin in a bathroom in dlue colors

When it comes to your corner shower, you want it to be clean, simple, and have enough features to make it worth your while to install it. That is what a cabin style shower is – a shower stall that is at home in a small remote cabin or cottage as it is in your main residence. Providing all the amenities you need, this shower stall is great for those who are on a tight budget but would like to oomph up their bathroom.

33. Black Framed Pivoting Shower Door

Jana 48 in. x 75 in. Framed Pivoting Shower Door Enclosure and Base Kit with Clear Glass in Matte Black
Image Source: homedepot.com

For a modern and updated look, this shower enclosure mimics the look of window panes when it comes to the panels and the door of the shower. The shower base is pure white while the frames on the glass panels are a matte black. It’s a creative and artistic take on the generic shower stall while the neutral colors allow you to have fun when it comes to pops of color within the same room. It’s the perfect background to let your creative side out!

34. Glass Corner Shower

realistic 3d render of shower

To make a small bathroom look more open and increase the visual amount of space you have; you want to use lots of natural lighting and glass. This not only brightens up the room with illumination, the reflections of the room in the glass allows it to appear bigger than it really is. This sense of a bigger room prevents it from being cramped and dark but instead, makes a smaller bathroom just as cozy as a big one.

35. Free Standing Shower Stall

Shower Stall, Free Standing, MNPT, 74 3/4 H

A freestanding shower is ideal for smaller bathrooms and for corner showers as you don’t have to worry as much about the location of the shower. This shower stall will install wherever there is available plumbing in your bathroom. The movable shower stall can be positioned in a place where it is easily accessible but won’t cramp or clutter up the room, allowing other bathroom furniture (the vanity, etc.) the space it needs to be useful.

36. Chrome and Glass Corner Shower

MAAX 32" Mediterranean III 3 Piece Polystyrene Corner Shower Cabinet
Image Source: homehardware.ca

Eye-catching chrome detailing is the first thing you will notice about this corner shower but then on the second look? You notice that the walls and door are completely made from frosted glass for privacy. Modern and minimalist at the same time, these types of luxurious shower stalls provide a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The detailing allows you to play with different themes and colors as well.

37. Pivot Shower Kit and Base

15SKA-HARB48-SATAC 47.99'' W x 81.5'' H Frameless Rectangle Pivot Shower Kit

When you want an easily installed shower stall kit that includes all the pieces you will need from the drain to the panels – you want to go with something like this option. Shower stalls like this that provide the complete kits allow you to easily and efficiently change out your current stall without having to hire an expensive contractor. You simply change out your shower stall for your new enclosure and you are good to go!

38. Brushed Nickel Shower Enclosure

DreamLine Prism Plus 36" x 36" Shower Enclosure, Brushed Nickel - White Base Kit
Image Source: houzz.com

This neo-angle shower enclosure uses a contemporary style to showcase the magic within. The ClearMax coating prevents both water stains and stains of other origins. The brushed nickel finish prevents any rust or discoloration from forming after long-term use while cleaning is simple because of the coating. To keep the brushed nickel looking fresh, use the proper cleaning products as recommended and consult with the instruction booklet for cleaning the coated wells/doors.

39. Corner Shower Kit with Acrylic Base

Ove Decors Breeze 38 withoutwalls Premium 38-Inch Shower Kit with Acrylic Base

What is so great about an acrylic shower base? Well for starters, it is easy to clean. It is textured to prevent slips and falls when entering or exiting the shower. It is durable and sturdy. The acyclic base prevents dirt and debris (as well as stains) from forming, and when they do? You simply have to wash or wipe them away. The textured floor not only prevents slips and falls but it also allows the occupant the chance to massage/exfoliate their feet.

40. White Bathroom Corner

Corner of stylish bathroom with white walls, stone floor, shower stall with glass walls

Using black borders or framing around the glass panels of your corner shower is not only stylish, it is also smart to prevent someone from walking into the shower, literally. Shower stalls that feature frameless glass panels look stunning but there has been a high number of reports of customers accidentally striking themselves or walking into the shower panels, causing injury. The black framing looks great and prevents accidents such as these from occurring.

41. Round Sliding Shower Enclosure

DL-6702-22-01 Prime 36" x 74.75" Round Sliding Shower Enclosure with Base Included

Like something out of a movie, this shower enclosure not only comes with the base for the shower – you get a neo round sliding shower door! It ensures that this shower will fit into any corner space, regardless of the size of your bathroom. The door is on a sliding track, allowing it to easily and seamlessly move from one side of the shower stall to the other. Luxury and elegant touches for a fraction of the cost.

42. Center Entry Shower Stall

realistic 3d render of shower

If you are planning to install a corner shower stall – you want to ensure that the doorway to the shower is conveniently located. A center entrance would be the best choice to avoid having to awkwardly maneuver yourself around to get into your corner shower. Have the entrance pointed out into the center of the room to allow easier access and exit from the shower. You can install a towel bar on the closest wall for convenience.

43. Chrome Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure

DreamLine Cornerview 34 1/2 in. D x 34 1/2 in. W x 72 in. H Framed Sliding Shower

Not only is this shower enclosure a corner shower, but it also has corner walk-throughs, so you don’t have to swing the door out into the middle of the room. The two sliding panels slid to meet the double stationary panels to create this entranceway. The double panels mesh together, creating an airtight seal that prevents water leakage or damage from the shower being in use. Apply light pressure and the doors will slide open so you can enter or exit the shower.

44. H Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure

DreamLine Unidoor Plus 54 in. W x 36 3/8 in. D x 72 in. H Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure
Discover more at: overstock.com

Wanting to upgrade your bathroom shower to a sleek and modern glass stall instead of a bulky, plastic one? Then you want to look at one that doesn’t feature any visible framing and instead allows the color of the walls to be shown through. To prevent accidents, such as walking into the glass panel, you can use decorative tactics such as a soft and plush towel hanging on a bar installed onto the panel. This also increases privacy.

45. Square Pivot Shower Enclosure with Base Included

DL-6716-01CL Flex Backwalls 32" x 76.75" Square Pivot Shower Enclosure with Base Included

Slim and compact, this shower stall is ideal for smaller spaces or apartments as it is streamlined to the point of efficiency. The shower base is included along with a shower door which makes installation a breeze. This type of enclosure is not only suitable for a home, it can be installed in an office bathroom, a remote cottage, or if you were planning to open an apartment building (or rooming house).

46. Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

Neoscape GS Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure, Chrome, 42"x42"x72"
Discover more at: houzz.com

Want a shower stall that offers a frameless hinged shower enclosure? Then consider a shower stall that has the choice between stainless steel and chrome finishing hardware. Use the chrome finishes on alternating panels for a futuristic and artistic look in your bathroom (and also prevents people from striking your shower panels). The chrome finishes will reflect the light of the bathroom and sparkle when cleaned; making everything around it shiny and bright!

47. DreamLine H Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure

DreamLine Cornerview 36 in. D x 36 in. W x 76 3/4 in. H Framed Sliding Shower

The fully magnetic door of this shower stall latches into place to prevent any water from leaking from the shower onto the floor. The two sliding panels meet the two stationary panels to create a corner entrance and exit into the shower. Although corner entrances aren’t always the most convenient, this shower uses sliding panels rather than a swing-out door that can clutter a bathroom up. The magnetic strips will connect in whatever direction you decide to install them in. 

48. Concrete and Wooden Floor Shower Stall

White wall bathroom interior with a concrete floor, a shower stall

If you are installing a new shower stall into an industrial or commercial area, or perhaps your new home is a converted warehouse; you are guaranteed to run into concrete floors. This shower stall is easily installed into concrete floors and has the proper hardware included that you would need to do so. The only thing not included are the power tools required so check with your local hardware store to determine what ones are needed for concrete flooring.

49. Frameless Corner Enclosure

Bromley Frameless Corner Enclosure, Stainless Steel, 48"x38" Door 26" Panel 22"
Discover more at: houzz.com

Combine style and function with a frameless corner enclosed shower stall. This enclosure kit includes a tempered glass shower door, glass side panels, and a base. To up the amount of storage, place a small waterproof table or bench against the panel closest to the back wall. This provides storage and even seating when you are in the shower. Hanging shelves are also a good idea but you want to purchase ones that can be installed onto the glass.

50. Isolated Corner Shower

Shower cabin, stall isolated

For smaller spaces, you want to install a cabin-style corner shower to maximize the potential of the shower in the bathroom. These kinds of showers are rounded on the corners to fit snugly in the corner of the room, but they have a center entrance/exit. They won’t jut out into the center of the room and take up valuable floor space, leaving you the room to install a bigger vanity or storage cabinet if desired.

51. Semi-Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Enclosure

DreamLine Prime 33 in. x 74 3/4 in. Semi-Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower

Like other entries on this list, this corner shower enclosure has the side panels and the base included but unlike the other entries on this list, this shower enclosure is not clear glass but instead – its frosted glass! The frosted glass protects privacy during showering and can also mute the natural light pouring into the bathroom in a good way. It softens the light so it isn’t as hard on the eyes in those early morning hours.

52. Two Panel White

Foremost GFS424278 Jetcoat 42" x 42" X 78" Two Panel Corner - White
Image Source: houzz.com

This shower stall promises to reduce the messiness of a project that is replacing a shower stall enclosure. That is because this shower enclosure only takes a few hours to measure, cut, and adhere to the shower walls. You glue these panels onto your existing panels to refresh, revamp, and revitalize your current shower enclosure. It’s a great way to freshen up the room without spending a lot of money at one time.

53. DreamLine H Framed Square Shower Stall

DL-6295C-01 SlimLine 32" W x 76.75" H Framed Square Shower Stall and Base Included

A low-profile design in this shower stall gives it a completely modern look and to further the stylish aspect of this shower stall? Are the side panels of quilted tile! The quilted tiles are luxurious and expensive-looking but not at all in price. The panels are part of the full shower enclosure, making this one easily installed within a day. Just ensure your plumbing is up to code to prevent water pipe ruptures! 


It takes time and energy before committing to a purchase as big as a shower stall kit which is why you want to have information about the different types in your back pocket before making your final decision. Take your time and determine what it is you are looking for in your shower stall.

Know someone that could use this information as well? then please share this article with them and let them know about the different types of shower stall kits available. Did you recently purchase a shower stall kit that isn’t on this list or is, in fact, on this list? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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