23 Best Nautical Bathroom Lighting Fixtures


Nautical bathrooms have been in style for decades now due to the clean lines, simplistic décor, and marvelous color scheme. One of the key things to remember when it comes to remodeling your bathroom to a specific theme is the lighting fixtures. That is why today we are going to take a look at 23 of the best nautical bathroom lighting fixtures! From coastal beach-themed to simple finishes, this list has it all.

Nautical Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

1. Luxury Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Light

Urban Ambiance Luxury Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Light

Increase the overall level of lighting in your bathroom with this four-bulb track rustic farmhouse light fixture with a bronze finish that would look just at home on a boat exploring the open seas. The bronze finish looks like something that just came out of a pirate ship and the four-bulbs allow you to use a variety of wattages to provide the perfect balance of light – think lower watts on either end or higher ones in the two centerpieces.

2. Vintage Brass Cage Ship Light

Vintage Bulkhead Light – Brass Nautical Round Bullseye Cage
Image Source: anyoldlights.com

With a design that is extremely similar to a wheel on a ship, this refurbished light is not only good for the environment but good for your nautical theme! To dress this one up even more, pair it with a mirror that has a rope border around it and hang little wooden oars on the walls to finish the look. It’s subtle and not overwhelming but 100% committed to the nautical theme of the bathroom. 

3. Bronze Frosted Glass Light

All Modern Belinda 1-Light Flush Mount

Add a magical element to your bathroom when you install a frosted glass light fixture that reduces the intensity of the light bulbs, regardless of the wattage. This frosted glass covering throws the best shadows and contrasts around the room when illuminated, allowing the natural light of the bathroom opportunity to shine when boosted. You can even use colored light bulbs in this one for a romantic or futuristic look – just remember, you want some normal lighting closest to the mirror.

4. Modern Seeded Glass

Design Classics Lighting Modern Seeded Glass Bathroom Light

For a complete nautical look, choose clean and simplistic nautical wall sconces in your bathroom. These clear glass lights hang in a row of three. Hang a set of three on either side of your vanity mirror and change up the height for a thrown-together but put-together overall look. Make it look like you just randomly hung your light fixtures up but yet made sure that the measurements were close enough to be polished.

5. Gated Hanging Light Fixture

Wayfair coastal bathroom light

Hanging light fixtures are always classy and this one easily fits into the nautical theme with its brushed metal finish and caged light bulbs. The cages protect the lightbulbs from damage that could occur when something hits the ceiling accidently (those with kids will understand this one) and the cord offers the rustic look of the open seas you are going for. The cages won’t get in the way of illumination and they snap open for easy access when the bulbs need to be changed.

6. Dimmable Light Sconce

Joss and Main Matte Black Delphia 1-Light

Control the lighting intensity when you install a dimmable light sconce that allows you to adjust the brightness of your light bulbs. The dimmer switch means you can go from bright when needed (in the morning when putting on makeup, for example) to barely lit with a soft glow (when you are replacing in the bathtub after a hard day); allowing you to control the light through the switch instead of the wattage of the bulbs.

7. Hemp Rope Hanging Light Fixtures

Rope Pendant Light hand wrapped in manila rope for pendent lighting, nautical rope light

How cool are these hanging light fixtures? The knotted hemp rope adds the touch of a beach house your nautical-themed bathroom has been screaming for! Continue this theme by pairing this light fixture with a braided-rope mirror in a long oval shape. Finish the look by placing wicker baskets with braided rope handles on the back of the toilet and on the vanity – offers additional storage and is the perfect touch to bring the room together.

8. Pernilla Outdoor Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixture

All Modern Pernilla Outdoor Semi Flush Mount

Keep your bathroom’s nautical theme complete with clean lines and simplistic fixtures. For example, this semi-flush mounted light fixture that installs directly onto the ceiling. You won’t have to worry about having to cover any parts of the light fixture and the semi-flush plate is great for bathrooms with low ceilings. This light fixture can also go outside (think on the back patio and by the front door), allowing you to bulk order for convenience.

9. Nautical Bulkhead Sconce in Brass

Cocoweb Moruya Nautical Bulkhead Sconce

With weather-resistant finishes, this light fixture is guaranteed not to rust or change color after moisture buildup in your bathroom. One of the most disheartening things that can happen during a bathroom renovation is that after a few months, you notice that the finish on your light fixture is peeling, bubbling, or changing color due to the moisture in the room. Steam does build up in your bathroom from the showers temperatures but it shouldn’t show on the light fixtures.

10. Crowder 5-Light Vanity Light

Breakwater Bay Brushed Nickel Crowder 5-Light Vanity Light

The stainless steel brushed finish is only one part of this amazing light fixture. The other amazing part? Is the ability to have five lights at one time! You won’t have to worry about the light reaching all four corners of the room and it’s also ideal for bathrooms that feature cut corners and half walls because the illumination will reach to each location. Use lower watt bulbs so it’s not overpowering on the eyes.

11. Modern Industrial Vanity/Bathroom

Kira Home Liberty 24 3-Light Modern Industrial Vanity

What could be better than a hanging wall sconce that has a gorgeous stainless steel finish? How about the fact that this one has two globes for your light bulbs! Hang one of these light fixtures on either side of your mirror for a style that looks as if the captain of the ship will be entering the reflection at any moment. This level of fancy is also amazing in non-themed bathrooms as well.

12. Dimmable Bath Sconce

Joss and Main Altamirano 1 - Light Dimmable Bath Sconce

The curved arm of this light sconce with a solid mounting plate is brought to a new dimension with the fact that you can dim the light to whatever level you want. The curved arm brings a touch of modern design to the bathroom while the finishes of the plates keep with the nautical theme. The solid plate makes it easy to install with confidence and puts the mind at ease of it potentially coming off the wall over time.

13. Nautical Bathroom Vanity Light

The Wood's Edge Co. The Sea Captain 3 bulkhead nautical bathroom vanity light

Ideal for a nautical bathroom theme, this hand-painted wall sconce has carved wooden edges to add an artistic flair and appeal to your creative side. The wooden carvings look as if the woodworking on the ship decided to whittle some wood while passing time at sea while the hand-painted finish ensures a unique vibe that can’t be matched with a generic light fixture. If you are the creative type – you can even paint your own designs on this one if you wish!

14. 3-Light Dimmable Vanity Light

Beachcrest Home Regan 3-Light Dimmable Vanity Light

There is so much about this light that is great, it is hard to list it all! The patterned glass globe? The dimming abilities? The fact that you have three lights? Hard to decide. Ample illumination regardless of how much natural light you have in your room and the ability to dim it at will are just a couple of the best things about this light fixture. When you combine that with easy installation and a stylish design? Well, just take our money, thank you.

15. Industrial Vanity Light

2 Light Industrial Bathroom Vanity Wall Sconce
Image Source: www.millerlights.com

Unique and artistic, this rustic wall light has two wall sconces that extend horizontally rather than vertically for a great aesthetic. The mounting plate makes installation a breeze. Place on one the top of the vanity mirror and another running directly underneath the mirror to truly brighten up the bathroom. Just watch out if the bottom of the mirror is close to the sink – that could pose an issue but if you have the room? Go for it!

16. Antique Bronze Light Fixture

Progress Lighting P300045-020 Bath & Vanity

Protecting the light bulb of this fixture is a clear glass globe that has the look and feel of a vintage lantern that would have been used by a light keeper in an old-fashioned lighthouse. Hanging one of these on either side of the mirror and even hanging one next to the tub enclosure brings the nautical bathroom together in ways you couldn’t have imagined. It’s classy, it’s stylish, it’s on theme, and its classic design will never be outdated.

17. Bath Sconce

Birch Lane French White Kraus BP 1 - Light

Vintage and weathered, this hanging light fixture that extends off a metal arm would be at home in your nautical bathroom or beach house. The metal arm has been brushed with a matte and imperfect (but perfect at the same time) finish for that rustic look. You can just imagine this light fixture being plucked off the ship and being installed into your bathroom instead. It’s a pirate’s life, indeed.

18. Sea Lamp Light Fixture

Deep Blue Ocean chandelier, 24 inch diameter reverse painted glass
Image Source: floravitalights.com

What better way to bring home the nautical thing of your bathroom than a hanging light chandelier that has hand-painted images from the ocean and all the life it holds? Choose a shower curtain with a similar design of sea creatures or pick one that has the same color shades throughout for a complimentary look that is just at home in your beach cottage as it is in your home. Plus – you are able to show off your creative spirit by embracing color to the max!

19. Vintage Edison Light Bulb Fixture

Haddock Industrial Wall Sconce Industrial Lighting

This light fixture would be at home in a period movie or your bathroom because of its combination of artistic vintage flair and exposed pipe construction. The exposed pipes have been treated and they are safe to use in the bathroom without having to worry about water damage. Installation is simple as the fixture is one solid piece that only looks as if you have to put it together (thank you!).

20. Caged 3-Light Vanity

Three Posts Polished Chrome Scarlette 3-Light Vanity Light

An oval backplate that has horizontal sconces that are hung over a metal arm brings this look together but the best finishing touch is the frosted globes that cover each of the three light bulbs. The frosted glass provides the type of lighting that isn’t hard on the naked eyes, regardless of the wattages of bulbs installed. The muted light is ideal for your bathroom where natural light is plentiful due to the window(s).

21. Vintage Brass Bulkhead Light

Vintage Brass Bulkhead Light with a Large Brass Shade - Refurbished, Restored 1p
Image Source: www.ebay.com

Available in three different light shades, this large bulkhead light is ideal for a nautical-themed bathroom. You get two different fixtures that can be displayed on both sides of your mirror over your vanity for a polished look. Turn up the style and install one directly below the other instead of them parallel to each other. This look can be stunning provided that you don’t install them drastically off-centre but in a descending order.

22. Barrel Wall Sconce

Newrays Antique Wood Wine Barrel Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture

This wall sconce is one of the most unique and artistic ones around – it’s designed like a wooden oak barrel – the type you would find on an old-time pirate ship! The light is filtered through the top and the bottom of the sconce. The wood has been treated with flame retardant so you don’t have to worry about it overheating from the lightbulbs and instead you can just enjoy the glow of your unique light fixture.

23. Cardoza 1-Light Armed Sconce

All Modern Cardoza 1-Light Armed Sconce

The large glass globe that surrounds the light bulb of this light fixture immediately draws the eye but then you notice the finishes on the fixture itself – the brushed metal is awesome. Brushed metal is equal parts modern and vintage, making this rustic blend a safe bet at tying together your nautical theme without overwhelming it. You don’t want to make it look as if the beach and ocean threw up in your bathroom – you want a mix of your theme and classic style; like this light fixture.


The type of bathroom lighting fixture you install in the room can make the difference between a complete overhaul and just some cosmetic touches when it comes to a renovation. The lighting fixture is one of the key elements that brings the look together in harmony and finishes it off to a stunning conclusion.

Nautical-themed bathrooms, while extremely popular, can look untidy and unfinished if the lighting fixture isn’t the right style or finish.

Did you recently change the lighting fixtures in your bathroom? How did they look? Are they nautical themed? Let us (and other readers) know in the comment section below! Feel free to share this post with your social media followers and family as well. 

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