103 Best Coastal And Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas


Coastal and beach-themed décor feature numerous neutral colors that are found in nature, so you won’t have to worry about trying to match your current color schemes to your new décor that much! These coastal bathroom ideas are sure to get the creative juices flowing!

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Beach Themed Bathrooms

1. Seashell And Starfish Shower Curtain

oremila Bathroom Shower Curtain 72" x 72" Seashell Starfish Multi-Color Shower Curtains

Bring the color of the ocean into the bathroom with a shower curtain that features an attractive seashell and starfish pattern. You can play up this pattern by pairing it with bathroom accessories in similar shades. For example, have a blue toothbrush holder and a blue soap dispenser. Then bring in similar beachy colors like golden yellow towels. You want to compliment the theme, not overwhelm people with it so subtle is best when paired with a bright shower curtain.

2. Aqua Shower Curtain

Aqua Blue / Turquoise Watercolor Fabric Shower Curtain for Modern Beach Bathroom

This shower curtain has a cascading pattern featuring a gradual change from one shade of blue to another and the pattern resembles the crashing waves onto the shoreline. The shading in this shower curtain allows you a greater range in which to play with various blues. Another great thing about this shower curtain as well as the fact that the natural light of the bathroom will penetrate through the lighter areas, eliminating the need for a shower light fixture.

3. Shades Of Nature

Freestanding bathtub - coastal master beige floor freestanding bathtub idea in Raleigh with furniture-like cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets and beige walls
Image Source: houzz.com

By painting your ceiling a deep blue, white walls and rafters, beige furniture in the form of wicker baskets and vanity, and then finish the look off with a freestanding tub. This look brings forth beachy vibes without screaming “this is a beach-themed bathroom!” You want to choose décor that can be used in future renovations without needing to replace everything and too much of a good thing can turn your bathroom into a sticky mess – which you definitely don’t want.

4. Floor Mat Set

Effiliv Bathroom Rugs Set 5 Piece Memory Foam Mats + Eva Shower Liner

In a deep brown shade, this bath mat set comes complete with an anti-slip bath mat to prevent potential falls when exiting or entering the shower. One of the leading causes of slips and falls in the bathroom is during the entering or exiting of the shower – this is because a bathmat gets tangled up in a person’s feet and they tend to slip when the mat shifts underneath them. So combine safety and décor with an anti-slip bath mat!

5. Blue Sea Décor Theme

Contemporary blue bathroom featuring a selection of our bath rugs and bath towels.
Image Source: houzz.com

You don’t have to fill your bathroom with seashells or sea animal décor when you are wanting to decorate in a beach or coastal theme. You can use the shades of the beach which is washed with rich and deep blues, beiges, yellows, and greens. The beach isn’t limited to one type of animal or greenery or even seashells; so why should you limit yourself during your decorating extravaganza? Use the solid colors of the beach instead of using the products of the beach.

6. Sea Turtle Bathroom Set

Sea Turtle Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rugs, Toilet Lid Cover and Bath Mat

This sea turtle set has a bath mat, a shower curtain (with liner!), a toilet lid contour mat, and a toilet lid cover. When you do want to bring coastal animals into your décor, always go with an animal that is cute, resilient, and doesn’t get quite enough love to be frank. People think of the beach and think of marine life – but the beach is the home to hundreds of other animals such as the powerful sea turtle.

7. Wall Art

Set of 3 coastal canvases gray and white, 3d shell wall art for bathroom decor, beach decor canvas, gray wall art, bathroom shell art

These seashell canvas paintings bring the coastal and beach theme with subtlety but with a great visual impact. When it comes to decorating, less can definitely be more as evidenced by these amazing prints. You can bring a theme to life by pairing neutral backgrounds (such as sandy-colored walls) with hanging prints of the things you find at the beach. Hang in a straight line for a modern look or you can hang them in descending angles for an artistic one.

8. Shades Of Brown And White

modern luxurious bathroom in house on a beach

Lots of natural light, stark white background, a deep freestanding tub, and sandy brown curtains transform this bathroom from drab to the beach with ease! Hanging lanterns can be dimmed to resemble the setting sun and the bright, open space looks completely spruced up when little touches, such as bluish décor comes into play.

9. Beachfront Bathroom

Inspiration for a mid-sized coastal 3/4 bathroom remodel in San Diego with a vessel sink, flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, beige walls, quartz countertops and gray countertops
Image Source: houzz.com

To create a beachfront bathroom, you want to use dark wood paneling on the walls in specific areas such as over the sink and vanity paired round mirror. This wood paneling is also a great way to protect your walls from hanging artwork and other decorative objects because you will screw (or nail) into the paneling as opposed to the walls themselves. This makes it easier to change up décor over time and transform your walls when you switch themes.

10. Beach Wall Art

TideAndTales Beach Theme Seashell Wall Decor (Set of 3) | Shells and Starfish Beach Decor for Bathroom

These square wall canvases can be displayed in a singular line, in a descending order, or even placed on different parts of the bathroom wall. They come complete without the need for a matching frame, making canvas wall hangings a minimalist staple when it comes to home makeovers. Another great idea is to get your local photo developing center to create canvas hangings out of photos you took during your recent beach foray.

11. Fish Wallpaper

Example of an eclectic kids' bathroom design in San Francisco with an undermount sink, shaker cabinets, white cabinets and multicolored walls
Image Source: houzz.com

Just because you are going with a coastal and beach theme in your bathroom, you don’t have to stick to browns and blues for the color. Change it up and use other shades found during beach visits. Think of the waving green seagrass, the horizon being painted in shades of orange, pink, and yellow during both the sunset and sunrise, and of course – the colors of the wildflowers found growing in the sand. All beach shades of color.

12. Beachy Mirror

Beachy Mirror bathroom
Image Source: instagram.com

Want to really bring the beach into your bathroom? Then you want to use subtle detailing such as this hanging round mirror that is surrounded by puffs of material to resemble a seashell. You can create this mirror yourself at home by using fake craft seashells (or real ones picked up from the beach), a hot glue gun, and a wooden frame that can be inserted around the mirror. There are numerous tutorials online that feature all the needed stencils.

13. Mosaic Wall

Example of an eclectic mosaic tile and multicolored tile pink floor bathroom design in San Francisco
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This stunning visual is created using mosaic art which means numerous tiny pieces make up the images we see. The centerpiece is a bright orange octopus while other members of the sea community make an appearance. With a piece this vibrant and colorful, you want to avoid using a lot of color within the room as it can drown out the mosaic piece you want to display. Choose subtle touches of color that are featured for the best results.

14. Weathered Vanity

Vanity and bathroom at Disney's Yacht Club Resort in the Standard
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Pristine and fancy doesn’t belong at the beach so why would you have a pristine and sleek vanity in your beach-themed bathroom? You wouldn’t but you would have a vintage, weathered vanity that has open storage space. Storage space is a must in any bathroom theme and this weathered vanity can be created at home using repurposed wood. Choose a basic design if you aren’t confident in your woodworking skills – tutorials can be found online!

15. Blue Tiles In Shower

Bathroom - coastal bathroom idea in Other
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An easy way to bring the beach into your bathroom is to redo strips of tiles in your shower to a dreamy blue color. These blue-colored tiles resemble the ocean, especially when the water is gently rushing over them while the shower is in use. They gleam and reflect both natural (and artificial) light, making these tiles a purely visual experience. Keep them clean and shiny with a bathroom tile cleaner that is made from natural ingredients.

16. White And Blue

Bathroom with sink and toilet with blue walls and tile floor.

Varying shades of blue within a bathroom is an excellent way to bring nature into your bathroom. Use deeper shades of blue for furniture to provide a great visual contrast within your bathroom, such as a small table next to the vanity. Contrast nicely within the theme with towels of sandy beige, wicker baskets in natural wood colors (that also provide storage), and blue and beige striped bathroom vanity accessories.

17. Mosaic Tiled Bathroom

Bathroom - contemporary 3/4 blue tile concrete floor and gray floor bathroom idea in London with a wall-mount toilet, white walls and a wall-mount sink
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Octagon-shaped blue tiles bring a sense of style to your coastal-themed bathroom. Not only is this a definite artistic approach to your bathroom, it definitely a unique approach to your new bathroom. Instead of laying the tiles down in straight lines, which is what everyone does, lay them down in a unique shape such as the octagon. It will definitely bring a sense of artist to your bathroom and fit nicely into your coastal theme. 

18. Ornate Metal Touches

Ornate Metal Touches

When you think of the coast and the beach, you don’t necessarily think about metal but when you think of the high seas with regards to pirate ships and whatnot – suddenly metal makes sense. The coast is where the ancient ships plied their trade, both illegal and legal, so why wouldn’t you pay homage to those days gone by when it comes to your coastal theme? Use bright and brown touches for a completed and polished look.

19. Marble And Mosaic

Powder room - mid-sized coastal multicolored tile and mosaic tile medium tone wood floor powder room idea in Miami
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A vessel marble sink instantly brings the style to your bathroom but when you look at this sink against a mosaic-tiled background? Stunning. Mosaic tiles are becoming more popular in numerous themed rooms, not just bathrooms, and this is because you are able to use a rainbow of colors in one sitting. You can make and break themes with mosaic art and you are able to create pictures within pictures with the right pieces.

20. Modern Blue

Modern blue bathroom interior with round mirror and shower cubicle

Bring your bathroom into the 2020’s with a modern blue makeover that features striped tile walls, stark white accent walls, and a round mirror surrounded by a clear border that has a somewhat bubble design. Minimalistic design doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of having a themed bathroom – it simply means that you have to get a tad more creative to get your vision to come to fruition.

21. Coastal Bathroom

Beach style bathroom photo in Boston with marble countertops and a drop-in sink
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To truly have a coastal-themed bathroom, you want to bring style elements from the coast itself. Create or purchase a mirror that has a 3D starfish border like this. 3d art is always a safe bet when it comes to décor and it has such a lifelike quality to it; you’ll want to incorporate pieces into your other rooms at the same time. If starfishes aren’t your thing – then what about a 3D school of swimming fish?

22. Water Wallpaper

Water themed wallpaper in marble bathroom

Really bring the beach into the bathroom by turning one wall into a waterfall! 3D wallpaper in a crashing wave design can be completely breathtaking when done right. As previously mentioned, 3D artwork is transforming the way we are designing our houses and decorating our rooms. With the right artwork, images are coming alive and in this case, jumping off the walls in splendid colors and designs. You can use any beach or coastal image you want.

23. Sailboat Shower Curtain

Bathroom in the Standard View Room at Disney's Yacht Club Resort
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Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the funds for a complete overhaul when it comes to renovations but you can still give your bathroom a freshening up by changing up small items. Do this by purchasing new bathroom accessories in your favorite theme. You can purchase a new shower curtain, bathmat, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and more. With these little upgrades, you are able to commit and showcase your favorite theme without having to break the bank.

24. Décor

Example of a beach style bathroom design in Boston with a pedestal sink
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The changes in your bathroom don’t have to be major and in-your-face but instead, they could be as simple as the décor to tie together a theme. Use beachy colors, subtle touches such as seashell mirrors, and your favorite sign that you picked up during vacation to the shore. Pair this with a neutral wall in a beachy color – sky blue, deep blue, sandy brown, etc. It’s that easy and simple when you choose your theme and commit to it.

25. Wood And Wicker

Beach themed guest bathroom that has been remodeled with luxury vinyl tile flooring.

This bathroom has been painted a sunny yellow and decorated with natural wood blinds, a wicker basket, and subtle décor, such as seashells on the ledge, to bring the look together. The natal wood blinds allow natural light to filter into the bathroom and can easily be closed to protect your privacy. The wicker basket provides the dual purpose of storage and decor. And the finishing touch? The seashells lining the ledge.

26. Plants

Plants in the bathroom

The combination of stark white furnishings, blue accent colors – as found in the mat, the mirror on the wall over the vanity, and the seahorse decorative figure, as well as a printed boat picture is just neat! The greenery in the form of plants (both fake and real) can create an oasis within the home. Real plants also cleanse the air, removing allergens and toxins that can cause respiratory problems, by transforming them into clean and fresh air.

27. Complete Wallpaper

Inspiration for a mid-sized coastal kids' ceramic tile bathroom remodel in Seattle
More photos at: houzz.com

Pick out a print that embodies the theme you want to showcase, in this case – schools of fishes and whales – and cover all the walls in the bathroom from the ceiling to the floor. Keep it simple and small when it comes to the finishing touches when you use a print that is covering everything in the room. You don’t want to overwhelm the room but instead, let the wall art speak for itself in style.

28. Storage

Storage in bathroom
More photos like this at: instagram.com

In the case of a coastal bathroom, you want to use more wood and wicker storage containers over metal as the natural wood shades are more reminiscent of what is found in nature. The majority of these creations are made using natural wood, allowing the grains and swirls to become part of the design. They are also better for the environment as they will break down into the landfills instead of adding to the pollution problem.

29. Blue Crush

Modern luxury bathroom blue interior. No brandnames or copyright objects.

There are small mosaic art tiles on the tub in a range of blue shades, large blue tiles in a singular shade on the walls, and a boxy stark white vanity for contrast. This photo is the perfect representation of marrying a theme together by the use of contrasts and similarities. The blues are in the same color family while the stark white brings out the best of tones with ease without any competition.

30. Coral Reef Mirror

Inspiration for a mid-sized coastal master mosaic tile floor bathroom remodel in Boston with an undermount sink
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For a subtle theme that still makes an impact – you want to choose a piece because of the focal point of the room and the centerpiece to your renovation project. Whatever focal piece you choose, design your bathroom around it for the best overall result. It’s uncommon and rare that there are two focal pieces but if there are – make sure that they are similar to each other to the point of looking like a matching set.

31. Smaller Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom of Beach house in Oahu, Hawaii

Make the most of the smaller space that houses your bathroom by bringing in as much natural light as you can. The natural light isn’t as harsh on the eyes as artificial light would be and you are able to save on your monthly utility bill. Natural light also helps reset our biological clocks so entering this bathroom at dusk will signal the body and brain that it’s time to head to bed to rest up for the day ahead.

32. Yours And Mine Sinks

Yours and Mine Sinks in bathroom
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Bring a beach house vibe into the bathroom you share with your partner with matching sinks and vanities. Weathered pieces bring the vacation memories to life while the hanging wall mirrors are just the icing on the cake. Use contrasting but matching towels in the form of a lighter shade for one partner and its darker counterpart for the other.

33. Clean White And Blue

Interior of clean bathroom with sink near color wall

This wooden vanity is completely open to showcase the same blue wall behind it has beachy vibes while the wooden shelves to the side of this bathroom showcases the décor of the room. The shelves provide storage space and also a home for more delicate décor while the open vanity not only provides storage but little peaks of color to draw the eyes in (and past your toiletries).

34. Weathered Blue Vanity

Beach style mosaic tile floor bathroom photo in Houston with blue cabinets
More photos at: houzz.com

The focal piece of this bathroom is without a doubt the weathered vanity that houses the sink and provides extra storage for items that can clutter up a bathroom. Line the shelves with wicker baskets for additional décor and also to hide those personal toiletries that belong in the bathroom but you definitely don’t want on display. You can even change up the look by staining the wood a deeper brown to bring out the grain.

35. Antique Finds Bathroom

Antique Finds Bathroom
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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find the right decorative pieces for your bathroom! Hit up flea markets and antique stores to find unique and vintage items. There are numerous treasures to be found in these markets and you will be amazed at what you can discover for a lower price tag than most department stores. But of course, there is no price on a truly unique and vintage item, right!

36. One-Of-A-kind Vanity

Inspiration for a coastal bathroom remodel in Other with a drop-in sink
More photos at: houzz.com

Find a sturdy piece of large wood to create your own wooden vanity. The cuts and creases in the wood used in this one tells a story and will be the envy of all your visitors. You will only need a space to work in, effort and time, along with a collection of power tools. Not that carpentry inclined? Then ask your closest friend or use an online tutorial to grow your arsenal of DIY home renovation skills.

37. Beach Flowers

House decoration details

Tiny glass mosaic tiles on the walls of this bathroom have the slightest shades of blue inside for a reflective look when placed next to a window that lets in the natural light. The mosaic tiles come together to form the smallest picture that is only seen when you truly look at each individual piece while the colors are all handpicked from nature – just breathtaking.

38. Wooden Grain Floors

Beach style white tile and subway tile bathroom photo in Charleston with a pedestal sink
More Awesome Concept At: houzz.com

Recreate this look in your bathroom by installing wooden floors that have a strong grain and a triangular pattern. Finish off with oval mirrors outlined in a wooden border. One of the greatest things about using a lot of exposed wood in your bathroom (and other rooms of the home) is the fact that it suits every single theme while maintaining a dignified appearance that looks luxurious.

39. Varying Tiles

Varying Tiles in the bathroom
More Awesome Concept At: flickr.com

Create a unique look in your shower stall by using different tiles that are different sizes. This bathroom uses a medium tile of the same shade on the upper walls but then transitions into small tiles of different shades of blue for a cool effect. This look was inspired by how a waterfall or ocean transforms with the seasons and weather. You never know what color you will get and what color the water will be once it reaches your feet.

40. Sandy Bathroom

Sandy Bathroom
More Awesome Concept At: rosenbergkolb.com

Recreate this look in your bathroom without having to put actual sand down. Minimal lighting and a tiled open shower looks expensive but isn’t when done over time and with discount finds. The open shower allows natural light to filter into the space and reflect off the tiles to add a glimmering effect without having to install lighting tracks. Depending on the strength of the sun and how much light reaches it – it can even warm up the air around the shower.

41. Kids Bathroom

Example of a beach style kids' green tile and glass tile bathroom design in New York with white cabinets and a trough sink
More Awesome Concept At: houzz.com

Renovating your children’s bathroom and want to incorporate a beach theme without clutter? Then use tall white shelving on the walls on either side of the sink that can house all the bathroom items your kids need without cluttering up the vanity. Let them help pick out their décor items and allow them to stencil designs on the walls – it’s all about making memories and increasing their artistic abilities.

42. Open Spaces

Open Spaces
More Awesome Concept At: veneerdesigns.com

This bathroom uses a clear glass door to separate the freestanding tub and shower from the remainder of the bathroom. The glass will steam up and fog while the shower is in use to protect your privacy while allowing all-natural light (as well as artificial light) to filter in. This reduces the need for a light fixture within the shower itself.

43. Pebble Tile

Bathroom - coastal brown tile and pebble tile pebble tile floor bathroom idea in Baltimore
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This flooring has been smoothed down to protect your feet but has the look of a pebbled walking trail that leads to the beach. Bring the tiling up the wall that houses the faucets for a polished look. If you love the look of grainy sand and the texture it can showcase, then you want to use tiles such as this to bring that look into the bathroom without the mess – because we all know that sand gets. Everywhere.

44. Beach Inspired Bathroom

Beach Inspired Bathroom
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Lots of neutral accent pieces have style and grace while the small tiled floor allows for easy cleanup! Install a shelf over an older wall radiator and use it for more décor along with storage. Refresh and revamp the radiator by painting it in a light blue or deep shade – just make sure that the paint is heat resistant and will not create a fire hazard or bubble/peel during times the radiator is in use.

45. Sunny Bathroom

Modern covered in small white tiles bathroom

A coastal and beach-themed bathroom doesn’t always mean you have to decorate in beige and blue shades as shown here in this white, blue, and fiery red show. The beach is just as beautiful during the sunrise and sunset as it is in the middle of the day when the sun is high above. The kaleidoscope of colors that the sun can bring is truly breathtaking so experience that same awe whenever you walk into your renovated bathroom.

46. Beach

Example of a beach style brown tile alcove shower design in Wilmington with an undermount sink, recessed-panel cabinets and beige cabinets
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This bathroom gets a beach-themed makeover with deep blue walls, recessed vanity in a dark brown and white combination, and a hanging mirror surrounded by weathered wood. The best part about a makeover such as this one? It wouldn’t take a lot to transform it into another theme or revamp your beach theme. All of these pieces are fairly neutral when they are on their own and together? They are the perfect canvas.

47. Let’s Go To The Beach

Let’s Go to the Beach
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A striped towel in a nautical print with rope edges is the perfect item to have in your beach bathroom. The textured blue walls have style while the tiled bottom edge of the wall breaks up the solid color. The tiles are easy to clean and they can be wiped down with a natural cleaner to restore the shine that you know is under the grime – that same grime that all bathrooms tend to have after continuous use.

48. Ocean Spray

Example of a large beach style master mosaic tile and blue tile pebble tile floor and gray floor bathroom design in San Diego
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What is a better place to have a mosaic art piece in the shape and form of an ocean spray than in your shower stall? The beige tiles make the perfect canvas for an unexpected but appreciated pop of color when it showcases an ocean spray design using blue tiles of varying shades. This style of decor not only fits to the theme but it also is a great way to support a local artist if you get them to design something similar for your bathroom.

49. Seafoam

Seafoam in bathroom
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This shade is great for bathroom makeovers as it pairs well with multiple other colors. These seafoam walls combined with white and beige makes for a great visual effect! Pick up the undertones of the seafoam by pairing it with a light gray or beige décor item – such as a striped shower curtain and matching bath mat or window curtains. Wall hangings featuring numerous colors can also make this combination visually pop.

50. Chalk Art

Trendy bathroom photo in San Francisco with flat-panel cabinets, brown cabinets, multicolored walls and white countertops
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Your coastal theme bathroom can be the perfect place to use some unconventional art as décor. This wallpaper has a chalk art or stretch vibe to it when you take a closer look. Depending on the wallpaper you choose, it can even be a chalkboard covering which allows your children to design and draw at a whim using specialty markers. Think outside the box and then bring those ideas to life when you dive into interior design forums.

51. Cruise Ship

Fashionable blue bathroom in a modern apartment

Gold is the same color as the setting sun so it’s only natural you would turn to this shade for your beach-themed bathroom! The golden sun rising proudly in the sky is the source of life for a lot of creatures. It’s how we get valuable shots of vitamin D, it helps greenery and plants grow that sustain life, and there is something about the sight of the sun that just brings forth the good vibes and moods.

52. Sustainable Bathroom

Sustainable Bathroom
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Go for a sustainable bathroom that doesn’t have a major carbon footprint attached by using mediums such as bamboo as your furnishings. These materials are typically biodegradable and recyclable, allowing them to be repurposed and restored instead of cluttering up landfills and adding to the pollution problem overtaking the globe.

53. Contemporary Bathroom

Large trendy master beige tile and glass tile light wood floor corner shower photo in Houston with a vessel sink
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For the more adventurous souls that want to truly bring their coastal-themed bathroom to life – you’ll want to follow the examples outlined here. This is a great example of fully committing to the theme. You will want ample space, imagination, and a slightly higher budget when you are going to recreate the beach within your bathroom such as these people have done. You can draw elements from this commitment as well if you aren’t ready to go all in.

54. Open Concept Bathroom

3D rendering of a Bathroom interior.

The freestanding tub is the focal point here and supported by a neutral-colored vanity housing double sinks. The open-concept bathroom definitely lets the focal point do all the talking while the room still appears larger with ample floor space. If you don’t have the space for this style, try to avoid cluttering the bathroom with bulky pieces and unnecessary items – clean lines, minimal décor, natural lighting, etc. will help. 

55. Traditional Bathroom

Drop-in bathtub - traditional white tile drop-in bathtub idea in Houston with white cabinets
More photos at: houzz.com

A cozy and traditional bathroom has a beach vibe when you place décor in visible locations. With this style of makeover, you get the best of both worlds. A themed and renovated bathroom to make you smile with all the trappings of a traditional bathroom to enjoy and relax in. there is no need to sacrifice space or amnesties for a themed bathroom – not when there are numerous places to get themed décor, both online and in person. 

56. Beach House Bathroom

Beach House Bathroom

Sometimes the best part of a beach-themed bathroom is not about the color but about the vibe and energy. If you don’t want to completely remake your bathroom and you want to keep certain items just as they are, then design around them. Bring forth the summertime relaxation vibe of the beach and that carefree energy while still maintaining the bathroom you love. Draw inspiration from nature.

57. Modern Bathroom

3D rendering of a modern bathroom

A patterned wall behind the sink and vanity is the first place your eyes are drawn to when you check out this bathroom. A few potted plants and some stellar wall artwork are the finishing touches that bring this look together with ease. Potted plants are always a safe bet when it comes to finishing up décor because you can play with the pots themselves and purchase ones to suit the theme while lush greenery will match with literally anything from design to color.

58. Luxury Bathroom

Example of a trendy beige tile alcove shower design in Sydney with a drop-in sink, flat-panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets and beige walls
More photos at: houzz.com

This luxury bathroom features a double sink set upon a solid wooden vanity to start off this coastal-themed bathroom. The solid wooden vanity is more than sturdy enough to house both sinks while granting additional storage. You can house your spare towels and linens, toiletries, and more within its confines; removing clutter and allowing the décor to do the talking. And double sinks are never a bad thing – especially when more than one person lives in the home.

59. Blue Bathroom

awesome aqua blue bathroom

To fully commit to your coastal theme, you want to use a lot of blue. For example, this bathroom features blue tiles from the top of the vanity to the floor to the walls. It’s about using shades of blue to stop the room from looking like one entire piece. You want to break up the color with subtle changes in terms of shade, size, or even shape. Stay in the same color wheel and be amazed at the final result.

60. Tropical Bathroom

Inspiration for a tropical kids' drop-in bathtub remodel in Other with multicolored walls
More photos at: houzz.com

Perfect for a family with smaller kids, this tropical print bathroom has an ocean mural on the walls of the shower/tub stall. Kids won’t even realize they are having the “dreaded” bath time portion of the evening and you can even use this time for a little additional education. Ask them to point out a fish, a plant, and more within the mural while scrubbing the sand from behind their little ears and crevices.

61. Tiled Floor

warm water on a blue bath 3d rendering

Alternating shades of ocean blue completely cover the floor of this bathroom and it looks just amazing while doing so. It almost looks like the bottom of a swimming pool. This is a great technique to use when wanting to add a little artistic flare. Get creative and make different patterns, use varying colors, etc. while keeping the rest of the space fairly neutral with whites or beiges.

62. Deep Sea Bathroom

Transitional 3/4 beige tile bathroom photo in San Francisco with flat-panel cabinets, green cabinets, a two-piece toilet, beige walls and a console sink
Learn More At: houzz.com

It’s hard to tell what the best part of this simple bathroom makeover in a coastal theme is. It’s a stunning space. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s easily recreated when you use the shades of the coast – think blues, beiges, and greens with pops of colors such as pinks and yellows. The key to a stunning transformation such as this is to use similar shades without too deep of a contrast for a polished and finished look.

63. Floral Bathroom

Lots of flowers in the bathroom at Bougainvillea Beach Resort
Image Source: flickr.com

Floral patterns and designs are not your first thought when it comes to a coastal or beach-themed bathroom but it should be up there. Some of the most stunning and beautiful wildflowers grow out of the sand that lines the coast while the rich earth is the home for lush greenery. Use subtle touches such as seashells, braided rope borders around the mirror, and warm lighting to prevent this from looking like a nightmare.

64. Sailboat Dream

Example of a bathroom design in Austin
Image Source: houzz.com

This committed coastal bathroom uses more elements of boating, specifically sailboats, to bring the theme to life. The beach isn’t all about sun tanning and swimming but it’s also the launching pad for some pretty great sporting events – sailing, parasailing, water skiing; these are just a few things that can be done when you are at the beach. Sailing is a major mode of travel for a lot of cultures so without the water? This couldn’t happen.

65. Dual Tone Tub

Dual Tone Tub
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This smaller bathroom makes the most of its space by having a mirror back on the door and allows the dual-toned tub to be the showpiece. Plan your designs around a large focal piece such as this dual-toned tub. When it comes to renovations, makeovers, and themed rooms – it’s sometimes the unexpected amenities and appliances that can make the biggest impacts in terms of stunning interior design.

66. Minimalist Bathroom

Example of a large minimalist beige tile and stone tile ceramic tile bathroom design in San Francisco
Learn more at: houzz.com

A sandy beige vanity with scalloped storage dishes is the perfect amount of vanity-top decoration. You can place your jewelry or other smaller, lightweight items in these dishes to keep them safe while in the tub or washing your hands. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth and mild soap to prevent damaging the finish and dry with a towel to keep the shine gleaming.

67. Artistic Inspiration

Artistic Inspiration bathroom
Check out more ideas at: evolveresidential.com

This coastal-themed bathroom has a definite artistic vibe when you check out the gold detailing on the blue walls. Blue and gold have similar undertones and vibes, making this pairing a favorite of interior designers – whether they are creating a beach and/or coastal-themed room or not. They are neutral enough to pair with other colors and strong enough to be their own theme.

68. Complete Remodel

Mid-sized beach style 3/4 blue tile, gray tile, white tile and subway tile alcove shower photo in New York with blue cabinets
Check out more ideas at: houzz.com

This bathroom has been completely remodeled into a beach and coastal theme and while present, it is not overwhelming. Check out the blue and white combination walls that are broken up by a patterned border. Sometimes, a border can be a good thing to prevent wall colors from pouring into each other and swirling together. Borders can also be a great way to present a theme for a room without having to overwhelm the room in décor.

69. Waterfront Bathroom

Waterfront Bathroom
Check out more ideas at: beatrice-interiors.com

This waterfront bathroom underwent a minimalist makeover in a beach theme that mimics having nature brought in from the outside to the inside. With that type of scenery just outside the window, you don’t want to compete with it but instead, you want to enhance it by paying homage to the beauty that is Mother Nature. Similar color shades, minimal decoration, and lots of natural lighting is how you recreate this look in your own home.

70. Swirled Shower Door

Inspiration for a contemporary ceramic tile and brown floor bathroom remodel in San Diego
Check out more ideas at:: houzz.com

Protect your privacy and your décor by installing a glass shower door instead of a hanging shower curtain that blocks the natural light. These glass doors provide privacy all on their own but once the steam from a hot shower or bath swirls around them, you are protected even further. While natural light will be locked, this isn’t a bad thing when you want a dimmer light setting to instill relaxation.

71. Beach House

Beach House Bathroom
Check out more ideas at: melaniegowen.com

A small bathroom is given a big makeover when you pair bright, ocean blue walls with stark white accents and minimalist patterns. If you are working with a small space, then you want to use an idea such as this to avoid taking up valuable floor area with unnecessary décor. It’s the small touches, so adhere to this rule and use the walls to showcase your theme.

72. Hampton Beach House

Hampton Beach House bathroom
Check out more ideas at: hamptonshabitat.com

This luxurious and expensive-looking bathroom can be duplicated in the comfort of your own home if you pick the right pieces. It’s all about the sleekness of the pieces, the clean lines, the modern designs that marry vintage construction into one – these are the pieces that transform your bathroom into a 5-star spa without spending those exorbitant prices. Comb through local art and craft fairs, second-hand stores, and vintage shops for undiscovered treasures.

73. Seashell

Seashell bathroom
Check out more ideas at: sarahwinchesterstudios.com

You see seashells, we all see seashells when checking out this bathroom look. Bring the childhood rhyme to life when you use seashells as subtle pieces of décor within your beach themed bathroom. You can just hear it from looking at this picture alone “Sally sells seashells down on the seashore”. Have fun with your makeovers – it’s only fair.

74. Vintage Beach House

Vintage Beach House bathroom
Check out more ideas at: hillarythomas.com

This vintage beach house look is elevated to another level when you add in a striped shade over the window, a starburst hanging wall decoration, and framed wall art from all walks of life. The reason vintage never goes out of style is because it is just classic, fresh, modern, old, and the whole enchilada at one time. People strive to have vintage-inspired pieces in their home and the beach theme is no different than the other.

75. Schools Of Fish

nspiration for a large coastal master multicolored tile and glass tile limestone floor, white floor and double-sink bathroom remodel in Los Angeles
Check out more ideas at: houzz.com

The coast and all its beauty comes to life in this bathroom when you check out the array of blues in the tiles that cover the tub wall and the wooden vanity. The natural wooden vanity is perfectly paired with the blues of the tiles. It looks as if you lifted the colors of the coastline and brought them inside. Placed potted plants the vanity or window ledge to bring a little bit more of nature inside.

76. Beach And Pool

Beach and Pool towels in the bathroom

Simple designs are sometimes all you need to make an impact in any room of the home and the bathroom is no exception. The bathroom isn’t the best place to clutter up in terms of artwork and figurines as it tends to be the smallest room within the house. Unless you have a large, large bathroom – you don’t want to overwhelm it but instead, you are looking to enhance it while keeping to the theme.

77. Beach Style Bathroom

Mid-sized beach style 3/4 yellow tile and ceramic tile ceramic tile alcove shower photo in San Francisco with a drop-in sink

This simplistic makeover in the bathroom is still stunning when you look at the individual details. As a whole, this bathroom is sleek and modern with gorgeous lines but it’s the second (and third) glance that brings out just how much artistic expression went into creating this coastal oasis in the home. Take inspiration from online design communities and Mother Nature herself – the original creator of artwork.

78. Gold Finishes

Gold Finishes bathroom

Finishes on your plumbing don’t always have to be generic and silver. The forgotten finish, or so it seems, is shiny gold. This shiny gold has the look of a sunbeam that pierces through the clouds or the look of the sun reflecting off the shiny objects that you will find on the beach. It’s also the color of a pirate’s favorite – the gold treasure that they seek to bury.

79. Light Blue Walls

Light Blue Walls bathroom
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Clean, sleek, and modern is what you will find in this bathroom. The light blue walls provide the perfect and unblemished canvas to showcase your favorite pieces of artwork without competing against them. Blue is one of the forgotten colors in the neutral wheelhouse but when you are designing a beach bathroom? Wouldn’t you want the color of the ocean and sky there? The answer is – yes, always.

Beach Themed Bathroom Accessories

80. Seashell/Beach Accessory Kit

JYXR 5 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

The outward décor in the bathroom doesn’t go far if you don’t have the right accessories to place on the vanity. It’s the small touches that bring everything together and they are the unsung heroes of not only room makeovers but especially themed makeovers. Without these seashell bathroom accessories – the room might just look as if it was done in boring blue and beige without any second thoughts.

81. Seashell Picture Frames

2 Piece Marchese Beach Theme Picture Frame Set

If you are going to hang artwork in your newly renovated bathroom, then hang it in style with seashell picture frames. Place a picture of your favorite beach at sunset and sunrise to bring a piece of paradise into your bathroom. The contrast between dusk and morning will also be quite stunning to behold when placed within these gorgeous frames.

82. Toothbrush Holder

Zenna Home India Ink Seaside Serenity Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder is not only sanitary but can also be a decorative piece when the right one is chosen. You don’t want your toothbrush exposed to the germy water and bacteria that could be living on your counter while the use of a toothbrush holder also prevents toothpaste stains and smears from finding themselves on your countertop.

83. Conch Shell Basket

Crochet Shell Basket Home Bathroom Decor Storage Basket

Who ever said you can’t combine décor and practicality? This piece is the perfect example of the two concepts meeting and living together in harmony. Baskets of various designs not only provide storage within your bathroom, they can be the perfect finishing pieces you are looking for when it comes to a themed room. The bathroom especially can never have too much storage where these baskets shine proudly!

84. Bathroom Storage Box

Bathroom Storage Box
Full tutorial at: instructables.com

Every bathroom needs ample storage and a coastal/beach theme one is no different. With this set of instructions, you are able to design and create your own storage box for all those various items that tend to clutter up your vanity (both inside and out). Want to go bigger or smaller? Then increase or decrease the sizing of the materials but adhere to the actual design.

85. Golden Décor

Trendy kids' limestone tile and beige tile limestone floor and beige floor walk-in shower photo in Hawaii with furniture-like cabinets
Image Source: houzz.com

Sometimes all you need to complete your bathroom renovation is the right artistic pieces as décor. Your bathroom is where you go to finish up your day and it’s the first place you go to start a new one. Bring forth your creative side and choose pieces that speak to you on a personal level. You want to create yourself a relaxing and peaceful oasis while keeping in mind the overall theme.

86. Hanging Seashell Basket

Hanging seashell basket

Combine storage and decoration once again with this hanging basket that has a seashell design. You can use this basket for lush greenery – if using fake, just insert as it; if using natural plants, use a hidden pot inside to capture the water and prevent soil from falling out all over the floor. Not into greenery? Then use this one for rolled-up face cloths or spare toilet paper.

87. Lighthouse And Anchor Wooden Wall Hanging

10"x7.6" Wooden Nautical Lighthouse Anchor Wall Hanging Ornament Plaque

Wooden wall hangings will never go out of style and will always be a great touch for your bathroom! The coastal theme is strong within these ones and when they are constructed using wooden material – the doors open in terms of adding your own artistic spin to them. For example, you can stain these to a deeper shade or you can paint them various shades of yellow and blue to recreate the beach’s natural color scheme.

88. Hanging Lantern

Hanging Lantern bathroom
Image Source: boxerscleatsandme.blogspot.com

There is something about hanging lanterns that suit every holiday and every theme you can think of in every single room of the house. You can dress this one up with holly and berries during the Christmas season, trail autumn leaves from it during fall, add touches of spring color to bring forth new beginnings, and then in the summer? Let the glory shine through in its natural element.

89. Beach Bum Toilet Box

Beach Bum toilet tank box, toilet paper holder, bathroom organizer, wood box, housewarming or wedding gift

This cute Beach Bum storage box is designed to fit snugly and securely on the back of your toilet to provide additional storage space. Roll up blue and beige facecloths to stand proudly to attention or you can use this storage box for your favorite soak-in-the-tub reading material. Bonus points if you glue some seashells around the rim for additional décor.

90. Beach Shower Mat

Britimes Bath Mats for Bathroom, Bathroom Mats Rugs No Silp

Step out of the shower onto comfort when you place a cushioned shower mat on the floor. This cute and stylish starfish mat is not only a warm hug for your toes but it is also easily laundered with your weekly machine washing. This prevents a damp place that is the breeding grounds for bacteria and germs underneath the feet. Just follow the instructions located on the packaging and the laundering tag.

91. Seashell And Fish Hooks

Four crisp white towels hang on beach themed hooks in an outdoor shower area

You don’t need to hang your towels on normal hooks in your bathroom. Instead, why not hang them on seashell hooks or fish hooks? Décor in a themed room is all about the major things such as wall colors and the big pieces that are focal points. It’s the small touches that are the stabilizers for the theme, however, and can bring the look together in a way you never imagined.

92. 3-Piece Bath Mat Set

HAOCOO Gradient Grain Bath Rug 3 Piece Velveteen Bathroom Rugs Set

Every bathroom needs cozy and cushiony mats to cradle cold toes in the morning and a beach-themed bathroom is no exception to the rule. Reminisce about those warmer summer mornings whenever you step onto this cushiony soft mat and ensure that you are not in danger of slipping because this mat features anti-slip grips all along the bottom. Plus it keeps water off your floor which can cause damage and mold.

93. Ocean Themed Wall Art

Ocean Themed Bathroom Wall Art
Full tutorial at: instructables.com

Bring out your craft paints, get some fresh canvas, and go to town on creating your own ocean theme wall art. Not the best at freehand drawing scenic pictures? Then head online to an art forum or instructional website that you can download stencils for free (or a small fee) that you trace out then paint to your liking. The best part? You are the artist and you choose your colors.

94. Seashell Mirror

Seashell/beach theme round decorative mirror - shatterproof acrylic

Upgrade your current bathroom mirror and instead hang a circular mirror that has not only a rope border but seashells located on opposite sides. This looks like something you would take out of the bathroom of a sea captain’s room and it definitely brings the theme home. You can pick up the subtle colors of the seashells by pairing it with similarly colored bathroom accessories.

95. Toothbrush Holder

Creative Bath Products at The Beach Toothbrush Holder

Every bathroom vanity needs a toothbrush holder and every beach bathroom needs a seashell toothbrush holder. These toothbrush holders keep your toothbrush from the vanity where it can pick up numerous germs and bacteria. They provide a place for them to stand upright to dry, extending the life of the bristles and maintaining the overall shape of the toothbrush itself.

96. Wall Plate

Day At The Beach Shell In Aqua Beach Theme Art 1-Gang Toggle Light Switch Wall Plate

Committing to a theme means using the same decorations for even the smallest details in the room. As shown here, even the light switch plate deserves the theme treatment. It’s these little touches that definitely brings the theme together without being tacky and overwhelming. Plus how much fun will your little one have turning on or off the seashell? Great way to teach them how to conserve energy without making it a lecture.

97. Toilet Paper Holder

Collections Etc Shell Toilet Paper Holder and Stand with Scrolling Deisng- Bathroom Décor

One of the easiest ways to store extra toilet paper in your bathroom is through the use of a hanging toilet paper holder. These holders allow you to keep extra toilet paper in the bathroom itself without having to store it on a shelf or on the floor. It keeps it free of dust and dirt while being conveniently located for those moments when you run out of toilet paper.

98. Weathered Furniture

Bathroom interior with hanging white towel and starfish

A small accent table gets a beachy upgrade when it’s done with a weathered finish. This small accent table is a great place to have a potted plant with lush greenery. Use it to house small items or your favorite reading material. Then when you are having a soak in the tub – use it to house your cup of coffee or glass of wine, book, reading glasses, and just unwind with style.

99. Seashell Mirror

Mirror, SeaShell Mirror, Beach Decor, Shell Mirror, Coastal, Nautical, Wholesale Mirror

No beach bathroom would be complete without a seashell mirror. These seashell mirrors not only serve the practical purpose of a mirror in your bathroom (a must) but they also promote your theme in a smaller way without screaming “Hey! I have a beach-themed bathroom!”. Use the colors of the seashells in your other décor for a completed look.

100. Wooden Wall Plaques

Relax Unwind Get Naked Bathroom Signs

Wooden wall plaques are a great way to display your favorite sayings, themed sayings, and more. There are numerous places you can find these – from online small businesses to your local craft fair. They are an ideal way to dress up and decorate the walls of your bathroom without hanging the typical artwork. Have fun with it and play around with the words to showcase your theme in a subtle way.

101. Beach Glass Wastebasket

mDesign Decorative Oval Trash Can Wastebasket

Have fun with the smallest details of your coastal and beach-themed bathroom by using waste baskets that are designed to look like beach glass is what it is made out of! If you are the creative and artistic sort – recreate this design using a solid plastic wastebasket and real beach glass that you picked up or craft glass that can be found at your local craft store.

102. Floating Wall Shelf

Toothbrushes and paste in cup

The best way to add storage into your bathroom for both practical items and décor is to install floating wall shelves. These floating shelves can hold quite a bit of weight and they are perfect for more delicate items, such as framed artwork. Place wicker baskets on either end to hold the do-dads that can clutter up the bathroom but you know that you will use someday, such as that bath gel set that was gifted during the holidays.

103. Glass-Topped Vanity

Example of a mid-sized beach style powder room design in Atlanta with white walls, a vessel sink and glass countertops
Image Source: houzz.com

You even have fun with your vanity as well when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. This glass-topped vanity is unexpected but in a pleasant way. Make sure you have a strong glass cleaner on hand to keep it sparkling as the splashing water can create unsightly rings and smears. Add a collection of crystal beach figurines and allow the light to shine through to create a rainbow of colors across the walls and floor.


Beach and coastal-themed bathrooms are catching on in popularity in a big way as evidenced by the explosion of items you can now purchase through numerous retailers that are designed to resemble or mimic beach scenes. It’s always in style, it’s easy to decorate in a beach and coastal theme, and it’s also caulked full of neutral colors found in nature itself.

Did you recently decorate your bathroom in a coastal and beach theme? What types of items did you use? We want to hear from you in the comments below! Also, please feel free to share this article amongst your social circle to anyone you feel can benefit from having a coastal and beach-themed bathroom in their life!

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