13 Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Double Vanities


If you’ve just finished renovating your bathroom and you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to go with your double vanity, then look no further than a decorative mirror! Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom when you truly think about it. It is important to have a mirror in the bathroom so why not combine décor with necessities and get a fancy mirror? Let’s take a look at some different styles of bathroom mirror ideas for a double vanity!


1. Modern, Rectangular Mirror

Modern, Rectangular Mirror

Clean lines with a beveled and thick border are what makes this mirror ideal for that finishing touch. It has a modern design and is a longer, rectangular shape, making it easy to fit into any décor. To further complete the look, use simple wall scones as the light fixtures so as to not compete with the mirror and keep the clutter on the countertop of the vanity to a minimum. 

2. LED Mirror

LED Mirror

Never worry about the wrong lighting while doing your hair and makeup in the bathroom again when you install a LED mirror. This LED mirror is not only visually appealing, you can light up all the way around it with the touch of a button. The LED lights are located on the back of the mirror to reflect off the wall and illuminate the space around you.

3. Long Mirror

White modern bathroom interior in brand-new house. Double sink vanity with large mirror, walk-in shower, white bath tub and brown tile floor. Northwest, USA

Double vanities? Why not use a longer, larger mirror as well then? When you installed a vanity that has double sinks, match this vibe and energy with a long, rectangular mirror that runs the full length of the vanity. Choose a mirror that has clean lines without a border and is more along the lines of a long one instead of wide for the best overall look.

4. Off-The-Wall Mirrors

Off-The-Wall Mirrors

Take the double mirror and double vanity look a step further into the modern century by choosing a style of mirror that is off from the wall and not flush to it. These mirrors don’t feature heavy borders or moldings but instead, they are almost protruding from the wall but in a fashionable and stylish way.

5. Vintage Look

Vintage Look

Looking to go with a vintage look when it comes to your bathroom mirrors? Then you definitely want to think heavy, ornate frames in shades of silver. This style of mirror gives your bathroom the perfect finishing touch for a vintage-inspired look. Complete the look with single wall sconces in a similar shade on either side of the mirror.

Circular/Oval and Oblong

6. Long Oval Mirrors

Interior of modern bathroom with white and yellow walls, tiled floor, white bathtub and double sink on blue countertop with mirrors in background. 3d rendering

Break away from plain circle bathroom mirrors and dress up your space with long oval mirrors. These long oval mirrors mimic the design of the archway, tying the décor of the bathroom together with perfect harmony. They don’t have a border so they are also simplistic in a stylish way.

7. Beveled Frameless Mirror

Beveled Frameless Mirror

This sleek beveled mirror might not be framed but the beveled edges definitely brings style to your bathroom. These beveled edges will catch the light and reflect to throw an array of rainbows across your bathroom walls. The design of this mirror makes it versatile in the sense that it can be hung horizontally or vertically over the double vanity.

8. Funky Mirror Placement

Funky Mirror Placement

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom with a funky and artistic look, then why not consider a bright color on the walls, a softer version of the bright on the double vanity, then a quadrant of circular mirrors over the vanity? The key is to use two mirrors of a larger variety then two smaller ones in the same shape for an artistic bathroom look.

9. Trio of Mirrors

Double sink in marble countertop in gray bathroom interior with round mirrors and rolled towels. Concept of luxury hotel, spa, house. 3d rendering

Wanting to go funky and modern but not clutter up the wall behind your double vanity? Then what about a trio of circular mirrors of varying sizes? This look is modern, fun, and gives you ample mirrors for those moments when there is more than one person at the sink looking to get ready. Keep the mirrors frameless if you can to further avoid a clutter-filled look.


10. Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic Look

Contrast the neutral colors in your bathroom with square mirrors that feature a heavy wooden border. Think borders in black or deep brown wood to contrast against the neutral color scheme. This will give your bathroom a modern and monochromatic look which is always in style, regardless of the year and current trends.

11. Lighted Square Mirror

Lighted Square Mirror
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Give your bathroom the gift of light when you hang a lighted mirror up over your double vanity. This mirror uses light bulbs for illumination and they are secured into a heavy wooden frame. It is your choice how strong you have your light and can dim it as needed by unscrewing or removing light bulbs from the frame.

12. Mirrored Storage Cabinets

Modern bathroom in blue and gray tones with mosaic on wide angle view

If you are always looking for additional storage in your bathroom, why not hang a mirrored storage cabinet instead of a traditional mirror? These medicine cabinets (as they are typically called) have hidden shelves behind the hinged mirror door. Not only are you gaining more storage for your bathroom, but you also are going about it in a styling way.

13. Angled Mirror

Angled Mirror
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Does your bathroom have the type of ceiling that is angled down towards the floor? A lot of older homes that have narrow and smaller bathrooms feature this type of ceiling which can make hanging a mirror sometimes hard to do. The key is to find angled mirrors that mimic and follow the angle of the ceiling, as shown here in this example.


You don’t have to rush out and purchase a ton of different décor items when it comes to your bathroom but instead rush out to purchase a fancy mirror that can be hung over your new (or old) double vanity for a refreshing look in your bathroom.

Do you know someone that is looking for inspiration when it comes to decorating their bathroom? Did you recently replace the mirror in your bathroom with something amazing? We want to know so please comment below and share this article.

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