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An architectural hub that understands the importance & value of good design

Style Shared is a hub where Interior Design enthusiasts, home owners, and designers can come and get lost in the inspiration we provide. Here you’ll find tips, tricks, how to tutorials, and practical information about the science of color choices, textiles, and more.

modern living room interior design (3d concept)
High quality 3D image of modern living room at Mediterranean Sea.

Who We Are

The team here at Style Shared consists of Interior Designers, DIYers, and other industry professionals to bring you a collective source of inspiration and information on interior design. You’ll find everything from how to choose a paint color to the best product suggestions for your home decor. 

Editorial Guidelines

Our main goal is to bring our readers helpful information about interior design and decor using hands on knowledge, years of industry experience, and the latest trends. Everything we discuss and share is done so in a way that’s easy for all skill levels. Whether you’re a new homeowner looking for tips to renovate, or you just want some inspiration to spruce up you throw a pillow game. We’re here for you!

Our Team

Candace profile

Candace Osmond

Award Winning Interior Designer & Writer

Internationally Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Designer & Blogger Candace Osmond has been writing for well over a decade. She studied Interior Design & Decor at SCAAT in Nova Scotia, Canada and spent years working alongside other designers, architects, and homeowners. Her work has been featured in publications such as RONA Home Magazine, Adorable Home Magazine, and The San Fransico Globe. Candace loves to work with color and texture, with a fondness for Old World styles mixed with Country Rustic and modern flares.

Camille Severino

Realtor & Writer

Camille Severino is a freelance writer who also works as a REALTOR. She loves a well-decorated room and enjoys writing about design. Her writing career has enabled her to create content about more subjects than she can count. Writing about home decor is her favorite subject to date.

Camille Profile in black and white
Alicia Yazzie Profile

Alicia Yazzie


Alicia has been dabbling with interior design for as long as she can remember. Hailing from the eclectic East Coast, she grew up surrounded by every style from beachy nautical to mid-century modern and loves to mix styles in her own work. Alicia has been following trends for years and loves to share tips, tricks, and inspiration with readers.